Middle -aged and elderly people and frail people are more suitable for eating bars?Teach you how to cook

Bad, also known as sweet wine, wine, or rice wine. It is a product obtained by glutinous rice through a series of fermentation. The process is a bit similar to the yogurt we are familiar with.During the fermentation process, the sweet wine (a special yeast) first decomposes the starch in glutinous rice into glucose, and then converts glucose into alcohol through the glycogenic channel in a hypoxic environment.Sweet and mellow gruel.Many people just like to eat because of the beautiful taste and taste of the galaxy, and many people also fasten the gardenia with alcohol.But in fact, the nutritional value of lady is very rich, and it is more suitable for middle -aged and elderly people. Today we will introduce the unique food of the gay.

Which people are suitable for eating lava?

Hou Chengcheng, a dietary nutritionist at the Emergency General Hospital, introduced that the nutritional value of the badness is mainly the nutrition of the raw materials, which is the glutinous rice.The craftsmanship to make glutinous rice needs to be fermented. After the glutinous rice is fermented, the nutritional components in them are easier to absorb by the human body. Therefore, the gale is more suitable for middle -aged and elderly, pregnant women and weak people.

However, because it contains a certain amount of alcohol, it is not suitable for children. If it must be eaten, it is recommended to be heated, wave the alcohol in it, and give the child to try new.

How to cook the ghostly?

1. Poor dumplings.Put the dumplings and an appropriate amount of water in the pot, cook until the water is boiled, add the galaxy, and continue to cook until the dumplings are rolling and it can be eaten.

2. Disproof egg flower soup.Put an appropriate amount of lamb in the pot. You can add some water when you do n’t have a lot of water. Put a little ginger, red dates, wolfberry to boil, sprinkle the egg liquid, and continue to cook for about 5 minutes.

3. Poor oats and wolfberry porridge.Put the appropriate amount of water in the pot, add a small handle of galaxy, oatmeal, and wolfberry. Boil the oats on the high heat and turn it off.

4. Polynate yogurt.First prepare a bottle of yogurt, pour it into the cup, and add an appropriate amount of mackerel and stir well.According to personal preferences, you can also replace yogurt with coconut milk, milk, and cream.

5. Drinking.Use warm drinking in winter, hot heat in hot water or drinking directly after warming, or making various soups; use cold drinks in summer, pour in the cup to drink in summer;Put some ice cubes in the middle, pour a little bit of granulation, add or drink without water, and some people add the glutinous rice wine into the right amount of coconut milk and other drinks. The taste is also very good.

6. Use as seasoning.The fragrance of the gale is strong. When cooking dishes, it can not only remove the fishy smell, but also increase the delicious taste.

What are the crowds of taboos?

Although the gangsters are very friendly to middle -aged and elderly people, maternal and weak people, and suitable for them to eat, at the same time, there are also people who are not suitable for eating gangsters. Here are you to remind everyone to pay attention.

1. People with allergies to alcohol: People with allergies to alcohol may cause allergic reactions after eating galaxy, and symptoms such as skin rash and itching.

2. People with diabetes: The content of sugar in the gale is high and it is easier to absorb. People with diabetes may cause blood sugar fluctuations and affect the condition.

3. People with gastrointestinal diseases: such as gastric ulcer, ulcerative colitis, etc., due to a certain amount of alcohol in the gaps, people with digestive tract diseases may stimulate the increase in digestive fluid secretion, and then stimulate the digestive tract mucosa mucosaInstead of the symptoms of digestive tract discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, qi, heart burning, etc., affecting the recovery of the disease.

4. Other people: If you need to drive or do fine and dangerous work, it is not recommended to eat galaxy, and it is not recommended to consume excessive consumption to avoid increasing hidden safety hazards.

Text/Mo Peng (Emergency General Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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