Lin Yichen was exposed to the due date in October, and she was pregnant at the end of 7 years. Zheng Yuanchang waited for her for several years

Lin Yichen had been pregnant for 7 years and was exposed in October in the due date. His agent has confirmed -an introduction.

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On September 29, Taiwan media broke the news that Taiwanese Lin Yichen was pregnant.As soon as the news came out, it immediately aroused heated discussion among netizens. Later, a reporter confirmed the news to Lin Yichen’s agent Zhou Meiyu.

Lin Yichen’s agent said that Lin Yichen was indeed pregnant, and she was pregnant for 8 months.Because I had paid a lot of hardships for pregnancy, the process of pregnancy was also careful, so it was not announced, and the expected due date is October.

Lin Yichen and her husband Lin were married in 2014. After their marriage, they did not deliberately contraception, but there was no good news.For this reason, Lin Yichen also tried many methods, including IVF, etc., and the road of asking for child was bitter and helpless.Fortunately, Kung Fu is reluctant to have a careless person. Now he has to pay for his wish. Her husband Lin Yuchao also returned home on September 27 to accompany Lin Yichen to give birth.

Lin Yichen’s husband Lin Chao had been working in the United States before. On the day when his wife was about to give birth, he flew back to Taiwan from the United States. After the 14th day, he returned home on September 27.From the rush of Lin Yu’s super color, it can be seen that he can’t wait to see his wife and children very much.

In fact, when Lin Yichen was married to Lin Yuchao at the beginning, many fans were very surprised.Because of a "Prank Kiss" that year, it became all over the country.In the play, the love of Jiang Naoshu and Yuan Xiangqin has made many girls very long for, and Zheng Yuanchang, the actor of Jiang Zhishu more than once in public, implies Lin Yichen.

But Lin Yichen was Lin Yichen after all, not Yuan Xiangqin.In reality, Lin Yichen was too rational. It was not stupid Yuan Xiangqin. The only Naoki was alone.Many years later, Zheng Yuanchang was interviewed and lamented: "I know that she is married than anyone." This sentence is also deeply helpless.

With Lin Yichen’s fire because of the "Prank Kiss", she also had more opportunities to develop in the Mainland.After that, many works in the Mainland have participated in classic works such as Hu Ge’s "Heroes of the Eagle" and "Flying Flying Fairy".Although Zheng Yuanchang also came to the Mainland to develop, it has always been tepid.

Until many years later, the two met in a variety show. When doing tasks, Lin Yichen shouted subconsciously: "Naoki, here." Let the audience dream back to the play, maybe the relationship between the two is the best.The ending.After getting married, Lin Yichen, her husband was very good to her, but she couldn’t bear the Taiwan media who asked if she was pregnant every three differences.

Whether the marriage is happy or not, the warmth knows that the husband often travels on a business trip, and he can’t get pregnant. In her own words, the method of the test is tried.Because her husband has been working in the United States, Lin Yichen announced in 2019 that he had stopped work and prepared for pregnancy, in order to cooperate with her husband’s work arrangements.

Lin Yuchao’s house is also a giant. Therefore, although Lin Yichen’s income as a star, he still had a lot of pressure to marry in the past.During the marriage for several years, the media also passed a lot of bad trivial matters.Taiwan media said that Lin Yichen had to get up early every day to make breakfast for the father -in -law and mother -in -law, and had to send her in -laws to work.

However, these were denied by Lin Yichen, but the media did take pictures of her to work.For these, Lin Yichen said it was nonsense.Although the rumors are rumored, the couple are ready to meet the new life, and their feelings have undoubtedly risen a height. In this regard, everyone still looks forward to Lin Yichen’s baby.

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