Loudi 48 -year -old "elderly mother" test tube to give birth to a second child

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"I can still be peaceful at this age. Thanks to you!" On December 18th, 48 -year -old mother Ms. Peng (pseudonym) successfully produced a baby baby in the birth room of the city center hospital. This is also the reproductive of the hospital.The medical center has another result of test tubulous pregnancy for elderly women.

After the two -child policy is fully opened, Ms. Peng and her family who only gave birth to one daughter had the idea of having a second child, but after the examination, I learned that the chance of natural pregnancy was extremely low.Helping pregnancy, but tossing for two years before and after two years, but there is no wish.

In 2017, Ms. Peng accidentally saw the reproductive medical center of Loudi Central Hospital in the newspaper.consult.After a clinician of the Reproductive Medicine Center made a comprehensive assessment of it, she believed that she still had the hope of gestation through IVF.After a period of reasonable treatment, Ms. Peng obtained high -quality embryos, but because Ms. Peng’s endometrium is too thin and uterine cavity effusion, it is not conducive to embryonic planting. The experts at the reproductive medicine center frozen all her embryos.

"I have been conditioning my body according to the doctor’s requirements, checking on time, taking the medicine on time, and finally met the conditions." Ms. Peng said.According to Peng Li, deputy director of the reproductive center and person in charge of clinical leaders: "In April 2019, the center thawed Ms. Peng’s frozen embryo and cultivated into a blastocyst, and then implanted in her uterus.Successful pregnancy. "During his pregnancy, Dr. Zhang Xianping, director and laboratory director of Loudi Central Hospital Reproductive Medicine Center, personally followed up every month to strengthen communication and guidance.

"She has been full of 48. She should be 49 years old. She has always wanted to give birth, and she was lucky enough to encounter such a team of doctors and pregnancy assistance.The state is easier than ordinary pregnant women, which is mainly due to the careful guidance of doctors.From the beginning of pregnancy, Ms. Peng has been inspected and guided in the five patients (obstetrics) and director of the obstetrics and gynecology and research office of the hospital.Zhou Renhui said: "We have maintained a good connection with the reproductive medicine center throughout the process, and pay close attention to Ms. Peng’s pregnancy situation. Ms. Peng also highly trusts us and cooperates very well."

At the age of 48, the second child gave birth to a second child. This is something that many people dare not imagine.Dr. Zhang Xianping said that Ms. Peng’s example is not an isolated example. With the scientific and rigorous auxiliary reproductive technology, more demanded couples will see the hope of fertility.

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