Misunderstanding is big, do you have these misunderstandings after pregnancy?

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Those things you can easily misunderstand

The expectant mothers mistakenly believe that if the previous child was born with a caesarean section, the next child would also be a cesarean section.

This statement is not scientific.According to statistics, at least half of the first child in pregnant women is a cesarean section, and the second child can still choose naturally.

As for which kind of childbirth method to choose, the doctor will decide according to his own situation and the fetal position and placenta of the fetus.

If you are normal when producing, the fetal position is normal. Even if the first child is a cesarean section, the chance of the second child naturally gives is very high.

The expectant mothers mistakenly believe that the fetus is still small, only a few hundred grams, and will not have premature birth.

If the expectant mother’s uterus cannot shrink normally and does not get enough rest, it will increase the risk of premature birth.Some expectant mothers think that the fetus is still small, only 10 to 20 weeks, and the possibility of premature delivery is not much.

In fact, any weekly number will be too early, and 500 grams may be too early.Before premature birth, it is not necessarily how big the fetus is.If the week is short, it is still possible to produce premature.Pay attention to the problem of premature birth.

The mothers who misunderstand the fetus, the greater the fetus means the healthier.

Excessive weight and fetal conference increase the risk and difficulty of childbirth, increase the risk of extension of delivery, fetal hypoxia, fetal stools, arms or collarbone fractures and injuries.Sometimes it must be attracted by negative pressure, which can easily cause fetal injury.The chance of injury will also increase.

Therefore, the fetal is not bigger and better, and delivery is the most important.

The expectant mothers mistakenly believe that "big children" are difficult to give birth, and "children" must be good.

Some expectant mothers think that 3200G can definitely be born, and 3800G is not easy to give birth.

In fact, the size of the fetus has no absolute relationship with whether it is born.Big fetuses can still be born, and clinically encounter a small fetus that cannot be born.

There are many reasons for the birth of the fetus. The factors that affect the possible delivery include the size of the pelvis, the strength of the uterine contraction, the fetal tolerance of the fetus too small, and the size of strength.The size of the fetus is only one of the factors.

Specific mothers mistakenly believe that women with large hips are smoother.

For a long time, the folk has spread the saying that "women’s buttocks are easy to be born".That’s because people think that the buttocks mean that the pelvis is large, so it is good for health.

In fact, good or bad depends on the width and slope of the pelvis, and the exit of the pelvis should be wider, which cannot be seen from the appearance.Some people with large hips or large lower body have not large pelvis, but because of the more fat in the body, it is more likely to cause a higher percentage of pregnancy hypertension, difficulty in giving birth, and fetal overweight.

Therefore, it does not mean that people with big hips or lower bodies will definitely be smooth and give birth.

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