Metronidazole can treat a variety of infections. What should I pay attention to when taking medicine?What side effects?

This antibiotics can only treat bacterial infections and native animal infections.Virus infections cannot be treated (such as influenza, influenza).Improper use and excessive use of antibiotics can also reduce its effectiveness.

Mixed use of metronidazole and other anti -ulcers can treat certain types of gastric ulcers.

For systems or local infections caused by treating or preventing anaerobic bacteria, such as abdominal cavity, digestive tract, female reproductive system, lower respiratory tract, skin and soft tissue, bone and joints, etc.Cerebral membrane infection and colitis caused by antibiotics.Treatment of tetanus is often used with tetanus antitoxin (TAT).It can also be used for oral anaerobic infection.

Features of metronidazole:

Studies have shown that in children and the elderly repeatedly under respiratory tract infections, the merging rate of anaerobic bacteria can reach 50-60%.The nitrate in metronidazole can be restored to amino groups in anaerobic environment and shows good antimony antimony, but it is basically no effect on oxygen or consequences.Therefore, it has a good therapeutic effect on the lower respiratory interference with anaerobic bacteria infection.

Metronidazole oral absorption is better, high utilization, and serving with food will not affect the curative effect.Drugs are easier to penetrate into tissue and body fluids, and low toxicity and small side effects.Metronidazole is also low, which is conducive to the use of clinical treatment.

Metronidazole can treat gynecological diseases. Metronidazole can have a curative effect on most anaerobic bacteria in the vagina. For trichomoniasis vaginal disease, it is often used for treatment.

oral.Taking it with food, a glass of water, or milk can prevent stomach discomfort.Choose the dosage according to the physical condition, type of infection, and treatment reactions of the patient.

When antibiotics maintain a constant horizon in the body, the best efficacy.Therefore, take this medicine within the specified time.

After eating all the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, even if the symptoms disappear after taking the medicine for a few days.Too early stopping drugs will cause bacteria or native animals to continue to grow, which will lead to recurrence of infection.

If the condition continues to deteriorate, please tell the doctor.

Dizziness, headache, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, constipation, abnormal taste, and dry mouth.If these symptoms continue to worsen, please tell the doctor immediately.

The medicine can cause the urine color to deepen, which is harmless.

If the doctor recommends taking this medicine, the doctor has weighing the pros and cons of this medicine, and believes that it is better than the disadvantages for you.Many people who take this medicine have no serious side effects.

If the following serious side effects appear, please tell the doctor immediately.For example: emotional instability, epilepsy, mental/emotional changes (such as confusion), numbness or tingling hands and feet, pain during urination.

If the following rare but serious side effects appear, please tell the doctor immediately.For example: eye pain, severe or persistent headache, sudden visual change, neck stiff or pain, sore throat, continuous fever, abnormal bleeding or congestion, severe stomach pain, persistent nausea or vomiting.

Long -term or repeated use of this drug may cause goose ulcer or vaginal yeast infection.If white plaques, leucorrhea changes or other new symptoms appear in the patient’s mouth, please contact the doctor.

This drug rarely has severe allergic reactions. If allergic reactions such as rash, itchy/swollen (face, tongue, throat, etc.), dizziness, dizziness, breathing difficulties, etc., contact the doctor immediately.

The above did not list all the side effects. If there are bad reactions other than the above side effects, please contact the doctor immediately.

If this drug is allergic, or allergies of nithermole (such as tinidazole), or other allergic reactions, you must tell the doctor before taking the medicine.The drug may contain non -active ingredients and can cause allergic reactions or other problems.For more details, please consult a pharmacist.

I told the doctor’s own medical history before taking the medicine. If you have the following diseases, you should explain in detail: liver problems, neurological diseases (such as seizures), blood diseases, and Crohn disease.

Drinking drinks during the medication.At least one day after taking the medicine (if oral capsules, at least 3 days), you can drink, because drinking will cause severe stomach discomfort or spasm, nausea, vomiting, headache and flushing.

You may sleep after drinking medicine.Therefore, before you are convinced that you can safely carry out activities, do not drive (find driving) or do any highly alert activities.

The elderly may be more sensitive to the side effects of this medicine.

During pregnancy, this medicine can be taken only when this medicine must be used.Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this medicine with the doctor.

Drugs will enter breast milk, so please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the medicine before breastfeeding.If the patient adopts a prescription single -dose therapy method, the doctor may suggest that patients suspend breastfeeding during the medication.For details, please consult a doctor.

The interaction between drugs may reduce the efficacy and even cause serious side effects.The interaction described in this article does not include the possible situation. It is recommended to list a list of drugs (including prescription drugs, non -prescription medicines and herb formula medicines, etc.).Or change the dosage.

Some products may interact with this medicine, such as: products containing alcohol (such as cough and cold medicine, postpeutic water), products containing glycol, Lopanovovirvy"(Such as Huafarin), Bai Lian’an, Simi, fluorine pyrine, lithium, toluene pheumazole, live bacterial vaccine, drugs for the treatment of epilepsy (such as phenobarbcci, sodium benzya).

During the medication or two weeks before taking the medicine, sulfur quitting sulfur is prohibited.

Although most antibiotics will not affect contraceptives (such as pills, tablets, or circles), some antibiotics (Lifamycin, such as Lipphin and Liffu pudding) may reduce the effectiveness of contraceptive pills, which will leadPregnant.When taking metronidazole, be sure to consult a doctor or pharmacist to adopt additional safe contraceptive methods.

The drug may interfere with some laboratory tests (including liver function test and measurement of triglyceride horizontal), which will cause the test results to make an error.Be sure to inform your doctor or related personnel who are taking metronidazole.

If you accidentally take too much, contact the Poison Control Center or the emergency room immediately.Excessive symptoms include: nausea, vomiting, severe dizziness, seizures, etc.

If you do not take the medicine on time, please follow the steps below for processing:

If the dosage is insufficient, please take a sufficient amount of medicine as soon as possible;

If you are about to take the medicine next time, please skip the missing dose and take the normal dose on time.Do not take double doses to make up for the missing dose.

The pills should be stored at room temperature (below 25 ° C), away from the light;

Capsules should be stored at room temperature (15 ° C ~ 25 ° C);

Don’t put it in the bathroom;

Put in places that children and pets can’t find;

Unless the instructions are allowed to do this, do not pour the medicine into the toilet or the sewer.When the medicine expires or no longer uses this medicine, please handle the medicine correctly.

For how to deal with this medicine safely, you can consult a pharmacist or a local waste treatment company.

Don’t share this medicine with others;

To prevent recurrence, some infections may require patients’ sexual partners to be treated together;

During the treatment, you should try to avoid sexual behavior or use condoms;

This medicine can only be used to treat the current symptoms. Unless the doctor agrees, it is not necessary to take this medicine when similar symptoms later. In some cases, different drugs may be taken;

It should be often monitored in laboratories or medical tests (such as serum count) to monitor the condition and check the side effects. For details, please consult a doctor.

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