Menstruation or postponing premature ovarian failure?Will it affect the next generation?

Menstruation represents the first step from the growth of girls to mature women. The irregular menstruation during the girl’s period is normal. As the age increases, it will form a regularity.Shi Guangda’s female friends should pay attention, it is likely that there is a problem with the body.

Menstruation is often "registered" in advance, and sometimes even more than 7 days in advance. This is one of the obvious symptoms of irregular menstruation. Chinese medicine believes that menstruation is mainly caused by endocrine disorders, blood heat, qi deficiency and other factors.Modern medical explanation is adjusted by interaction between hypothalamus, pituitary and ovaries. When one of the links occurs, it will cause irregular menstruation, including the advancement of menstruation.Essence

1. Menstruation is likely to affect the next generation in advance

These reasons for the advancement of menstruation are the consequences of the cause of physical health. The deficiency of qi deficiency will affect the dysfunction of the lung, spleen, and kidney. In addition, qi deficiency indicates that immunity is low, and women who are planning to be a mother during fertility are often used to be a mother, but the month often often often.In advance, it is likely to be caused by qi deficiency, so this weak body function is likely to be inherited to the baby in the stomach. After the child is born, the immunity will be inherently low, so they often catch a cold and fever.

2. Menstruation affects normal ovulation in advance

If menstruation is advanced, it will affect the normal ovulation of the uterus, the chance of pregnancy will become smaller, and women with normal menstruation will be more likely to conceive, and menstruation will stop after pregnancy.

3. Moisture of ovarian function

Doctors point out that if menstruation exceeds two or more times in advance and the early cycle is more than 7 days, it is likely that ovarian function is reduced. It is best to go to the hospital for examination to see if the ovarian reserve function is normal. If the function decreases, it will affect reproductive capabilities.

4. Penalized menstruation, how to regulate?

First of all, the most important thing is that do not overworked before or during menstruation. Do not eat spicy foods such as peppers, garlic, etc., eat less crab, hawthorn, peach, etc.Menstruation is advanced, it is best to go to the hospital for a check to confirm the reason.

It is more than 7 days after the normal menstrual date, and the menstruation has not been delayed.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is due to physical blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, and qi depression, and poor qi and blood can also lead to dysmenorrhea.Modern medicine believes that delay of menstruation is also related to factors such as drug side effects, high mental stress, and diseases that affect endocrine.

1. First determine whether it is pregnant

If the menstrual period has always been "as expected", there is no abnormal situation, and there are sexual behaviors not long ago.Hospital do B -ultrasound examination;

2. Qi and blood are weak, liver loss

Not only manifested as menstrual delay, decreased menstruation, but also reflected as spiritual depression, pale complexion, increased leucorrhea, and increased number of times at night, etc., which will affect the overall spiritual temperament. In addition, if the kidney deficiency of women during the birth period is not improved, then the women’s kidney deficiency is not improved, so thenDuring pregnancy, it will be inherited to the baby. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney deficiency is directly related to blood deficiency. Children will often not focus on insufficient blood supply to the brain and affect the state of listening.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome

This is a common gynecological condition for women of childbearing age. It belongs to comprehensive diseases. It mainly manifested in delayed menstruation, scarce menstruation, more feminine private parts, and obese body, which will seriously lead to infertility. In this case, please seek medical treatment in time for diagnosis;

4. Premature ovarian function

Women’s ovarian generally declines at the age of 45 to 50. If it occurs before the age of 40, it is medical as a premature ovarian failure, that is, the ovaries have declined early, which mainly manifested as delayed menstruation.Symptoms such as insomnia; doctors remind: If the menstrual week is more than 35 days, it is deemed to be scarce menstruation. If the menstruation does not come for more than 3 months, it is called amenorrhea. Premature ovarian failure will cause women to fail to decline and affect the quality of life;

5. What should we do in the face of menstruation delay?

Beef, mutton, pig blood, pork liver and other meats, animal organs.

If it is a polycystic ovary syndrome, you need to take drugs, surgery or other treatment methods according to whether there is a desire to have fertility;

In addition to actively cooperating with doctors for premature ovarian function, you should usually control your emotions, drink more milk, pay attention to diet conditioning, and ensure that sufficient sleep is an effective way to slow down premature ovarian aging.

In fact, women with irregular menstruation have experienced women. As long as they usually pay attention to their bodies, they often do inspections, and rational support can be improved.

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