MINI’s ice cream is only for foreigners?Chinese medicine said: Thank you ~

At the recent Shanghai International Auto Show, BMW MINI turned over because of ice cream ~

Overnight, a farce on Chinese land only gives foreigners with ice creams. BMW’s market value evaporates more than 15 billion yuan, which is equivalent to losing nearly 500 million ice cream.

However, Chinese medicine said: Thank you for not killing the grace ~

Mini public relations say that this time I want to bring "sweet pets and coolness" to Shanghai in summer ~

In fact, eating ice cream in summer is "killing"!

Follow Xiaosu to think about this from three perspectives.

The first point is that Ice cream in summer is a weak position to attack the body.

Do you find that summer’s hands and feet are warm, but when you touch your stomach, it is cool and cool.

Because as soon as the summer comes, the center of gravity of the human body is away from the middle soil, that is, around the abdomen, and to the heart and lung area and body surface, our skin and hands and feet are hot, but the belly is cold like autumn.

In other words, the belly of summer is weak. If you eat cold things in summer, you choose the weak link of the human body to attack, and every time you can hit the key.

Ice cream is very cold, not cold!

It does not bring the coolness of the spring breeze, but the cold and snow!

The old ancestors talked about spring and summer.

How to raise it?

For example, a fruit tree in nature has experienced four seasons. It pumps new buds and new branches in the warm wind in the spring, grows and conceives under the catalysis of the summer enthusiasm, and has the fruit under the convergence of autumn.Hidden in the underground root beard.

The same is true of people. In the summer, the warm and upward things that we need to do, such as yang, let us thrive, the better.

The people of Chinese crops know that the weather is hot at noon, and the ground is dry. The seedlings say that I want to drink water, I want to drink water, and at noon, you pour it in the place with youOn the ground, this seedlings will give you "not alive."

Like Miao Miao, the hot air is rising, or we are already hot. At this time, eating a ice cream is splashing a scoop of cold water ~

Eating ice cream in spring and summer is "not raising anti -killing"!

You have to come slowly, for example, drink warm water, eat Tremella fungus, drink oral tea and so on.

For ice cream, spring and summer must definitely refuse such frozen products.

Although cold drinks are not a healthy way, occasionally trying, personal constitution is no problem, the body can metabolize, and the problem is not big.

The problem is that now our physique is increasingly comparable to that before, our spleen and stomach are more and more difficult to metabolize.

The refrigerator next to us and the air conditioner on the top; and the stools under the feet have changed our entire lifestyle. We are always greedy and the food is much colder than before.Sunshine, do not love sports.

Where can this spleen and stomach go?

I rarely heard that eating watermelon in summer can diarrhea, but now they are everywhere. When you eat cold, the response is very fast, either diarrhea or get angry.

The spleen and stomach are land. Watering cold drinks in the body of the body regardless of season, which causes this land to become frozen soil. Even if it is a growing period, everything cannot be developed.

The spleen and stomach are cold, and the operation is not moved. The food you eat cannot be converted into the energy you need, and it becomes a waste of fuel. People with yin deficiency and humid constitution will spontaneously ignite, heat, appear to appear, appear to appearStomach, red lips, dry mouth, or red eyelids, etc. "get angry".

For the origin of the physique, it is also common for ice cream to eat abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Because the middle coke is not enough, the spleen and stomach cannot be transported and wet, and the door cannot be seen.

In such a crowd, their tongue is generally pale, not rosy, with layer of white moss on it, the tongue is fat, tender, very "water spirit", but the tongue "water spirit" is not a good thing!

Over time, cold cold hurts the spleen and stomach, shakes the nature of the day, and has become worse and worse.

Not only that, the cold owner is introduced, the cold is in the mouth, the teeth and the body will be snoring, and the throat will cough; the cold to the stomach will snoring, stomach pain, abdominal pain, and no appetite; cold to blood vessels will feel heartache …Then, then

Do you feel these when you eat ice cream?

If you have the following situations, Xiaosu strongly recommends not to eat anything cold in summer, cold food and cold drinks are the same:

1. Rarely hungry, even if you are hungry, you don’t want to eat

2. Excessive picky eaters

3. Top muscles are weak, too lazy to move, easy to get fatigue

4. The temperature of the belly and knees is too low (can be compared with others)

5. The body is too fat or too thin

6. It is easy to catch cold, shortness of breath, or rhinitis, pharyngitis

7. Allergies, skin diseases

8. The second storm is not normal, it is difficult to row early early, often constipation or diarrhea

9. Body cold, afraid of cold, cold hands and feet

10. Female dysmenorrhea

In the most weak spleen and stomach, the above situation will increase because of cold drinks and cold food, and even hurt the spleen and stomach. It is recommended to find a physician for a period of time.

Many friends used to have the habit of eating cold and frozen, and their bodies have also protested in large or small.

Xiaosu teaches you a few small tricks to save the "frostbite spleen and stomach" with warmth and cold.

01 Rubbing your belly and cover your belly before going to bed

The abdomen is "the palace city of the five internal organs" and "the birthplace of yin and yang qi and blood". Persist in rubbing the abdomen for 15 minutes every day. After rubbing, find a comfortable posture when you sleepUnder the palm of your hand, cover your stomach.Keep a covering move until he falls asleep.

First, it is conducive to promoting digestion and excluding spleen and stomach humidity;

Second, it helps to keep the abdomen warm, nourish the kidney, and boost yang.

02 Eat some foods that warm the spleen and stomach in moderation

Ginger, Nutmectic and other Xinwen products can dispersing cold in warmth and sweating. It is a choice that can also be used in summer.

There is also spring amplifier. When cooking in summer, these warm, spleen and stomach foods are mostly eliminated.

03 Move, cover up

Spring and summer is a good time for physical activity to stretch. We need to go out to move, bask in the sun, stand stump or hit Tai Chi, sweat appropriately, and the cold is nowhere to hide.

We usually pay attention to protecting the neck, belly and other parts in the dresses, especially after exercise. It is not recommended to expose shoulders and umbilical clothing. It is recommended to carry a small jacket with us to avoid cold.

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