Menstruation is delayed. How can I judge whether it is pregnancy or gynecological disease?

Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle of women is about 28 days, and occasionally it is normal within 7 days after 7 days after pushing, but if the delayed time exceeds the normal physiological period, then two factors must be considered, pregnancy or gynecological diseases. At this time,You need to do a related inspection.


Under the premise of sexual life, first delay of menstruation needs to consider whether to get pregnant.Usually do the following examinations to confirm the diagnosis:

1. Early pregnancy test strip or pregnancy test stick

Because HGG is not obvious in early urine, some mistakes may occur.In

2. HCG blood early pregnancy test

In addition to detecting whether to be pregnant, HCG blood testing can also be preliminarily judged to have some diseases of ectopic pregnancy and hydatidal fetus.(It can be used in about 10-14 days in the same room, with an accuracy rate of 99.9%)

3. Early pregnancy B -ultrasound examination

Type B ultrasonic waves can not only diagnose normal pregnancy, but also diagnose ectopic pregnancy.It is usually diagnosed at about 5 weeks of pregnancy.

Gynecological diseases

Without sexual life, it may be irregular menstruation.There are many factors that cause irregular menstruation, and there are two common ones: the following:

1. Endocrine disorders

When women have delayed menstruation, we must first consider whether it is endocrine disorders.Especially in young women and menopausal women, because of hormonal disorders caused ovulation -free bleeding, the menstruation is chaotic when the preliminary menstruation or is about to stop menstruation.

This situation is generally more common in polycystic ovary syndrome, especially when it is accompanied by acne, obesity, hair, and female infertility, it is necessary to check whether the endocrine is normal.

2. Gynecological disease

Maybe you have been entangled by gynecological diseases.Such as uterine diseases and abnormal ovarian dysfunction, which will affect normal menstruation, menstruation may be delayed.

The following check can determine the cause of menstruation delay

1. Ovarian function test: vaginal shedding cell examination, endometrial biopsy, basic body temperature determination, cervical adhesion, etc.

2. Six hormone examinations.

3. B -ultrasound.

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