Menstruation is delayed, is there a problem with the body?The most afraid of this disease

Some netizens asked:

Why do I have no boyfriend, no sexual life, and no pregnancy. Why not do menstruation?Excuse me, what is the reason for menstruation?Do you want to see a doctor?

Maybe many female friends will encounter similar problems, and I will science with you today.

Occasionally, it does not press on time, and the relationship is not great.

The period, duration and blood volume of normal menstruation manifests obvious regularity.Most people’s menstrual cycles are 28-30 days, and there are 23 ~ 45 days, even 3 months or half a year.

Of course, the so -called law does not mean that the "aunt" is strictly coming every month on the same date.Occasionally or postponed for a few days in advance, it is normal.

However, if menstruation is delayed for more than two weeks or often delayed more than one week, the reason is required.

Test a test.

Menstruation is always reminiscent of pregnancy.Women who have not come for more than two weeks. Women who have not taken contraceptive measures and sexual life can pass the early pregnancy test strip test or go to the hospital for blood test.Once you confirm your pregnancy, you need to perform various prenatal examinations to ensure the safety of your mother’s fetal fetus.

Early pregnancy can only occur before 6 weeks of menopause, so it cannot be used as a basis for pregnancy.

This complicated question is given to the doctor

So, what are the reasons for menstruation?This is complicated.

After exclusion of pregnancy, the cause can be explored from the following aspects.Of course, the specific cause depends on the diagnosis of a doctor.

Mental stimuli

This is a common cause of menstrual disorders.Emotional changes, such as the pressure of studying, work and life, annoying depression, excessive tension, major mental stimuli, etc., reflected into the nervous system, causing the suppression of reproductive endocrine axes, which leads to disorders such as delayed menstruation, or even amenorrhea.Endocrine regulation is unstable

Adolescent girls, due to the immature development of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, can delay or make disorders such as menstruation or advance.However, with the increase of age, after the adenoid axis matures, the menstrual cycle will gradually become regular.

In addition, women with a menstrual transition period can also affect the menstrual cycle due to the decline of ovarian function and changes in hormone levels, and menstrual delay occurs.disease

Vaginal, cervix, cervical inflammation causes adhesion, or suffer from diseases such as endometrial tuberculosis, which can destroy the endometrium to a certain extent.When the endometrium is severely damaged, the menstruation may be postponed or even not even -amenorrhea.

Endocrine glands such as thyroid, functional disorders of adrenal glands, pituitary tumors, ovarian dysplasia, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian tumor and other diseases can also affect the secretion of hormones, causing delayed menstruation or advance.

Side effects of drugs

Some drugs, such as the dopamine blockers, Bloody, Pennizine, chloropenram, and thunderous vine in dopamine receptor blockers, Bloody, Pennizine, chlorogenzine, and thunderous vine in some drugs, which can affect menstrual periods and delay menstruation.

However, the delayed menstruation affected by drugs is mostly reversible, and menstruation can be restored after stopping the drug.Malnutrition

Excessive weight loss or long -term malnutrition can disturb the body’s original normal reproductive endocrine regulation function, leading to menstrual disorders.In the early stage, the normal menstrual cycle can be restored through a normal balanced diet.If it is not treated for a long time, it can lead to amenorrhea, and it will also increase the risk of endometrial lesions and even endometrial cancer.

Therefore, the delay of menstruation is too long, or if you do not come, you should go to the hospital for examination in time, do not care.

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