Meibao Star: How to deal with expectant mother’s skin diseases during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, we all know that because of hormone problems, mothers’ skin will become quite sensitive, and the increase in fetal increase will also make the mother’s skin more and more sensitive. Many mothers will also be during pregnancy.Skin problems, such as eczema, pregnancy -proliferative rash, pregnancy herpes, these diseases will take advantage of them.

Light skin diseases will show itching and unbearable, and it will endanger the life of the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, skin diseases during pregnancy should not be ignored, and they should be valued.

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During pregnancy, it is easy to suffer from skin diseases, and the causes of onset different

"With the changes in hormone levels in women during pregnancy and the continuous growth of the fetus, eczema, pregnancy prelutrings, and pregnancy herpes are more likely to attack on expectant mothers." "Eczema has a certain relationship with the climate.Symptoms such as erythema, pimples, blisters, erosion, exudation, severe itching and other symptoms.

Sweeping herpes is related to poor sweat. It is mostly in summer and autumn. With skin eczema -like manifestations, corn -like blisters will be available in palms and feet.Pregnancy Nurgery is mostly within 3 to 4 months after women’s pregnancy. Small rashes or pimples will appear on the whole body when they become onset. It feels itching and will intensify at night.Herpes are common in pregnant women from 3 to 6 months. They are mostly caused by immune disorders. At the beginning, there are symptoms of skin itching, and symptoms such as erythema, pimples, and blisters will occur.

The Chinese medicine syndrome is treated well, and the expectant mother may wish to try

Normal people, many skin diseases are relatively easy to cure. Eczema oral anti -allergic drugs can be used with topical hormone ointment. Emerphyus rash uses anti -allergic drugs and antipruritic drugs, and herpes oral hormones generally have good effects.However, for pregnant women, because some drugs have adverse effects on the fetus after use, these simple skin diseases are more troublesome.Moreover, if it is not treated in time, it will not only affect the health of pregnant women, but also endanger the fetus in the abdomen.

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So, how should expectant mothers deal with skin diseases? The use of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treatment can not only allow pregnant women to get rid of the problem of skin diseases, but also allow the fetus to be affected by adverse drugs.

Specifically, eczema is mostly damp and humid, and you can use traditional Chinese medicine such as dampness and dampness such as damp soup.Patients with sweat herpes can take the spleen and dehumidify Chinese medicine.The pregnancy eorch rash also belongs to damp heat. According to the principles of removing wind, clearing heat, dampness, and itching, the symptoms can be used to use traditional Chinese medicine such as damp damp soup and wind and loosening.In addition to Chinese medicine, patients with pregnancy and eczema can also take chopped fluid sensitivity, muscle injection of Vitocelline glue needle or intravenous injection of glucose, and can also be used for external padosidite washing agents. These drugs have no adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses."Pregnancy herpes are relatively small, but the treatment of the disease is even more troublesome." Liu Aimin said, "It can only be treated by clearing heat and dampness, but the effect is not obvious. Generally, symptoms will be relieved after pregnancy."

If you want to go smoothly during pregnancy, prevention -free prevention is the key

"In order to better prevent skin diseases during pregnancy, you should maintain sufficient sleep during pregnancy and maintain a balanced nutrition. Try not to eat chili as much as possible. Pregnant women who suffer from allergic eczema should avoid ingestion of fish and shrimp. Pay attention to the skin in daily life.Cleaning and hygiene. After the skin appears abnormal, you should go to the hospital in time. After the diagnosis is clear, it is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. If the condition is relatively mild, the external drugs can be used. If the symptoms are severe, you can take Chinese medicine or wash it with Chinese medicine. "

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How to deal with skin diseases during pregnancy?

1. During pregnancy, you must pay attention to your own cleanliness, so as to bathe and change clothes frequently.

2. It is best to take a shower instead of a basin.

3. Pay attention to the comprehensive intake of nutrition, a balanced diet, and regular work.

4. Once you find that you have skin diseases, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment immediately. Do not self -autonomy.

5. The inspection is regularly carried out. In the process of checking the inspection, any uncomfortable and timely conversion of your body must be converted to the doctor, so as to help the fetus and their own health.

If the mother is pregnant at this time, and unfortunately it is just a skin disease, then you must save the medical treatment in time. Do not delay. After examination, you can determine whether these skin diseases will affect the fetus.Itchy skin has no major problems. It will recover after a while. If not, it must be treated in time.

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