Maternity registration cancels marriage restrictions.

Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Health and Health Commission announced the revised "Sichuan Provincial Planning Registration Service Administrative Measures", which canceled the restrictions on whether the number of marriage and the number of fertility in the maternity registration.Good news.

At the wedding of the Spring Festival, a mother took her daughter and sat on a table with us.What everyone discusses at the dinner table is the problem of cancellation of marriage restrictions on maternity registration.This daughter was a post -00 -table relative and family. The girl admitted that she was unwilling to get married, but she wanted to raise a child for life to accompany each other.Everyone asks where I do n’t get married?She said with a good chest, "I just want to find a high -quality boy to fall in love, get pregnant with him, and then give birth to the child without marrying this boy!" She went on to say: "This boy needs very high quality, it is best to be the best is the best, preferably, it is best to bePeking University Tsinghua, so that the child is also very smart. "

For her daughter’s marriage and fertility, her mother said: "We will respect the choice of daughter in this regard. As long as she thinks it is OK, we will support it. Daughter does not want to get married, but we also have financial ability to raise this.child!"

This is the first time I have heard girls’ thoughts on marriage and fertility.Of course, this idea cannot represent all the post -00 girls, but it can also be sure that the new generation of women really have different ideas in terms of marriage and fertility.Some ideas and traditional social ethics and values run counter to the end, but we cannot say that this is wrong.The times are developing, and now women’s independence consciousness is getting stronger and stronger. After having a certain social status and economic strength, the dependence on men has gradually decreased, and celibate has become the choice of many modern women.

When I tell this girl’s thoughts to many people around me, people of different ages can express their understanding. Many people also think that this is a manifestation of social progress and independent liberation of women.But many people are also unacceptable, thinking that this is entirely a challenge to ethics and marriage.What do you think when you see this problem?

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