Moms must look at: Twenty -two weeks of pregnancy precautions

The fetus at 22 weeks of pregnancy is now about 19 to 22 cm and weighs 350 ~ 400 grams. At this time, the weight of the fetus has begun to increase significantly, which looks like a baby.Eyes have developed, but the iris (colored parts in the eyes) still lack color, and eyebrows and eyelids are clearly distinguished.His pancreas (important organs of hormones) are also developing steadily.The baby’s lips are getting clearer, and the tip of the small teeth also appears in the gums, showing the initial signs of long teeth.It is not until 4 to 7 months after he is born that you will really see that he grows his first teeth, unless he is a very few babies with teeth when he is born.

Because the baby is still small, the skin is still wrinkled and red at this time. It is necessary to wait for the fetal weight to increase to a certain extent to support the skin.Of course, this wrinkle is also room for the growth of subcutaneous fat.The 22 -week fetus looks slippery, like a layer of white slippery substance, which we call it fetal fat.Felty fat can prevent the skin from being damaged under the long -term soaking of amniotic fluid.Many babies have such fetal fat at birth.

During 22 weeks, pregnant women are getting heavier, and they are growing rapidly at about 250 grams per week.As the uterus is increasingly compressing the lungs, you will feel difficult to breathe when you go upstairs.So at this time you should pay attention to loose clothes and shoes.When you go to the hospital this week, you can find that the baby’s fetal movement has increased, and the fetal heartbeat is very powerful. Enjoy this moment!

The baby loves moving very much now, and you can move 50 times an hour on average!When the night is quiet, you can feel it strongly!

Pregnant women’s health care

After pregnancy, you can’t ask yourself to move agile and lightweight. You may already feel that your actions are a bit slow and heavy, which is normal.With the increase of the uterus, the center of gravity of your body has changed. The protruding abdomen moves the center of gravity forward. In order to maintain a balance, you have to walk up your stomach.At this time, you can’t wear high heels anymore. It will not only make your back muscles increase and cause pain, but also make you unstable, which is very dangerous.In addition, due to the effect of progesterone, your fingers, toes, and systemic ligaments become relaxed, which will also make you feel a little uncomfortable.


Do you want your baby to become a literaryist in the future?So now you are going to cultivate him!You can choose some interesting children’s masterpieces and read it to him in a vivid manner. It is best to tell the same one or more stories.Studies have found that the babies who have trained will have a clear response to these stories or music he are familiar with after birth, which will make him more appetite when he eats milk, full of emotions, and will make him cry from crying.Calm down.


After May pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will feel itching of the skin and red rash on the whole body.At this time, due to the vigorous metabolism during pregnancy and the sebaceous glands secrete strong, itching of the skin occurs, which is normal, and itching varies from person to person.It is recommended that you take a shower frequently. The water temperature should be controlled at about 38 degrees. This situation will gradually disappear naturally.If you have severe itching, it may also be local skin allergies and dermatitis, and go to the dermatology department of regular hospitals for relevant examinations in time. After discovering the cause, symptomatic treatment.

Eat fish during pregnancy

There are many benefits to eating fish during pregnancy.The texture of the fish is tender and easy to digest and absorb. The fish is rich in calcium, phosphorus, protein, and unsatisfactory fatty acids, especially the fish head is rich in lecithin.Lecithin synthesizes acetylcholine in the human body, which is a major "neurotransmitter" that transmits information between brain neurons.So eating more fish and brain, promoting fetal brain development, can also enhance your memory.

Touched prenatal education

Touch the prenatal education: Lie on the bed before going to bed, put your own hands on the abdomen, and gently press the fetus from the bottom to the top.The sleeping habits of the fetus began to appear —- alternate during the sleeping and activity phase, and sometimes the mother can be aware of it.The fetus now looks like a narrowing newborn.How quiet he looks: semi -closed eyes, nostrils and mouths that develop well.Every time, he stuffed his thumb and fingers into his mouth, and then began to practice sucking.Before going to bed, you can gently touch the fetus through your belly, and at the same time, you can talk to the fetus. For example, "Dad is here, let your dad touch your little hands and feet?" "Dad is leaving, goodbye."The dialogue time can be around 9 o’clock in the evening, and each speaking time is 5 to 10 minutes.


Swimming is a movement that helps you get delivery smoothly.You should pay attention to the water temperature when swimming. Generally, the water temperature is between 29 ° C and 31 ° C. The water temperature is lower than 28 ° C to stimulate the uterine contraction, which can cause premature birth.Between 2pm.If you have the following four cases, swimming is forbidden.1. For less than 4 months of pregnancy; 2. There is a history of abortion and premature birth; 3. Those with vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain; 4. Pregnancy hypertension syndrome, heart disease, etc.

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