Lucky palace girl, dreaming of dreaming of Longpan belly, but then she really gave birth to a dragon

Author: Ning said wild history

During the previous period of ancient feudal autocracy, the rulers held the power of the world.In ancient feudal dynasties, the imperial power had the highest authority that could not be challenged. It can be said that in the area under the jurisdiction of the emperor, everything was the power of the emperor’s jurisdiction.Since ancient times, a hero with a hero, a "hero" like the emperor, naturally has countless beauties in his backyard.

Among the huge palaces, the only emperor is also the only husband of countless beauties in the harem.But as the emperor’s husband, he had no time to deal with countless beauties at all, so there were some beauties in the harem who had never seen the emperor for life.Just as Emperor Wei and Jinwu, who has the largest harem in history, uses some entertainment methods similar to sheep cart to spoil the woman, and women will also use the entertainment method of active personality emperor.What is the blood flow of the woman in the harem?Is it really just to get the love of the emperor?In fact, no, there is still a saying in the folk, of course, the palace also has such a thing.Therefore, the harem woman expects that she can give birth to the emperor, and can win more benefits by virtue of their children.

At the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Liu Bang of the Han Dynasty selected beautiful women from various places to enrich her harem.Three of them were childhood playmates, and the three of them set a wealth of wealth and forgotten, hoping that they could support each other after entering the palace.As a result, Mrs. Guan and Zhao Zier of the three were loved by the emperor.Later, the two used some ways to make Emperor Han Taizu Gao summon the third person Bo Ji.

After seeing Liu Bang, Bo Ji said respectfully: "Last night, the courtiers were in the dream and saw the dragon on the stomach of the court." Liu Bang was very happy after hearing Bo Ji, and said to Bo Ji, "This is a oneA good sign, let me turn it into reality now. "Later, the two had a good night. After that, Bo Ji became pregnant and gave birth to a son a year later.After the death of Lu Hou, who had the power of Daquan, he scratched the wind of Lu.The courtiers supported the king as the new emperor on behalf of the king, that is, Emperor Hanwen, a wise king in history.After Emperor Hanwen ascended the throne, Bo Ji became the queen of the Han Dynasty and enjoyed the rich and rich.In the record of "Twenty -Four Filial Piety", when Bo Ji became ill, Emperor Hanwen personally served Bo Ji and tasted the soup for his mother Bo Ji for three years, becoming a role model for folk learning.

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