More than 10 % of the pregnant women have depression symptoms

Guangzhou Daily News (All media reporters Zhou Jieying correspondent Li Xiaoshan and Xiao Chaoqun) Ten maternal mothers have one pregnant maternal depression.Emotion is "doing".In fact, the good mental health of pregnant women helps promote the physical and mental health of the baby, and promote the physical condition and natural delivery of pregnant women themselves.If the psychological problem of pregnant women is not intervened in time, it will cause a significant burden on women, family, health systems, and society, and even cause serious consequences.

At a women’s healthy -free clinic at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Southern Hospital and the Newborn Medical Care Team, Professor Wang Zhijian, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department and director of obstetrics and obstetrics of the Southern Hospital, accepted an interview with reporters and called on the society to pay attention to the psychological problems of women’s pregnancy.

More than 10 % of the pregnant maternal depression occur during pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy refers to depression that occurs throughout pregnancy and within 6 weeks after delivery.Wang Zhijian pointed out that pregnant and having children were originally a normal physiological process of women, but this process is also an important period for women to easily cause anxiety and depression. According to the different periods of the onset, it can be divided into prenatal depression and postpartum depression.In my country, the incidence of depression during pregnancy is 5.36%~ 11.09%.The cause of depression during pregnancy is not clear, which may be related to various factors such as biological, psychological, social environment, and hormone levels.

The "three lows" of emotions last more than 2 weeks to be vigilant

Wang Zhijian introduced that the common negative psychology during pregnancy has the following manifestations: irritability, bad mood, worrying about the healthy fetal development; depression, causing insomnia, anorexia, decreased performance, and plant nerve disorders.Do not care about the relationship between husband and wife; dependence, excessive dependence on husband or mother; irritability, loving temper, hormone and harmful chemical concentrations in the blood when angry, and through the "placenta barrier"If you often get angry a month, you may cause cleft palate and rabbit lips; worry, doubt, worry about radiation, worry about yourself, worry about your husband’s infidelity, and always doubtful; shy, afraid that others will see that you are pregnant, ashamed to appear in public places in public places; Anxiety, because of anxiety and fear of childbirth, restlessness.

When pregnant women appear "three lows", that is, symptoms such as low mood, loss of interest and pleasure, and loss of energy are prone to fatigue, it will relieve itself as depression within a week.The occurrence of depression.Some patients are not obvious in psychological conflict, but sleep disorders, such as insomnia or drowsiness, or changes in appetite, weight loss, no essence and fatigue, headache, dizziness, easy to cry, tears, etc.It is also an early manifestation of emotional depression.

Carry out psychological screening during pregnancy

Wang Zhijian said that depression during pregnancy is a preventable and controllable disease. If it is simply compared to a cold, depression is like pneumonia.Colds can be observed, drink plenty of water, and heal itself without treatment, and pneumonia needs professional medical staff for intervention and support treatment.There are many interventions and treatment methods. During the pregnancy period, early diagnosis and early treatment are very important, and the impact of medication on the baby should be reduced as much as possible.Therefore, in addition to the check -up on time, maternal women and family members can learn to identify themselves. When they find emotional abnormalities or sleep disorders, they should come over to the doctor in time. If necessary, follow the doctor’s instructions to intervene in drugs. The effect is also very good.

It is understood that since 2016, Southern Hospital’s obstetric team understands and helps maternal management from clinical and scientific research. In September 2020, the MDT team and "Maternal Maternal Health Care Clinic" were established in Southern 2020.Professional psychological support and treatment of maternal health screening and categorized maternal health and treatment according to the severity of the symptoms.For maternal maternal checks or emotional problems, you can hang out the outpatient expert number or the outpatient expert number of the births of the maternity department.

Wang Zhijian finally called for women to have a relatively sensitive body and psychology during the period of "the most difficult" period of life during pregnancy.Husband, more support and companionship.As a mother, we must also bear more in growth and transformation, learn to adjust emotions, ask for help in time, and care for yourself and your baby.

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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