Liu Xiang and the second wife appeared sweetly!The woman looks like a girl with long legs, and she still does not have a baby for 6 years

On June 6, there was a video of the gossip media, exposing Liu Xiang and his wife Wu Sha appeared at the airport, causing heated discussion among netizens.

In the exposed video, Liu Xiang wore a black clothes and a black baseball cap, and was very low -key.What is noticeable is that he is 39 years old and retired for 7 years. He is still particularly strong. Not only is the muscles on his arms obvious, but the chest muscles are quite prominent. It seems that after retiringso good.

And Liu Xiang’s wife Wu Sha is particularly cute, wearing a black strap pants, wearing a bear -shaped hat, tall and slim, a pair of long legs is very eye -catching, looking far away like a little girl.

Along the way, Liu Xiang carried a huge backpack and pushed a suitcase in his hand. He made his wife a "hand shopkeeper" very intimately, and nothing had to be taken.

What is sighful is that although holding luggage in his hand, Liu Xiang still holds his wife’s hand tightly, as if he is afraid of his wife’s loss. No wonder Wu Sha, who is already 36 years old, still has so.Girl’s heart.

The sweet feelings of Liu Xiang and Wu Sha also envy many netizens.

As we all know, Liu Xiang had a vigorous marriage, and the woman was a 7 -year -old actor Ge Tian.In 2014, just 4 months in love, they quickly married.It is a pity that the relationship is coming quickly and fast. In less than a year, they have officially announced their divorce. As for the reason for the divorce, there are divergent opinions.

Six months after the official announcement, Liu Xiang and the first love Wu Sha announced a low -key manner.It is reported that Wu Sha is also a athlete and won the Asian Track and Field Championship Women’s Ring High Championship.At the end of the same year, the two held a romantic wedding in Fiji.

After getting married, Liu Xiang and Wu Sha lived in low -key, rarely publicly showing affection, but every time they were photographed in the same frame, the picture always looked very sweet.

However, it is confusing that they have been married for more than 6 years, but they have never had children.

Seeing that Wu Sha is getting older, even if childbirth has become an elderly mother, many fans have begun to worry about them and urge them to quickly ask for a child.

In this regard, Liu Xiang once admitted when he recorded the show that although he liked children very much, he also enjoyed the two -person world with Wu Sha, so he did not plan to have children for the time being.

No matter what, I believe that the couple will have their own plans, and we don’t need to worry too much about them, I just hope they can live happily and happily.


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Editor: Cherry

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