Menopausal women can also get pregnant. How can old women get pregnant?The doctor teaches you to be a happy woman

When I was on duty that day, Aunt Ye, 49, came to the clinic to find me because she found that she was pregnant. According to her description, she often felt irregular menstruation in recent years.It was not clean for 30 days, and even his own life emotions were disordered.

She has always been gentle, and she has always started to have a mouthful with her family and neighbors. Later, I heard that this was a normal reaction of menopause.So Aunt Ye simply did not care, and took out the birthplace he had rejected, thinking: Anyway, he is going to be menopausal, and he will not get pregnant.Who knows not long after, Aunt Ye was frightened and found that she was pregnant again, and she hurried to this hospital to find me.

After listening to Aunt Ye’s narrative, I asked her to do a laboratory inspection after doing a corresponding physical examination. The results of the inspection confirmed that Aunt Ye was indeed pregnant. Aunt Ye said, "Are you all menopause? How can you get pregnant?"I explained to her:" The menopause period does not mean that I have menopause, or there is still the possibility of pregnancy. "Finally, I communicated with my family members to determine the abortion plan.

In the afternoon, I just finished Aunt Ye’s abortion surgery, and a 38 -year -old woman Xiaoqi came to consult how she was pregnant at this age.

Xiao Qi said: "We have been married for 10 years and are busy working. They think that children are not suitable. After a few years, seeing a few children in other people’s families, we also think about a child. Although we in recent yearsI have always been preparing for pregnancy, but I just do n’t go to the child. I also found a lot of hospitals in the middle, but there is no effect. I want to consult you. "

After listening to Xiaoqi, I issued a relevant inspection for her to do it first. The test results showed that Xiaoqi’s ovarian function decreased, the chance of pregnancy was reduced, and because Xiaoqi had reached 38 years old, it was medical pregnancy.These factors all cause Xiaoqi’s pregnancy difficulty.After listening to my analysis, Xiao Qi felt very low and said, "What should I do, can I still get pregnant?"

I comforted her and said, "Don’t worry, there are not a few for elderly women who are pregnant, but the premise is that you have to cooperate with treatment and relax, and don’t have excessive pressure." After thatIn the end, Xiao Qi finally got pregnant as expected. When I heard the news, I was very happy.

Many people have doubts through the two cases above. Why are they pregnant?What should I do if my elderly women want to get pregnant smoothly?Below, I will answer it in detail for everyone.

Research data shows that more than 800 married women who do artificial abortion are the highest in a group of 44-49 years old.This also shows that the number of women in menopause is more than women in other age groups. This data has also attracted widespread attention.

Menopausal is still pregnant because the menopause period, that is, the menopause that we commonly call it, refers to a period of time before and after women’s menopause.The sign of menopause, like Aunt Ye, who mentioned above, she was still in the menopause period, did not reach the real menopause, and her ovarian function was normal, so she was pregnant.

Female friends will have symptoms such as menstrual disorders when they are nearly menopause. When these symptoms occur, women will think that they are about to menopause, and they will no longer be pregnant.

But I want to remind everyone that the ovarian ovulation function of menopausal women is constantly declining, but it does not mean that it does not have ovulation at all, and even because of the loss of ovarian function, the ovulation time is not sure, so it is necessary to take good contraception.

In recent years, women around the age of 45 can often see women around 45 years of age. Due to the irregular understanding of menopausal ovulation, many of them are pregnant. Many of the menopausal women are not easy to detect during early pregnancy. When they are discovered, they are already pregnant.It can only be used for induction.

This method of surgery is very unfavorable for menopausal women, because menopausal women’s uterine contraction ability is reduced, and its uterine recovery ability weakens after surgery, which is more likely to cause endometritis and bleeding.Therefore, female friends must not simply think that the menopausal period can be infertile, and it is just fine after pregnancy. This idea is very wrong. To avoid accidental pregnancy harm to the body.

In the end, I would like to remind female friends to remove the in -palace for 1 year after menopause, because menopause is a medical real menopausal, and there is very little chance of developing follicles. At this timeIt is better to take out its mission as soon as possible. If it is not taken for a long time, it may lead to adhesion to the cervical adhesion, increase the difficulty of removal and the chance of infection, and it is no beneficial to physical health.

In summary, why is the menopausal women who are pregnant again, and remind women of menopausal periods to take contraceptive measures to reduce the damage of accidental pregnancy to the body.Menopausal women do not want to get pregnant, but there are still some elderly women who want to get pregnant, but have been difficult to get pregnant.Next, let’s talk about how old women like Xiaoqi should be pregnant smoothly?

With the continuous development of society, both women and men have begun to enter social work, so the time of giving birth to children will continue to move. When the couple starts to work hard to give birth, many people find that they have missed the best childbirth age to become an old age.Women, this also adds a lot of problems to having children.Let’s talk about how to help elderly women get pregnant smoothly.

First help women to promote ovulation. During the menstrual cycle of normal women, the ovary of about 32-36h after the peak of lutein production is promoted.The phenomenon of reaction or the peak of the lutein generated vegetarian element appears.

Therefore, according to the patient’s own condition and endocrine characteristics, choosing a suitable ovulation promotion plan is the key to improving the smooth pregnancy.At present, the commonly used ovulation promotion methods include micro -stimulation, luteal -time ovulation, etc., but the choice of these methods should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

The second is to improve the quality of the eggs.It is necessary to improve the quality of eggs after the ovulation is promoted in order to better increase the chance of pregnancy. Many elderly women are busy working when they are young. Staying up late and the pressure causes the body function to decline. Staying up late has the greatest damage to the ovarian and also affects endocrine function.

Therefore, if you want to raise eggs, the most important thing is to go to bed early and get up early, maintain a happy mood, do more exercise, improve your physical fitness, and prepare for all preparations for pregnancy.

Finally, female friends must do a good job of daily physical examination, especially women after marriage should be regularly checked to ensure the health and safety of the reproductive system.Because the ovary is an ovulation place; fallopian tube is a combination of fertilized eggs; uterus is the main room for fertilized egg development and growth.Therefore, problems with any reproductive organs will cause pregnancy difficulties, so female friends must pay attention to physical examinations.

What’s more important is that elderly women must keep their fetus as soon as possible after discovering pregnancy, and regularly review hormones, especially when abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding should be taken to seek medical treatment immediately.Because the level of hormones in the body of elderly women changes, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is likely to cause the consequences of miscarriage and premature birth.

Many women have entered the ranks of the elderly unknowingly due to various reasons, and it has become difficult to give birth. However, there are many bad effects of pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone must have fertility.Body damage.Below we know what harm of the elderly women’s fertility to the body.

Elderly women’s pregnancy not only hurts women’s physical damage, but also affects the growth and development of the fetus. The main reasons are as follows:

First of all, some non -chromosome factors related to age, such as endocrine, coagulation and immune factors, are mechanisms that are closely related to pregnancy.When the age reaches a certain degree, these factors will change, resulting in maternal complications during pregnancy.

For example, some elderly maternal women will experience uterine vessel endothelial damage and abnormal placenta formation, etc. These factors will cause incidence of complications such as hypertension, diabetes, and pre -placenta, which will cause difficulties in production.

The second is the impact on the fetus. Due to the decline in the quality of the old women’s eggs, the probability of embryo chromosome mutations increases with age, the more the possibility of fetal malformations or dead tires after pregnancy.

Studies have shown that the proportion of old pregnant women’s unknown reasons is higher than those of non -elderly women. The mechanism is currently unclear, but researchers believe that this may be related to complications and genetic mutation during the pregnancy of elderly women.

It can be seen that women’s fertility can cause serious damage to both mother and fetus.So in the end I want to remind everyone again that we must get pregnant during the age period, so that they are good for myself or the fetus to reduce the risk of adverse fetal fetuses in the elderly.

If you have any other people who want to know about older women and women who want to know during menopause, you can communicate with me.


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