Lemon’s "golden partner", insisting on soaking in water, delicate skin, and good digestion

Lemon is a magical food. It is often used to soak in water, which can bring a lot of benefits to our body. It can also be used as a dish for consumption, and the effect is quite high.Many people will drink with lemon water to eliminate wrinkles on the face, alleviate the symptoms of constipation, and add several foods to lemonade to drink water to drink, stay away from major diseases.

Lemon contains a variety of nutrients such as sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B1, B2, C, etc., as well as rich organic acids and flavonoids, volatile oil, orange leverin, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lemon is warm, bitter, and non -toxic, and has the functions of quenching thirst, removing summer, stagnation, stagnation, stomach, and pain relief.Patients with hypertension and myocardial infarction often drink lemon drinks, which is very good for improving symptoms to relieve the condition.

1. Spleen appetizing

The peel of lemon contains aromatic volatile ingredients. This ingredient can strengthen the spleen and appetite, and relieve the heat, especially in the summer, many people will have loss of appetite and weakness.Improve mental state.

2. Fresh breath

Lemonade itself has a bactericidal effect. Drinking lemonade for a long time can play an effect of oral sterilization.Women drink lemonade for a long time, which can make a fresh breath and prevent gum disease.However, after drinking lemonade, you should brush your teeth. Lemonade contains substances that make the enamel softened, which will affect the teeth.Therefore, for the health of teeth, good habits such as brushing should be developed.

3. Delaying aging

Lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and help exclusion. It also has a significant impact on bowel movements. The mucosa contains a large amount of citrus acid, which can delay aging.In addition, citrus acid decompositions the pigment particles under the skin, improves blood vessel vitality, and delays human aging.

4. Supplement trace elements

Lemon contains a variety of trace elements such as calcium and zinc, which helps to promote bone development and maintain the normal metabolism of the human body.In addition, lemonade helps to promote the absorption of iron in the body and enhance physical fitness; potassium in lemon is one of the necessary trace elements necessary for the human body, and has a positive effect on maintaining blood pressure stability.

5. Enhance appetite

It has a unique aroma in lemon. Drinking water can help to open appetite and make us have the urge to appetite with great appetite.In addition, lemon has the effect of removing fishy and qi. Many foodists will choose to season with lemon, and the effect is also very good.

1. Lemon+ginger

The combination of ginger and lemon is really refreshing. The spicy taste of ginger is combined with the sour taste of lemon. It is not as irritating as eating alone, but it has a unique flavor.In summer, if you can drink more ginger lemonade, it can help us excrete moisture, to detoxify, and bring great improvement to the body.

2. Lemon+ Dandelion

As a natural fruit, lemon is rich in vitamin C.Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, and also contains antioxidant ingredients in dandelion, which can remove excess free radicals in the body and delay aging.If you often drink dandelion lemon tea, you can have the effect of beauty and beauty, insist on drinking to remove toxins in the body, and play a positive maintenance effect on the skin.

3. Lemon+hawthorn

Although lemonade is sour, it can also play a role in beauty and beauty. You can also stick to hawthorn and lemon water in your life. If you feel that the taste is unacceptable, you can add a little honey together.

Drinking a cup before going to bed every night is more helpful to speed up blood circulation, clean up the garbage of vascular toxin, maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels, keep the blood unblocked, and also play a beauty and beauty effect of diluting spots and saline aging.

4. Lemon+honey

Just squeeze a spoonful of honey and a small and half lemon juice, add a glass of warm water, and stir well.It is best to drink it during an empty stomach, which can promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate fat burning, and eliminate fat.In addition, lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can promote liver detoxification and accelerate metabolism.

5. Lemon+Rose

Put 2-3 rose tea in the cup, inject boiling water, cover the stuffy soaked for 5-8 minutes, then take a lemon, wash it with salt, cut into slices, add 2-3 tablets to the brewed rose tea.Lemon, add an appropriate amount of honey, stir well and drink.According to personal taste, you can also use other materials such as chrysanthemum instead of roses.

6. Lemon+lotus leaf

Lotus leaf has a good weight loss effect, and it is also an alkaline food, which can play a role in diuretic and swelling.Putting with lotus leaf and lemon together can also help us to effectively suppress it. The body in the body can help weight loss and weight loss.

1. Breeding without boiling water

Many people like to pour hot boiling water in the cup when brewing flower tea, so that the flower tea can be fully soaked.But when brewing lemon, you should pay attention to avoid water with high temperature, and high temperature will affect the vitamin activity of lemon.

2. Don’t peel

When you soak the water with lemon, the most correct soaking method is to soak the skin with the skin.After cutting the lemon, you can apply the lemon surface with salt, rub it hard for a while, then wash it with water, and then cut it into pieces. Lemon peel is more nutritious than meat and has a natural aroma.It tastes better with lemon peel.

3. Choose fresh lemon

There are very little loss of raising ingredients in fresh lemon. Dry lemon slices have been lost due to the treatment of dry lemon.The content of orange peel and grapefronts in the new lemon are very rich. The lemon essential oil in lemon peels does not have a lot of loss. When soaking in water, the aroma will be more intense and nutrition is richer.

4. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Everyone knows that the lemon is rich in citric acid, and this acid can stimulate our stomach, which also causes many people to like to drink lemonade to lose weight.This is a good way, but when drinking lemon, be sure not to drink lemonade on an empty stomach.

The reason why lemon tastes sour is because the lemon contains an ingredient called citric acid.If the pH test of citric acid is tested with pH test strips, the pH value is generally around 2.

It can be seen that the acidic content of citric acid is relatively high.Because the taste of citric acid is sour, and the main component of lemon is citric acid, the lemon is naturally sour. It can be said that lemon is a very sour fruit.


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