Moms do not drink during pregnancy

Drinking for pregnant women can easily make fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome. The typical feature of this poisoning fetus is: low weight, heart and limb deformity, low intelligence, etc.The sensitive period of fetal tears is 40-70 days of pregnancy. Poor contact factors in early pregnancy are theoretically not good. If you accidentally drink a small amount of wine occasionally, it is generally not possible.Diagnosis and regular examinations, Tang’s screening and amniotic fluid examination, and three -dimensional B -ultrasound, you can find out that the baby is not developing well, in order to protect the safety of pregnancy and give birth to a healthy and smart child.Excluding genetic factors, drinking during pregnancy is the main cause of incomplete fetal intelligence.

Scientists believe that women know that smoking is harmful to the fetus during pregnancy, but it does not know much about drinking the fetus during pregnancy than smoking.Drinking alcohol during the pregnancy is "a major tragedy".According to statistics from the American medical community, one of the 500 newborn children caused imperfections due to their mother’s drinking during pregnancy.

To this end, scientists at the University of Madrid not only advised pregnant women to quit alcohol, but also asked doctors not to promote a small amount of drinking for pregnant women.Some gynecological doctors believed that drinking a small amount of alcohol is not only harmless, but also beneficial. The mistakes of these gynecological doctors are that they drink a small amount of alcohol, especially red wine on cardiovascular health.It’s right."Mother is a conservation box", no matter how much she drinks, she will reduce the IQ of the fetus.To this end, pregnant women should not smoke, drink and take vitamin B9 every day.

Scientists emphasize that quitting alcohol is the only way to prevent mentally handicap. Pregnant women should not drink from the moment they give up contraceptive measures, because many pregnant women have only learned what happened after seven or eight weeks of pregnancy.All the organs of the fetus develop formed within 8 weeks of pregnancy, and the mental retardation and appearance of congenital malformations are most likely to occur during this period.

Therefore, the expectant mothers must not drink during pregnancy, and for the health of the baby, it is best not to drink during pregnancy. If you have a expectant mother with a history of drinking, you should try to bear it.A lot of drinking must be prohibited, and you must not be greedy, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

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