Maternal qi and blood deficiency, how many steps do you take?Don’t be anxious first, learn the conditioning methods that are not passed on

After a year after giving birth, I feel that I have been in the state of "Sister Lin". I will sweat a few steps, and I will pant.After many years of N, I felt that I came to slow. Here I used blood and tears. It is recommended that novice mothers encounter such problems. Don’t worry, you can learn the conditioning method.

During the production process, Baoma damaged righteousness due to force, and he bleed a lot when producing fetuses, so the maternal qi and blood were deficient.

The mother who has just given birth to a child is most afraid of encountering cold things, so the older generation will prepare a variety of warm clothes before the mother produces.It is mainly because the qi and blood are just weak, the nutrition is insufficient, and the muscles, bones, and joints are not fully nourished, so these conditions will occur.

If there is not enough warmth after the production, it will be exposed to cold things, which will cause cold limbs to be afraid of the wind and fear of cold.

In the various situations of the maternal body, most doctors will tell most doctors to eat less cold and cold foods, eat more warm food to recover from qi and blood.In your diet, be careful not to eat foods that are too spicy or too exciting, such as pepper, strong tea, etc. In short, try to eat light and less salt.

Many mothers and older generations will remember the doctors’ words, but the precautions in the confinement mother have no concept.Therefore, the following is some of the consumer’s precautions, so that mothers can make good conditioning and restore their bodies as soon as possible.

① Multi -calcium supplementation

Many mothers know that they should add more calcium during pregnancy, so that they are good for their children, but when the children are born, the mothers ignore this.In fact, at this time, the mother should need more calcium, so calcium supplementation is essential for maternal women, such as black sesame paste, walnut, and milk are good calcium supplements.

② Multi -iron supplementation

The current medical medicine is very developed, so many mothers choose cesarean section when they have children. Whether it is smooth or cesarean section, it will lose a lot of blood for the mother. Therefore, blood supplementation is the primary task of postpartum.

And blood supplementing is to increase the iron of the human body, and there are many foods that increase iron. The most clear thing for everyone is egg yolk. It has a significant effect on iron supplementation.Although the egg yolk cooking eggs is rich in nutrition, it will increase the gastrointestinal burden of the mother. You can choose to make eggs such as tomato scrambled eggs.

③ Stable emotions

After giving birth, the mother’s mood was very happy to see the baby’s mood, but because of the first time she was a mother, she had no experience to face the baby’s crying, and she was often helpless. If the family did not give enough help at this time, it would likely cause Baoma to cause Bao MaWe causing irritability, which is very harmful to Baoma’s physical harm.Therefore, maternal must maintain a good and good attitude and stable emotions. At this time, the family can help Baoma as much as possible. Do not make the maternal angry at this time.

④ Correct lactation

Because of various factors, most Baoma will choose to feed the children in person. If the baby can drink more breast milk to the baby’s physical health and resistance, it is certainly better, but the mother is worried that her breast milk will follow.The needs of the baby, so you will try your best to promote lactation.

It should be noted that lactation must master the correct method. On the diet, catfish soup and soybean stewed pork trotters are good prolactin foods.

After the maternal has just given birth, the dirty function of the body is in a state of temporary disorders, so it leads to weak body and very poor resistance. Therefore, the mother must be strengthened in the confinement.function.

Outside, sit "comfortable health" confinement

The confinement is divided into two cases, one is sitting at home, and the other is at the center of the confinement.If the family conditions permit, it is recommended that you go to the confinement club. There are private care for special personnel, a moonlight with children, a nutritionist with a monthly child meal, etc. These ensure that you take a "comfortable and health" confinement.

At home, confinement of gas replenishment recipes

Of course, not everyone has the conditions to go to the confinement center, so if you choose to take a confinement at home, you can often eat these recipes for nourishing qi and nourishing blood:

① trot

Prepare ingredients: trotters, grass, soaked mountain armor, leakage reed, rice, green onion.

Cooking method: Wash and boil in the trotters, remove the thick juice inside; fry all the medicinal materials and then pour the juice, pour two juice, and cook with rice to cook it into thin porridge; when the rice porridge is cooked, it is cooked.Just put on the green onion.This kind of trotter porridge has good effects of milk, especially for people who have just given birth to children.

② Ejiao porridge

Prepare ingredients: rice or millet, crushed Ejiao, rock sugar.

Cooking method: Ejiao is melted in the pot, then adds the water, and starts to stir evenly to make it boiling; then pour the prepared gelatin juice into rice or millet porridge and stir evenly.When making this porridge, remember not to add Ejiao blocks directly into the porridge, which is easy to paste the bottom of the pan.This porridge has a very good effect of nourishing blood, and can also strengthen the spleen and appetite. It is not appropriate to regulate postpartum blood deficiency breast milk.

③ hawthorn porridge

Prepare ingredients: hawthorn, rice, brown sugar.

Cooking method: Put the hawthorn in the pot and boil into the juice; rice, brown sugar into porridge into porridge and add hawthorn juice.The practice of this porridge is very simple. Drinking more women can help appetizing and eliminate food, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.If the maternal exposure is endless, the abdominal pain, and the symptoms of loss of appetite, be sure to cook hawthorn porridge for her to drink.

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