Married in the dormitory of the junior girls in the school, gave birth to 9 pounds of heavy boys, and the mother and son were safe.

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This is a very important and memorable thing for every woman, which means a successful transformation of a woman.However, many women dare not have children easily because they are worried about the pressure of life. They accidentally dragged their age and become older women.There are also some children who have had children at a very young age. When their classmates are still working hard in the library, some girls have become mothers. This kind of thing seriously subverts our three views and is dazzling.

Xiaoxin is a university student, but she is a bit different from other girls, because Xiaoxin is now pregnant and is a veritable expectant mother.But she was not unmarried first. She and her husband had already received a marriage certificate, and the two were legal.Near graduation, in order to better review, Xiao Xin decided to live in the school’s dormitory.Faced with such a pregnant mother, Xiaoxin’s classmates also took care of her very much. Every time Xiaoxin went out, someone would be accompanied by someone, for fear of something wrong.

Xiaoxin has a special physical fitness, so the various reactions during pregnancy are not strong, and it does not affect the students’ learning in the dormitory.But suddenly in the early morning of the day, Xiaoxin was a little strange. After hearing the movement, the roommate quickly turned on the lights. I saw Xiaoxin’s amniotic fluid was broken and she was about to give birth immediately, so she immediately called the emergency phone call.

After ten minutes, the medical staff arrived at the scene, and the scene in front of them relieved them.I saw Xiao Xin had a baby boy successfully, but the umbilical cord was not cut yet. The medical staff hurriedly cut the umbilical cord and took the mother and son to the hospital.After a preliminary examination, the doctor told Xiao Xin that the child was very healthy, and he weighed 9 pounds!

Xiaoxin’s roommate then rushed to the hospital and was relieved to see the mother and son safe.She also told the medical staff that this was Xiaoxin’s second child. The medical staff was scared lightly after hearing it. Now college students are popular with children?After the description of the roommate, the doctor learned that Xiaoxin was married and had a legal child.

This situation is not common in real life. Although Xiaoxin can give birth smoothly, this situation is a minority after all. Mother pregnant mothers should pay special attention before childbirth to avoid accidents.

What are the precautions before delivery?

1. Keep a peaceful attitude

Many pregnant mothers are in a very nervous state before childbirth. This is also a normal phenomenon. At this time, the family’s enlightenment needs to be appropriately relaxed.You can listen to some soothing music and think about some happy things to relax. At this time, the pregnant mother’s family should not show it even if it is very nervous.

2. Carrying appropriate activities

In order to prevent accidents, some pregnant mothers are basically no activities during pregnancy. In fact, this approach is wrong. If it is not expected for a long time, it will not be conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.Pregnant mothers can also perform appropriate exercise before childbirth, such as doing some squatting exercises and slowly going up and down stairs, so that the delivery process can be smoother.

3. Prepare related items in advance

Pregnant mothers should be admitted to the hospital when the due date is approaching. Before that, various items must be prepared, including the clinic card and various documents of the pregnant mother.All kinds of washing products used during hospitalization should also be prepared in advance, bringing adult diaper to avoid special circumstances.It is best to bring some small snacks she likes to pregnant mothers. This is also conducive to relaxing the mood of the pregnant mother.

In short, childbirth is extremely critical for pregnant mothers. As a family, you must also prepare at any time. Pay close attention to the physiological and psychological changes of the pregnant mother and give timely attention. Only in this way can the pregnant mother be relaxed by relaxation.Mental giving birth.

Pregnant mothers, do you have a little trick to relax your emotions before childbirth?What do you think about the affairs of female college students in school?Welcome to leave a message below!

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