Menstruation does not come, do you still make menstruation come?The score is discontinued, amenorrhea, or menopause

"My menstruation hasn’t been here for a long time, how can I let menstruation come?"

"Menstruation is not coming" in three cases of medicine: menopause, amenorrhea, and menopause.

The main manifestations of the three are the tide of menstruation. What is their difference?Which is better conditioning?

Mentalities, amenorrhea, menstruation

Which one do you belong to?

Let’s talk about menopause first.

Mentaloma refers to the end of the last menstrual period, exceeding the normal menstrual cycle (28 days+delay within 7 days, up to 35 days), but no more than 6 months, and the menstrual period is not tide.

Women with menopause, but sexual life must first consider whether it is a physiological discontinuation caused by pregnancy.

In addition, there are many other causes of menopause, such as endocrine disorders, ovarian failure, and ovarian cysts, which are called pathological discontinuation.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, menopause is more related to lack of qi and blood, liver and kidney deficiency, qi stagnation and blood stasis.In this case, professional conditioning is required for the causes of menopause. Menstruation can generally be restored.

What does amenorrhea mean?

Two -amenorrhea is divided into two cases, primary amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea.Women are more than 16 years old, but menstruation has never been primary amenorrhea.

And secondary amenorrhea refers to the situation where women have not come for more than 6 months, and most people are secondary amenorrhea.

There are many causes of secondary amenorrhea. The most common is endocrine disorders, which also shows that secondary amenorrhea can be regulated by conditioning, such as regulatory endocrine, so that women gradually restore menstruation.

Compared with the previous two, menopause is more serious, which means that menstruation may never come.

Most women are naturally menopause with the age of age and ovarian failure. It is worth noting that the reason for the real menopause is ovarian failure.

Therefore, even if some women have amenorrhea for 7 years, as long as the ovarian function is not exhausted, it is not a schedule, and menstruation may come.

Some menopause women will also have symptoms such as annoying, trendy, night sweats, insomnia, but only these performances are not enough to determine that menopause can be determined by professional ovarian function before diagnosis.

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