Moms, have you had a baby dream?How to scientifically interpret fetal dreams?Be a rational pregnant mother!


The vigorous secretion of hormones during pregnancy not only causes expectant mothers to vomit more than during the day and lethargic, but also at night, it will make the expectant mothers unable to live.Many expectant mothers dream frequently at night, and their dreams are very different from usual.

Early pregnancy

A small life mother’s uterus in the uterus, slowly growing and developing. This is why many expectant mothers dream of things that have a symbolic meaning of seeds, water, and fruits in the early pregnancy.Some expectant mothers often dream that they are not pregnant or the baby will lose.

Late pregnancy

Many expectant mothers who are worried about their healthy mothers often have nightmares related to their babies and their loved ones.These expectant mothers are often reflected in their dreams, which is why the dreams of dreams and dreamers during pregnancy are too much.

Fresh and realistic dreams are related to sleep quality.After pregnancy, the severe and frequent urination makes it difficult for expectant mothers to get enough to enter deep sleep, and the sleep time is not guaranteed.Many times they can’t fall asleep safely. When they fall asleep, due to the effects of hormones, the nerves are also in a highly tense state. This has led them to not only dreams frequently, but also more absurd dreams.Night often wakes up and has a deep memory of dreams, causing a realistic illusion.Any wind blowing during the day may appear in dreams, and may be infinitely exaggerated and magnified.

We can laugh at this. After all, dreams are not reality. Mothers must not let the unpleasant dreams affect their emotions, diets and rests.You know, dreaming during pregnancy is a reaction of subconscious emotions, and you don’t have to take it at all.At the same time, expectant mothers can also adjust their mental state through exercise, diet, and psychological counseling, and increase sleep quality.

In addition, prospective dad also has to encourage and support the mother’s mother, not only to take care of the expectant mother, but to be enlightened in time when she has psychological confusion.


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