Maybe people may really get pregnant after menopause?Let me give you the final answer!

Maybe people may really get pregnant after menopause?

Mouth -menopause can be roughly divided into three cases: menopausal goals, ovarian amenorrhea and adolescents.

Women’s menopause is generally between 45 and 55 years old, and there are also women who have developed symptoms from the age of 40 or 40.Menopausal time is long and short, which is related to personal nutrition, physique, genetic and natural conditions, social factors, etc.

After menopausal, ovarian function will begin to decline, and pregnancy will become difficult or lose their fertility.So many women mistakenly believe that it is impossible to get pregnant after menopause.However, many "lessons of blood" tell us that pregnancy is also possible during menopausal pregnancy.

Why are you pregnant after menopausal? Misunderstanding is caused by egg emissions.Many people think that menopausal menopausal means no ovulation. In fact, ovulation ovulation function decline does not mean completely ovulation without ovulation. Especially the early ovulation cycle of the menstrual transition period is still more common, and it is gradually replaced by the ovulation cycle.Due to the decline of ovarian function, the original ovulation rules are broken, the ovulation time is difficult to predict, and it may even occur more than once a month.Therefore, in the first few years of the menopause, within one year after menopause, pregnancy is still possible. If you do not want to receive "unexpected surprises", it is recommended that menopausal women should still take contraceptive measures.

Ovarian is an organs that produce eggs. Menopathy means ovarian atrophy, functional recession, and ovarian depletion.Girls’ menopause can be divided into two cases. If it is because of the inadequate ovarian ovarian development and no ovarian is called primary ovarian amenorrhea, the ovaries in the ovaries are exhausted due to the acquired day.Amenorrhea, that is, premature ovarian failure.

There are many reasons for ovarian amenorrhea. Sometimes there are no eggs at all, and sometimes a little egg produces. Individuals are ovarian and do not respond to promoting gonadotropin. ThereforeMay be pregnant.Some patients with premature ovarian failure have been treated with systematic treatment. Once ovulation, patients have hopes to restore the pregnancy function.

Adolescent girls do not come to menstruation. The most common is puberty amenorrhea, but this amenorrhea is never a menopause that people understand.

Amenorrhea can be divided into primary amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea.At the age of 18, the girl has no menstruation and is called primary amenorrhea. Those who have menstruation and menstruation have menstruation above 6 menstrual cycles are secondary amenorrhea.Physiological amenorrhea occurs mostly before adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, and menopause. In pathological amenorrhea, primary amenorrhea is more common in congenital diseases, and secondary amenorrhea is mostly caused by acquired diseases.

Eliminating the organic lesions, the disagreement of girlish menstruation is mostly anews of adolescence, which is related to the changes in emotional, stress, and some changes in some living habits.Long -term learning pressure, depression, sullenness, or suffering from major mental stimulation and psychological trauma can reduce estrogen secretion and cause menstrual disorders and amenorrhea.In addition, too thin or obese girls are also prone to menstrual disorders.

Most of the amenorrhea of adolescence is reversible. Generally, after a period of time treatment and physical and mental adjustment, they can be cured.

From this point of view, it is not impossible to get pregnant after menopause.

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