Love your eyes like a star (Chapter 14: I’m pregnant!)

After dinner, Zhou Wei finished packing, washed a lot of fresh fruits, and came to Qiao Xilu.

"Lulu, I bought some fruits, all I just bought today." She called.


Qiao Xilu was not polite, plus seeing the sour grapes, her appetite was inexplicable, and she ate one by one.

But after a while, the stomach began to chant.

She rushed to the toilet quickly and retched.

"Lulu, are you okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?" Zhou Wei asked anxiously.

"No." Qiao Xilu raised his head and laughed. "The doctor said, the pregnancy vomiting and retching are normal, it’s okay."

The words were just falling, and it was a tenderness.

"No! Go, I’ll take you to the hospital." Zhou Wei said, dragging Qiao Xilu.

"No, really don’t need it." Qiao Xilu waved his hand, "You pour me a glass of water."

It was ten minutes later, until the stomach was completely comfortable, and Qiao Xilu returned to the sofa again.

The whole person was unable to lying halfway, his head leaning on the sofa.

She stared at the ceiling, unknowingly, and blushed again. "Does this child know that I don’t want him, so tortured me hard and revenge me?"

Her voice was very light, as if talking to herself, like talking to Zhou Wei.


"Wei Wei, you don’t need to say." Qiao Xilu took a deep breath and sat straight. "What I decide will not change."

There was another silence in the living room.

After a long time, Qiao Xilu had adjusted her emotions.

She watched Zhou Wei asking, "By the way, Wei Wei, do you say you have a classmate as an obstetrician and gynecologist, is it in this city?"

"Um. At Ankang Hospital." Zhou Wei replied.

"Ankang Hospital, it’s very good!" Qiao Xilu’s eyes flashed, "Can you introduce it to me? I want to go there. Just tomorrow!"

She didn’t want to drag anymore.

Let the child stay in the stomach for a day, she is worried that she will regret it again!

Zhou Wei froze for a few seconds, and finally nodded."I will send you over tomorrow."

On this night, Qiao Xilu turned over and went, and stayed up.

Looking at the bright moonlight outside the window, she fell into a deep memory.

Recall the days I have gone over the years!

My heart is full of soreness.

In five years, she did have a lot of happiness!

But in the end, it fell into such fields.

She was wrong.

She should not pursue the happiness that does not belong to herself.

She shouldn’t believe it blindly, and feels that she can stand in Huo

Before Yan Chen, he drove together with him.

Some people have become a foregone gap since birth.

As stated on the Internet, some people can’t reach Rome for a lifetime.

Some people are born in Rome!

This is a gap that cannot be crossed.

This long night, she couldn’t sleep, it was difficult.

Take out the phone, and she deletes all the information and photos of Huo Yanchen in the mobile phone one by one.

Finally, he also pulled his WeChat black, and the mobile phone number was black!

Huo Yanchen, this time, I said goodbye to you!

The next morning, after Qiao Xilu got up, it was undoubtedly wearing two heavy dark circles.

"You didn’t sleep well last night?" Zhou Wei couldn’t hide his concerns.

"It’s okay." Qiao Xilu smiled.

What Zhou Wei wanted to say, but in the end, he swallowed and laughed, "Come and eat breakfast, your favorite pancakes!"

"Ah, so good."

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