Microwave furnace radiation carcinogenic?Can’t use a microwave oven if you are pregnant?Some things are scared yourself

The microwave oven is almost a kitchen appliances that every family. Although it has a certain cooking function, everyone seems to prefer its heating function. It is convenient and fast to use it to heat the meals.

Especially for the white -collar workers who are accustomed to working with meals, the microwave oven is quite easy to use.

Just three minutes, you can eat hot meals!

But recently a dog’s pregnancy colleague was a little scared of the microwave oven, because the family told her,

"The microwave oven has radiation, it cannot be used after pregnancy, it is very bad for children!"

"Heating with a microwave oven will cause food to lose a lot of nutrition. Foods that eat microwave furnace heat for a long time will get cancer!"

And there seems to be such a statement on the Internet, so what is the truth?

Let the dogs talk with everyone this time to talk about microwave oven!

Next you will see:

1 The principle of heating of microwave oven

2 Does microwave oven heating produce harmful substances?

3 The effect of microwave oven heating on food nutritional ingredients

4 Tips for using the microwave oven correctly

To know the impact of microwave ovens on food, first of all, we must first understand how the microwave oven works.

As an electrical appliance that allows food to heat quickly, the heating principle of microwave ovens is actually very simple.

It transforms electrical energy into microwave. The energy of the microwave itself rotates the water molecules in the food at a high speed, which generates huge heat and heats the food.

In other words, the microwave oven is actually water molecules in food.

The amount of water in food will affect the heating effect of the microwave oven.Generally speaking, foods with high moisture content will heal faster.

Sometimes we use a microwave oven hot rice and find that the meal will become dry.

That’s because heating will also take away some water. As long as you add an additional water before heating, the food will soften.

Clarify the working principle of the microwave oven, will the microwave oven produce harmful substances during heating?

The first thing we need to understand is that any kind of food is over -heated will produce harmful substances.

For example, protein overheating will form hybrid amine, and starchy foods will produce acrylamide.

And we know that these foods cannot be eaten.

So the use of microwave ovens excessive heating causes food paste to produce carcinogens, of course, it is no exception.

But this cannot show that the microwave heating food will cause cancer!

Moreover, the microwave oven rely on electromagnetic waves to heat the food, and there will be no bright fire.

Temperatures are usually lower than traditional cooking methods such as burning, roasting, fried, and frying. The harmful substances produced will be relatively less!

Therefore, the key to whether food heating will cause cancer is heating temperature and time.

As long as the temperature time is appropriate, you can eat it safely.

Secondly, the microwave oven will also pay attention to the food that puts food.

Some plastics or colored porcelain that are not suitable for high temperature heating can be heated in microwave ovens, and harmful substances may be decomposed at high temperatures and entering food.

This is a disaster for food.

Therefore, heated in the microwave oven, for safety reasons,

Be sure to use the utensil suitable for use in a microwave oven. Generally, this kind of utensils are marked with a logo suitable for microwave oven heating.

Since the heating of microwave oven will not produce additional harmful substances, will the nutrients be lost in large quantities with food heated by microwave oven?

For food, there are five main categories that can be provided for us, namely protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Among them, only vitamins are more afraid of heat, especially vitamin C and B vitamin.

What is the loss of these ingredients in microwave heating?Let’s speak with the results.

In a study abroad, the same ingredients are treated with traditional cooking, stress cooking, and microwave cooking, respectively, and analyzed their nutrient preservation.

It was found that no matter which method, the content of nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, and iron changes very little before and after cooking, and only vitamin C losses are the most serious.

Researchers have further discovered that in the same cooking time, the largest cooking method of Vitamin C’s losses is to blame, followed by oil stir -fry, and finally microwave.

In fact, the loss of vitamins actually depends more on the heating time and heating temperature.

For relatively bright fire cooking, the microwave temperature is low, the heating efficiency is higher, and the time required is short.

When meeting the requirements of mature or sterilization, the impact on vitamins is even smaller.

In fact, no matter which cook

The loss of nutrients is related to cooking time and temperature, not limited to the use of cooking tools.

Therefore, for some high -water foods, as long as the time is properly controlled, when the cooking requirements are met, compared with other cooking methods, microwave cooking has certain advantages in the preservation of nutrient preservation.

If you want to play the maximum role of microwave oven, there is a trick when used.

1 Buy a qualified microwave oven

First of all, we must ensure that we buy a qualified microwave oven.

Although the food heated by microwave oven is harmless to health, the microwave itself is harmful to the human body.

If the door of the microwave oven cannot be closed strictly, there will be a danger of microwave radiation leakage.

At the same time, microwave radiation is at the square attenuation at the distance. Therefore, for safety reasons, when using a microwave oven, we must try to be more than one meter away from the microwave oven as much as possible.

2 Heating the right food

The microwave oven is to heat the food by heating the water molecules in the food.

Therefore, it is suitable for foods with high water content, and foods with a lot of oil and less moisture are not suitable.

Microwave oven is not suitable for heating yogurt and other foods containing live bacteria, because it will kill the beneficial bacteria and reduce nutritional value.

For the sake of insurance, baby milk powder cannot be heated with a microwave oven, it is best to use water bath to heat.

3 Select the right heating utensils

Heating with a microwave oven, the choice of utensils is very important. I believe that many friends are a little unclear.


1 The principle of heating of microwave oven

Water molecules in heating foods make the food get hot.

2 Does microwave oven heating produce harmful substances?

Microwave heating does not produce additional harmful substances. Only excessive heating can produce harmful substances.

3 The effect of microwave oven heating on food nutritional ingredients

For some high -water foods, as long as the time is properly controlled, when the cooking requirements are met, compared with other cooking methods, microwave cooking has certain advantages in the preservation of nutrient preservation.

4 Tips for using the microwave oven correctly

[1] Buy a qualified microwave oven

[2] Heating suitable food

Suitable food: milk, vegetables, soup

Unsuitable food: the entire egg, yogurt, etc.

[3] Select the right heating utensils

Thermal glass, ceramics, and silicone are all suitable utensils.

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