Moms must look at: precautions for 39 weeks of pregnancy

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has 3.2 ~ 3.5 kg. In general, the average weight of the boy is slightly heavier than the girl’s average weight.The fetus is still continuing to grow meat, and these fat reserves will help the baby’s body temperature adjustment after birth.The organs of this little guy’s body have been developed. Among them, the lungs are the last mature organs. Only a few hours after the baby is born, he can establish a normal breathing mode.

The precautions for 39 weeks of pregnancy are preparing for delivery. At this time, the pregnant woman will obviously feel that the bladder is under pressure, and the fetus seems to fall out.At this time, there are more vaginal secretions. Be sure to keep your body clean. In particular, pay attention to whether the vaginal secretion is normal. It is found that abnormal abnormalities go to the hospital for examination.Pregnant women should rest in full at this time, and be ready to wait patiently for delivery. It is best to eat more a day and eat less meals.At this time, breast care and massage work should be performed, so that the gland gland is unblocked and the milk secretion is strong, which is conducive to sucking baby in the future.

The precautions for 39 weeks of pregnancy are also to prepare for the baby to be used.For example, women’s daily necessities, baby’s supplies, small clothes and the like.At this time, women will calm down to wait for the baby’s birth.At this time, you should pay attention to diet and rest and prepare for your childbirth.

Contraction: Some mothers will have false delivery phenomena, or the uterine contractions are irregular.Generally speaking, real fake delivery is difficult to distinguish.The fake childbirth is usually irregular, and the degree of contraction is not as strong as true delivery.The method of distinguishing is to check the vagina and look at the changes in the cervix.Or when the palace shrinkage is performed, the time interval of the contraction between the contraction twice is calculated.Continuously record for one hour.It takes about 12 hours to start from a regular contraction to the opening of the eloquence.

Preparing for natural delivery, you can prepare foods that are easy to digest and absorb, less slag, and delicious, so that expectant mothers are full and eat, and prepare for delivery.Otherwise, it will cause weak delivery and pain in production.

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