Let you be a doctor once: What should I do if I vomit in early pregnancy?

Pregnancy and vomiting refers to a clinical symptoms caused by the increased level of blood choric gonad hormone levels after pregnancy. Patients are mainly manifested as nausea, vomiting, morning retching. Seeing greasy food is particularly nauseous, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.EssencePregnancy vomiting is a normal physiological phenomenon, but it cannot be ignored.If you are just loss of appetite and slightly disgusting, you can usually relieve the schedule and diet structure.

When more serious nausea, vomiting, or even unable to eat, and water entering, it may lead to weight loss or acid poisoning.This situation has an impact on patients and fetuses, and is a pathological pregnancy spitting.Patients need to check the routine and biochemical hematuria and observe whether there are acidosis and electrolyte disorders in the body.If there are these situations, you need to hospitalize to supplement liquid to correct the disorders of electrolytes and treat symptomatic treatment.Here are a hospitalization medical record for pregnancy drama:

Prosecution: 17 weeks of menstruation+4 days, nausea and vomiting increased in March for 2 days.

History of medical: Patients are moderate menstrual rules, LMP: 2021-10-29, more than 30 days of discontinuation of self-examination of self-testing of urine pregnancy, more than 40 days of B-ultrasound to indicate early pregnancy, frequent nausea and vomiting, vomiting stomach content, sometimes improved.There is no viral infection in the early pregnancy, and the history of non -toxic, pets, and radiation contact.Two days ago, severe nausea and vomiting appeared. The spit out of the stomach content was accompanied by a little blood wire. In the afternoon and evening, it worsened, and no relief was seen after the rest.Recently, pregnant women have a bad spirit, and they have a poor rest, have less urine, and have not changed significantly.

Medical order:

1. 0.1g of vitamin B1 injection, injection once a day after the skin test is negative.

2. 10%glucose injection 500ml+vitamin C injection 2g+vitamin B6 injection 0.2g+10%potassium chloride injection 1g.Once once a day, intravenous drops.

3. 5%glucose injection 500ml+10%potassium chloride injection 1g, once a day, intravenous drip.

4. Compound sodium chloride injection 500ml+10%potassium chloride injection 1g, once a day, intravenous drip.

5, 10%glucose injection 500ml+10%potassium chloride injection 1g, once a day, intravenous drip.

6. Compound amino acid 18AA injection 500ml, once a day, intravenous drip.

7, 20%fat milk injection 250ml, once a day, intravenous drip.

Let’s analyze the doctor’s order:

Vitamin B1 deficiency can cause indigestion.However, it is likely to be allergic, so the skin is negative to injection.In order to prevent patients with electrolyte disorders such as low potassium, low sodium, low calcium.The doctor’s order took measures such as potassium supplementation, sodium supplementation, and calcium supplementation.Enter nutrients such as glucose, amino acids, fat milk and other nutrients to ensure the nutritional supply of patients with vomiting.Enter the vitamin B6, vitamin C vitamin C, and vitamin C, and symptomatic treatment to pregnant women and fetuses.

It is three -point poison. The ingredients in the drug have certain harm to the human body. Especially during pregnancy, try to take as little medicine as possible, and try to use safe medicines as possible to minimize the damage to the fetus to the fetus.The following drugs should be used as little or not:

1. Antibiotics.It can inhibit bone development, lead to congenital deafness, and also damage kidney function, leading to abnormalities, congenital cataracts, and intellectual disorders.

2, sedative hypnotic drugs.It can cause abnormal development of fetal limbs, facial, and brain.

3. Hormone drugs.Hormone drugs also have teratogenic effects on the fetus.

4. Anticoagulant drugs.It may cause fetal head malformations and can induce fetal hemorrhagic diseases.

5. Phenolzine psychotropic drugs.Anti -psychiatric drugs should be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

6, laxative.Disables during pregnancy to avoid reflex uterine contraction, which causes abortion.

7, thyroxine and anti -thyroid drugs.The teratogenic effect should be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

8. Anti -cancer drugs.It can cause brainless, stubborn water, lip fissure, ureter defects, limbs and eye malformations.

9, Chinese medicine.Don’t think that taking Chinese medicine is okay.The composition of Chinese patent medicines is complicated and the mechanism has a variety of mechanisms, so pregnant women still need to take Chinese medicine with caution.

Discharge records:

1. Admission situation: The patient was admitted to the hospital with the main complaint of "17 weeks of menstruation+4 days, nausea and vomiting in March".Examination: blood pressure 90/60mmHg, abdominal dragon, the bottom of the palace is located between the umbilical shame, 142 times/min in the fetal heart.B -ultrasound reminder: pregnancy, single live fetus.Urine routine (+-), protein (1+).

2. Diagnosis of admission: pregnancy drama vomiting.

3. Diagnosis and treatment: Improve relevant examinations after admission, give replenishment support treatment, nausea and vomiting symptoms relieve, and today go through the discharge procedures.

4. Diagnosis of discharge: pregnancy drama vomiting.

5. Democracy: Patients are generally available, spiritual, food and sleep, and as usual, nausea and vomiting are obviously improved.Examination: The signs of life are stable, the two lungs have clear breathing sounds, not heard and wet and wet, and the heart rate is 80 times/minute.Soft abdomen, no tenderness, reflective pain.

6. Dis -discharged doctor’s order: pay attention to diet adjustment, regular outpatient checkup.

After reading this medical record, do you have a further understanding of pregnancy vomiting?Everyone is welcome to comment.(Li Shengya)

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