Mom is pregnant, dad we gain weight, it turns out that it is more than just this

I always heard that when my mother was pregnant, my father would follow the weight. I did not expect that there were animals in the forest. For example, this is a bit strange, like a monkey with two pigtails.

The pigtail is still white, weird

Callithrix Jacchus, which is curious, lively, lively, is a new continent monkey that mainly lives in the forest area of central Brazil.There are more than 20 subspecies in the family, and the more famous ones are Pygmy Marmoset -the smallest monkey in the world, with an average weight of only 119 grams and a length of more than 12 cm.

In the Miluz Zoo in eastern France, the dwarf droa monkeys are with their mother.Picture source: Getty Images Sebastien Bozon

Ordinary monkey monkeys are bigger but also small. The average body length of the male has just exceeded 18 cm and weighs about 256 grams; the female is slightly smaller.There is no hair on their faces, and there is a white mark on the forehead, and the fur has brown, gray and yellow spots on the fur.The most iconic is definitely a huge white ear hair, not just decorative effects, they can also flatten ear feathers to show fear.

Ordinary monkey monkeys are almost all trees. The tails are long and are usually longer than their small bodies, but their tails cannot be grasped, which is used to maintain balance.

It’s like the rod taken in the hand of the steel wire

Their hands and feet look very similar to the squirrel. They only have flat armor with large toes. The rest of their fingers and toes are claw -like claws. Their thumbs are not relative.

They use these claws to help them move quickly with four legs like squirrels, and they can also be used to scrape bark to obtain gums, sap and resin. These foods account for 70%of their diet.Monkey also searched for insects, and also ate fruits, seeds, fungi, nectar and small animals, from snails to lizards to young birds.

Buffed milk tea machine of dwarf monkey monkey

Picture source: YouTube

They move for 11 to 12 hours a day, and the range of activities is between 0.5 and 1.0 kilometers.After eating for an hour after waking up, monkey monkeys usually alternate between rest, eating, and social socialization with family members.According to researchers, 53%of their time spent moving -limbs stretched out, just like you on vacation.

But it is not just lazy lying on the treetops.Small body shape means that the monkeys are particularly susceptible to the attack on the predator, especially the raptors and owls, tree snakes, wild cats and Itachi.In the wild, the average life expectancy of ordinary monkeys is 12 years.

However, the short life span of ordinary monkeys has also made them a good object of neurology research, because this means that they are faster and faster for their adults.The Wisconsin National Long Animal Research Center (WNPRC) is using 314 ordinary monkeys as the research object to study knowledge from parenting to Parkinson’s disease.

In addition to neurological research, WNPRC also has a commissioner who studies their social order. Professor Ziler is committed to studying why there are such strong group cohesion in the 15 large families of ordinary monkeys.

Two ordinary monkeys who snuggle together

Professor Zigler said: "Whether it is wild or circled ordinary monkeys, they will ovulate within two weeks after childbirth. One pregnancy is a five -month cycle, and only two weeks in a year cannot be pregnant."

But in her research, Czeler discovered that when the female monkey was pregnant, the male monkey monkeys prepared their partners in a unique way.

"They usually produce twins and trilogy in the circle of care. The weight of a pair of twins is 20%of the mother’s weight, so they are a huge energy load, and the mother needs to help. The male will actually experience it with their spouseThe changes in hormones are the passing of a certain chemical signal. The spouse is pregnant, and they will gain weight like a spouse during pregnancy. Before the child is born, their hormones begin to change, such as estrogen, prolactin, glucocorticoid hormoneThe changes can be said to be a ‘father behavior’. "

Raising children is the responsibility of two people

In the experiment, 60%of the ordinary velvet monkey father would find his own children after hearing the child’s crying. Professor Czeler said that he believed that these ordinary velvet monkeys were more suitable for living with their partners, and it would also help the harmony of a group of groups in harmony.Essence

Gragler also admired: "It is great to work with ordinary monkeys, and their entire social system is amazing. And they are curious, like humans, and observe people, just like people like to observe them."

But because ordinary monkeys are group animals, they are not suitable for pets.When they live with their families, they can thrive, and they may feel bored when they are recuperated, and they need appropriate stimuli and activities.And they are tropical animals, not only space, but also appropriate temperature and humidity.

Just look at it, don’t want to raise anything!

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