Li Yan, Leslie Cheung … In the past 20 years, over 25 artists have been gone because of depression. How can he judge whether he is depressed?Expert: Two weeks are critical

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Tall brow bones, slender eyeliner, nude lips, long hair … Coco Li Yan has always been the enlightenment of popular music in the minds of countless people. The healthy and fashionable image belongs to the common memory of a generation.

In front of the audience, Li Yan is highly self -disciplined and is always full of vitality.Those who have been in contact with Li Yan recalled that Li Yan’s hearty laughter could be heard at 10 meters away.In the face of the camera, Li Yan also had a set of signature ways. She was curved, showing a white teeth: Hello, I was Coco Li Yan.

In the interview, Li Yan said: "I am a very hard -working person, just don’t rest. My life is singing, you take my voice away, I think I don’t have my life."In the eyes of partners, she is dedicated, kind, and diligent. She strictly requires her performance and strives to present a perfect stage for the audience.As Asians appear on the Oscar performance stage as Asians, she has never indulged in her past achievements, but has been pursuing the career she loves.

In a business performance, Li Yan apologized to fans because of the poor performance of equipment.Picture source: Li Yan Weibo Screenshot

However, as Mo Panga said, "I think people’s fragility and strength are beyond their imagination." After many years of confrontation with depression, Li Yan chose to end his life at the age of 48.

On the evening of July 5th, Li Silin’s sister Li Silin released Weibo, saying that Li Yan unfortunately suffered from depression a few years ago. Recently, his condition has turned straight to his home. He was born lightly on July 2, and finally returned to the soul on July 5th.Lares, resign with the world.

The second sister Li Yan issued Li Yan.Picture source: Li Silin Weibo Screenshot

Li Yan’s departure caused his family to fall into a huge sadness.On July 6, Li Silin was sad in an interview with the media that his heart seemed to be shattering. He had not slept in the past few days and couldn’t believe it.Every time I entered the ward and looked at my sister’s heartbeat instrument and breathing instrument index, every second stared at it. When I heard a beep, people trembled."The doctor said she would leave at any time and asked us to make the worst and worst plans. The most heartache was my elderly mother. She was in her 80s and refused to sit down from 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock.Working hard, my mother is a great Chinese medicine medicine. She must fall into the needle on her head, because Li Yan’s brain cells are dead, but she refuses to give up. "

Li Yan sang "I Hate Me Love" in "Sound".Picture source: Li Yan Weibo

Since 2000, a total of over 25 domestic and foreign star artists and actors have died of depression.Behind the bright stage, the artist also has the joy and sorrow of ordinary people.National Secondary Psychological Counselor Lanao said that the current public’s expectations for celebrities are very high, and many people want their idols to be perfect.Under the spotlight, the stars have been separated from the happiness of ordinary people.He suggested that young people must grasp the tolerance of life and the current tolerance.

"Female Warrior" falls into the world

"I hope you are healthy and happy"

"It’s particularly sad, she brings us invincible happiness." A friend of a agent who had brought Li Yan regretted "Daily Economic News" reporter.

The 30th anniversary of her debut, Li Yan has always shown people with a positive image of singing and dancing, and the audience rarely see the negative part on her.As her agent agent company Warner Music said, Li Yan has always "made everyone feel the power she wants to bring to everyone with singing, dance, and positive energy."Then behind all this sun, Li Yan suffered from depression and other diseases for a long time. Due to the deterioration of the recent condition, she chose to end her life on July 2.

Singing "Good Mood", "Moonlight Love", "Missing Your 365 Days", "Yourself", "Beautiful Stupid Woman", "Sword and Ma Dan" and many other classic and popular generations of singing world, fell and left us forever.

Li Yan’s last Weibo was the official announcement "Song Song" released on May 20 this year. This is her last song and the last footnote of her 48 -year short life.

"Blood and tears were blurred, and suspected that he had come again and promised to fate."Li Yan said that life should face many difficulties and pains, bravely challenge, pursue, you are soldiers.

The last song "War Song" released by Li Yue before his death.Picture source: Li Yan Weibo Screenshot

In fact, on the day of the death of "female warrior", on the day of his death, he also spoke to the fans: "Feel everyone’s love and support for me, and then you will make my backing, I will cheer.You are also healthy and happy. I miss everyone very much. I work hard and miss you love you and love you. "

Image source: audio screenshot

In front of the camera and after the camera, the people of Li Yan were almost clearly summarized by the evaluation of her: sunlight, happiness, happiness, hearty, "art, artistic accomplishments, etc. are a perfect artist.Zunlong once praised: She has a typhoon, not only a good figure, but also a strong personality.

After Li Yan’s death, there were countless people such as Deng Ziqi, Wen Bixia, Jolin Tsai, and Wang Xinling issued a post to mourn Li Yan and miss the brilliant smiles and unforgettable memories she brought to friends and brought to the world.

"I can’t believe it. You always have a sweet and warm smile. You are always courageous and courageous to face all storm challenges. I can’t imagine how much you have experienced. I can’t imagine how much pain behind your smile. II will always miss you, "Deng Ziqi said.

Deng Ziqi sent a post to mourn Li Yan.Picture source: Deng Ziqi Weibo Screenshot

Body and mental are destroyed

Zeng Yong revealed it, and also worked hard to rebuild self -confidence

From the perspective of the outside world, young became famous and flowers all the way, Li Yan’s life was shining enough, but many people ignored the many suffering and suffering in her life.The enthusiastic Li Yan had been ill and undergo surgery many times before his death. She had experienced pain, and she had bravely revealed and worked hard to rebuild her confidence.

In February this year, Li Yan recalled on Weibo that he had a painful experience of unsuccessful surgery due to his left leg defects in his childhood, and admitted, "In fact, he has been supported by his right leg for so many years to sing and jump on the stage for so many years."

She said that she has endured the pain for many years, and she has now made her unable to live normally.God forced her to face it.At the beginning of October last year, during the dance dance, Li Yan touched the old problems because he was too hard, and the hip was shifted. Under the protection of the cartilage, the nerve line was suppressed.Therefore, it was decided to re -enter the hospital. "Facing the biggest challenge in my life is also my biggest fear in my life."

Li Yan had undergone surgery due to his left leg defect.Picture source: Li Yan Weibo

Earlier, in February 2016, Li Yan also revealed that because of acute bronchitis, he had to completely lose his voice, and serious problems occurred in his throat.

Li Yan’s personal life seems to have been covered with thorns.Before Li Xun was born, his father died of illness, and the three sisters grew up by pulling his mother.In 2011, Bruce Rockowitz, the executive president of Lifeng Group, announced his marriage after 8 years of love.In the 11 -year marriage life, Li Yan and her husband had no children, and Li Yan had been working hard.She had admitted in an interview that she was trying to conceive artificially because she could not conceive naturally because of physical reasons.Before and after, Li Yan had repeatedly conceived artificially, but ended in failure.

At the same time, rumors of marriage change have also spread.In 2020, she posted a Weibo saying "she needs great courage and time to heal the broken heart."

But no matter what kind of suffering in life, Li Yan greeted with a smile when facing the audience: Hello, I am Coco Li Yan.

Picture source: Li Yan Weibo

"Hello everyone is really good" is a household name

Music and business achievements are very international

Li Yan, who belongs to the stage, is a starlight.As early as 17 years old, Li Yan had an inextricable relationship with singing.Looking back at the past 29 years, she has giving back her life with a dazzling stage from singing to jumping in the past 29 years.

In 1992, Li Yan participated in the California Singing Contest and won the championship.A year later, she returned to Hong Kong, China to participate in the rookie singing contest held by TVB, and made her debut in Hong Kong.The following year, Li Yan released his first album "Love to take advantage of the present", selling more than 200,000 copies a week.

At the age of 23, Li Yan was invited by the World Cup organizer to sing the propaganda song "Color", which made her the first Asian artist to appear on the opening stage of the World Cup.In the same year, she also jumped into the ranks of the first line with "DI DA DI" in one fell swoop.

Li Yan, who is confident in the Spring Festival Gala, makes "DI DA DI" a golden song of the streets and alleys.In the following 2014, 2017, 2021 and 2022, Li Yan repeatedly appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Li Yan’s album cover.Image source: QQ Music

"She tried to open up a new world for Chinese singers in the international music scene and go all out to glow for the Chinese. We are proud of her." Li Silin wrote.

Sexy hot wind, vibrant state, singing with a sense of strength, bright and moving state … In the millennium context, Li Yan’s appearance appears special and advanced.

As the first Chinese singer to debut in the American singing scene, Li Yan is the first Chinese singer to sing at the Oscar awards ceremony. It is the first Chinese singer to hold a personal concert in the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall in the United States; she has served as Michael JacksonGuest of the concert, who once sang the Chinese theme song "yourself" of Disney animation and live -action movie "Mulan".

At the time of the highest light, the 2001 Oscar awards ceremony was also counted.That year, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" directed by Li An was nominated, and eventually won the best foreign language film in Oscar. Among them, Li Yan’s "A Love BeFore Time", which is the "Moon Lover" we are familiar with "Get the best song nomination.

It was an extremely nostalgic moment. The Golden Awards winner Bill Kanty Command Orchestra. After the melodious music sounded, the three dancers brought a original Chinese kung fu performance to bring the audience around the world back toThe scene of the martial arts more than a hundred years ago.Then, a red cheongsam symbolized the beauty of the oriental women, and slowly came from the steps. She left a strong stroke on the international stage with the voice of the natural stage.

Before entering the stage, Li Yan deliberately blackened her hair. She kept emphasizing that she was a Chinese with black hair and yellow skin. It was her mission to bring Chinese music to the world."I am the first Asian to sing Oscar, so I must sing desperately!"

That year, only 26 -year -old Li Yan was rated by Time Magazine as "the Light of Chinese".

Since his debut, Li Yan has held a number of personal concerts. The most recent time is the 2017 Coco Li Yan 18 World Tour Concert. The world’s first stations will start at the Shenzhen Bay Stadium.Earlier this year, Li Yan also followed the trend of the times and brought a full virtual VR concert in Pico.

"Daily Economic News" reporter According to Li Yan’s incomplete statistics, from 2013 to 2019, Li Yan successively became the spokesperson for the Syfield Jewelery, the spokesperson for the Hong Kong Cancer Foundation, and the first Asian brand spokesperson for Coco Chanel.Earlier, in 2001, Li Yan also became the first Chinese spokesperson in Chanel; Li Yan’s Hao Di shampoo, "Hello everyone is really good" propaganda is a well -known manner, becoming a childhood memory of many post -90s generations.

According to Hong Kong media reports, there are relevant people familiar with the matter say that Li Yan has a will, and all property will be left to Li Yan’s mother.

Li Yan took a photo with his family.Picture source: Li Silin Weibo Video Screenshot

Today, Li Yan’s husband Bruce and Li Yan’s two sisters issued a campaign: "We will notice with great sorrow and perseverance: After a long -term struggle with depression, Li Yan Coco died on July 5, 2023.At the age of 48, all family members are accompanied by. Coco is a beautiful, warm and kind person at both inside and outside. She is an all -around singer, a talented performer, a mentor who cares about the younger generation, lovesHer wife, loved friends, and dear family members. Her enthusiasm and sincerity will bring sunshine to everyone around her. Many of the lives she touched will deeply miss her. Her influence and light will continue forever.. The details of the funeral are to be determined, and it will be announced. "Later, Sister Li Yan sent a Weibo that Li Yan’s reflection meeting should be held in August.

Picture source: Li Yan’s husband Bruce personal social media

Over 25 artists in the past 20 years, I went to depression due to depression

"Accept yourself, be a flexible person"

The news of Li Yan’s death made depression again the focus of people’s attention.

Shi Peeller, a well -known expert in the United States, said: "Depression often attacks those who are the most ambitious, creative, and work hard." Historical celebrities such as Newton, Darwin, Lincoln, Churchill, etc. have suffered from depression.

The brilliant back of the artist is living people and real life, and many artists have been suffering from high pressure.For a long time, the entertainment industry seems to have been a "high incidence area" of depression.From Lang Guorong in 2003, to Qiao Renliang in 2016, to 2019 Korean artist Cui Xueli, he died of depression.According to the incomplete statistics of "Daily Economic News", since 2000, more than 25 domestic and foreign star artists and actors have died of depression.

In 2019, Zu Feng, who was directed by his own work "Six Desire" to the Pingyao International Film Festival, talked about depression in a dialogue activity.

In the film, Zu Feng plays a policeman who suffers from depression due to his girlfriend’s suicide.Through this film, he has more understanding of depression.In an interview with the media, he sighed that the artist was a "no distressed profession". "If everyone makes mistakes, you will be beaten by more people as an artist."

"Many people think that celebrities are more likely to have depression. In fact, it is because celebrities are easier to attract everyone’s attention. In fact, not only stars, many celebrities and science and technology leaders will have depression." On the evening of July 5th, in the media, in the media, in the mediaDuring the live broadcast, Lan Ao, a national second -level psychological counselor, said that depression is equivalent to a cold, and it will erupt at some stage. If the treatment is timely, there may be good control;

In his opinion, the current public’s expectations for celebrities are very high. Many people want their idols to be perfect. Under this society’s expectations, many stars will have high requirements for themselves, and they will be able to afford them.Ordinary people will be more stressful.Under the spotlight, all the live privacy of the celebrities has been magnified, and they have been separated from the happiness of ordinary people.

Lanao said: "Many literary works are negatively shaped for depression patients. Whether it is a literary and artist or a social worker, we need to care more about the needs of others. Everyone has a peak and trough.Look at everyone’s needs tolerance. "

Life is not as good as we think, nor we are so bad.When facing competition and pressure, Lanao believes that competition and pressure themselves are not bad, and the motivation for competition and pressure can be divided into good or bad, and the pressure of malignant competition must hurt people.

"In the face of stress, young people must grasp two degrees: first, the tolerance of life; the other is the current psychological tolerance. Many people are ignored. More people care about the current tolerance.Everything has endured, and it becomes a ‘hollow person’, but in fact we have to consider bearing power, not tolerance. "Lan Ome admitted that many people cannot accept themselves as elastic people because they are alone because they are alone.It is very elastic and is often considered influential and childish, but when you look back, this is the most valuable psychological ability.After seeing the strong wind and waves, he can still embrace society with a very simple and enthusiastic mood and hug pressure.

How to judge whether you are depressed?Expert answer

What are the induction factors of depression?How to judge whether you have depression?What misunderstandings are there in the treatment of depression?

With these issues, on July 6, a reporter from "Daily Economic News" (hereinafter referred to as NBD) interviewed the Director of the Director of Sleep Medicine Center of Chengdu Fourth People’s Hospital (Chengdu Mental Health Center and Electronic Science and Technology Institute of Chengdu) Sleep Medical CenterDr. Zongling, the head of the high -level clinical key specialty depression diagnosis and treatment demonstration center of Chengdu.

Dr. He Zongling, Chengdu Fourth People’s Hospital, Dr. He Zongling Source: Council Conference

NBD: Please talk about what are the induced factors of depression?

He Zongling: The cause of depression is very complicated, but it mainly comes from three aspects: First of all, if the parents or relatives have mental and psychological diseases, the risk of depression may be higher.Biology is susceptible; secondly, some psychological personality is also a risk factor, such as accustomed to depression, not good at emotional expression, excessive perfectionism, etc.; In the end, in the face of social stress pressure, it cannot be effectively adjusted.Essence

NBD: How to judge whether you have depression?

He Zongling: The core feature of depression is the increase in negative emotions such as depression, sadness, and frustration, and the loss of pleasant experience in daily life. If this feeling continues to exist in more than 2 weeks, it is suspected that it may encounter depression in depression.It’s right.

NBD: What should I do if I find that I have a tendency to depressed?

He Zongling: First of all, don’t panic. Depression is also very common in the moment, which can be prevented and treated; secondly, it should be sought for professional help. It should be distinguished by ordinary depression, or it really suffers from depression.method.

NBD: How to diagnose depression?

He Zongling: The diagnosis of depression is relatively rigorous. When it is suspected of a tendency to depressed, we can assist in confirming the diagnosis through multiple channels.Face -to -face interviews with psychologists.

NBD: What misunderstandings are there in the treatment of depression?

He Zongling: There are two more prominent misunderstandings in the society. One is that depression is that the ordinary mood is not good."Hua", believes that depression is over, and you must take medicine for life.In fact, the treatment of depression is individualized, and there are many methods that can be taken. Psychotherapy, drug treatment, and physical therapy are available.

NBD: What are the precautions for depression patients when taking medicine?

He Zongling: First, it is definitely helpful for depression and medication, so the treatment of scientific and standardized drug treatment is greater than disadvantages; second, antidepressant drugs may also have adverse reactions, but it can be avoided., Exchange, joint negotiation treatment plan, can avoid many troubles.

NBD: What methods can be treated if the patient is unwilling to treat drugs?

He Zongling: If the patient is unwilling to receive drug treatment, or is not ready to take medicine, you can try non -drug treatment first.Like our depression diagnosis and treatment center, on the basis of fully safety assessment, it will integrate family support, psychotherapy, and nerve regulation technology such as craniotomy magnetic stimulation (TMS) to formulate an individualized comprehensive treatment solution, which is also effective.

NBD: What is a smile type (sunlight) depression?

He Zongling: This is a more hidden form of depression. People who are sick are often extremely painful.But another face will be installed in front of others, making others mistakenly think that he/she is easy.They will be afraid of being despised by others and believe that expressing negative emotions is a weak manifestation.But this way will also allow you to bear more psychological pressure and pain, and it also needs the understanding and support of family and friends.

NBD: As a family and friends, how to help patients with depression?If patients with depression have the idea of suicide, how do I interfere as their families and friends?

He Zongling: Everyone must be eager to be understood and supported when he/she is depressed and feels desperate and helpless.So when the family and friends around us have a tendency to depressed, the first thing we need to do is to listen and accompany it, so that he/she can feel that someone can understand their pain, not a person facing the disease.At the same time, they must also encourage them to actively seek professional help, such as accompanying the hospital for treatment.

NBD: How to consolidate health after rehabilitation of depression?

He Zongling: Although suffering from depression, it does not mean that we have no power about it.On the one hand, actively negotiate with their doctors, formulate and adhere to the consolidation treatment plan for preventing recurrence.On the other hand, seeking a positive lifestyle, learning psychological adjustment technology, and improving psychological recovery ability, even if you face the social psychological stress incident again, you can spend it steadily.Therefore, we can try to try to be emotional and get along with the former depression and peace.

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