Little crab that is good at "digging"

In China, crab eating has a long history.Since ancient times, literati and Mo Ke have forged an inexplicable bond with crabs. With their subtle observations and rich imaginations of crabs, they have given various names of appropriate images, such as sharp groups, inner Huanghou, Guo Suo, and intestinal son.

my country’s crab resources are rich, but there are very few crabs that can be cultivated artificially.At present, there are only three species of large breeding scale: Zhonghua Ao velvet crab, blue crab and three warted crabs.This article will focus on the crabs in the genus Crab.

What is a crab to propy?

Scylla Paramamosain is commonly known as blue crab. It was once mistakenly identified as Scylla Serrata. It has the advantages of fast growth, delicious meat, and high nutritional value. It is one of the important economic crabs in the southeast coast of my country.The advantages of blue crabs currently distributed in my country are mainly crabs.

The crab is belonged to the clutch family, and the crook belongs to the crustacean.The length of the head and chest armor is 2/3 of the width; the surface of the head chest armor is uneven, forming several areas, corresponding to the location of the internal organs below;Fate; the amount has four protruding triangular teeth; there are 9 large triangular teeth in the front side; there are obvious "H" shaped depression in the gastric region and the corner of the heart area;Line; two sutures on the back of the eye socket, the inner seams are deeper, the claw feet are asymmetric, the forefront of the long section has three thorns, the inside of the wrist section has a strong thorn, the outer end of the outer end has two blunt teeth, and the palm section is in the male adults.Growth; the front and rear edges of the first three pairs of steps are brushed short hair; the fourth pair of front and knuckles are flat, paddles, and are good at swimming; female abdomen and umbilicals are round; males are narrow triangles.

Multi -acupoint crabs (pictures are derived from the Internet)

Crabic crabs (survey shooting)

Compared to the other common sawing ballast, the crabs planned to be smaller, and they are better at digging acupoints.There is no obvious mesh pattern in the swimming foot, and there are two obvious spiny spines in the end of the outer side of the wrist wrist.The way to find food may be to stay in the rabbit type, that is, staying at the entrance of the cave, waiting for the tide to bring prey; while the sawdown blue crab foot and swimming feet have obvious dark green mesh patterns, fierce sex, foraging, more active attacks.Way.

Sawya Crab (picture comes from the Internet)

Where is the crab crab "living"?

Multi -point crabs are widely distributed in temperate, subtropical and tropical sea areas of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean.China is mainly distributed in coastal areas such as Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Zhejiang; it is mainly distributed outside the United States, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, the Red Sea and South Africa.

The distribution of crabs to be integrated (the picture comes from the Internet)

What is the current status of green crab breeding in my country?

As of 2021, there were 24,131 hectares of green crab seawater breeding area, including 8185 hectares in Zhejiang, 7,159 hectares of Guangdong, 4044 hectares in Fujian, 2507 hectares of Jiangsu, 1036 hectares in Guangxi, 628 hectares in Hainan, and 572 hectares in Shandong.

Source: China Fisheries Statistics Yearbook, Co -research Industrial Information (Communist Research Network)

From the perspective of output, in recent years, the output of green crab seawater aquaculture in my country has declined. In 2021, the output of green crab seawater breeding in my country was 152,000 tons, a decrease of 7,400 tons compared with 2020, and a decrease of 4.6%year -on -year.

Source: China Fisheries Statistics Yearbook, Co -research Industrial Information (Communist Research Network)

In my country’s blue crab breeding waters, it is more famous for Zhejiang Sanmen Blue Crab in Zhejiang Province and Niota Crab in Shantou in Guangdong Province. The country ranks first; Fujian’s green crab seawater breeding production is 38,898 tons, accounting for 25.6%of the total output of the total green crab seawater breeding in the country, ranking second in the country. 18.1%, ranked third in the country.

Source: China Fisheries Statistics Yearbook, Co -research Industrial Information (Communist Research Network)

With the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers will not only have higher demand for green crab production, but also put forward higher requirements for their product types and nutritional quality.Green crab breeding, especially the advantages-the intended crabs have relatively large breeding potential in the north.

Author: Shi Chunxiao (engineer of Shandong Runfeng Ocean Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.)

Scientific control: Zhang Quansheng (Professor of Yantai University)

Planning: Liu Yadan Wu Yitong Xie Yun

School pair: Luo Yuchen (internship)

Source: Science China

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