Live pain during pregnancy is not a trivial matter, expectant mothers should be careful!

When the mother is not easy, the bumpy birth of October must not only be careful of the safety of the little guy, but also to bear the various discomfort brought by their bodies as the month.For example, low back pain during pregnancy is the trouble that many pregnant mothers will encounter.According to statistics, about 60%of pregnant moms will have symptoms of low back pain during pregnancy, which has a certain relationship with the physiological response after pregnancy, but it cannot ignore other factors. What is the back pain during pregnancy?Which back pain cannot be underestimated?How can we effectively alleviate it?Let’s look down.

1. Normal physiological reaction after pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, the back pain of pregnant mothers is because the fetus is getting larger and larger, and the weight of the pregnant mother continues to increase, which will cause a burden on the waist. Once overload, it will cause back pain during pregnancy.To reduce before pregnancy, low back pain is more likely to occur.

2. Beware of low back pain on the right!There may be danger!Intersection

There was a five -month -old mother’s back pain for 5 months. I thought it was normal to be a normal phenomenon. As a result, I found that the urine was high in the hospital for the hospital.After sleeping at night, a lot of sweat was released in the middle of the night, and the next day he had a fever. When he went to the hospital, he checked the doctor and said that the pyelonephritis caused the urinary system infection!Intersection

Therefore, pregnant mothers should check on time. If fever, back pain on the right side, and corner tenderness on the back of the back, must be highly alert to pyelonephritis may not be treated as normal pregnancy!Be sure to seek medical treatment in time.

3. It is easy to cramp at night, which may be calcium deficiency.

If the symptoms occur, then the pregnant mother is definitely lacking minerals, calcium, iron, etc. Once this is lacking, it will easily cause back pain.Especially when low back pain is accompanied by leg cramps, sciatica meridian pain must be medical treatment in time.You can supplement calcium in the form of food supplement, and you ca n’t choose calcium tablets. You must also pay attention to the nutritional balance of daily diet, so as to help reduce low back pain.

Back pain during pregnancy is not a trivial matter. Mother expectant mothers must pay attention to, especially when the right back pain appears, it must be careful.If there will be a minor pain in the early pregnancy and the pain is not accompanied by vaginal bleeding, and the pain is within the scope of tolerance, then pregnant moms need not worry too much.If the expectant mother also has back pain, may wish to see if it is the above situations!

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