More than half of the pregnancy, what happened to my physiology and psychology?


No one told me what happened to pregnancy.

But before one thing starts, we should know the problems we may face, and then make a decision for ourselves.


Girls who do not have children, everyone has their own personality, a chic life, and freedom and beauty, but they become mothers, but their images are unified, that is, "mother".Is the change of their children at the moment when the child was born?No, each day and night when they are pregnant, producing, and breeding are changes caused by countless days and nights. From the day of pregnancy, the girl will never return to the past.

Because the physique and the age of pregnancy are different, everyone’s reaction of pregnancy is not the same, so the process of some people is relatively easy, but the process of pregnancy is more painful, but there are some things that most people will encounter it.This article, born in my diary, mainly wants to talk about what changes have happened in pregnancy.

1. What did you go through your body?

1. Pregnancy

Everyone’s concept of pregnancy was first derived from the TV series. The heroine in the TV series suddenly ran to the bathroom, covering his mouth to retider, and then the friend or the elders around him exclaimed, "Oh, are you pregnant?"The impression I give me is that pregnancy is to vomit, and then it’s okay.

It is said that pregnancy vomiting is not a disease, but vomiting is vomiting, which is almost the same as the vomiting of acute gastroenteritis. Yes, it is the uncomfortable that you have vomited. The terrible thing is that the pregnancy vomiting is not vomiting once or several times. It may last for a month or two.Even a whole pregnancy.In a simple analogy, you can understand that you have a long -term acute gastroenteritis.

My pregnancy reaction should be medium -sized because there is no pathological dehydration.

I have been nauseous all -weather since 5 weeks, but I do n’t vomit. At that time, I was still working on work, because I could n’t sit still at the workshop. I had to turn myself into a “slipper family”.The windows are half an hour, so repeated.

Starting sickness in about 6 weeks, because of low progesterone, the doctor gave a threatened abortion and started to leave at home.The main feeling during this time is that the proportion of nausea is long, and the proportion of vomiting time is less. When nausea, the stomach has been "swinging up", and then spit it out at once.Nausea, he spit three or five times a day, at other times, either nausea or sleeping, and not comfortable.

At 8 to 9 weeks, this vomiting developed to what to eat and vomiting, the fundamental number is unclear, and because there is no appetite, I ca n’t eat meals, my body feels the most uncomfortable, because it ’s too weak, I ca n’t go to the hospital for an emergency department. ThenWhen people can’t stand up, they have to take a wheelchair.

After 10 weeks, the pregnancy vomiting was slightly relieved. After 12 weeks, it was significantly reduced. Occasionally, after 18 weeks, it would vomit once or twice. Basically, it did not have much impact.

2. frequent urination

In fact, the earliest response in the early pregnancy was frequent urination, but compared with the pregnancy, the frequent urination was not so uncomfortable.It doesn’t matter during the day, the biggest impact is that he can’t sleep at night.When you have just started to urinate frequently, because the biological clock has not been adjusted, it is painful every time you wake up, but you may wake up twice at night when you are in the second trimester, and you wake up 3 times occasionally.Don’t be tangled when you wake up, it is easy to fall asleep.I appreciated the scenery of many nights.

3. Sleamed

Because there are a lot of sleeping people, I feel that my sleep needs are more than before pregnancy, but I do n’t have the kind of serious sleep at any time. Basically, I will sleep more than half an hour at noon.

4. Fatigue

The fatigue of unknown reasons will cause the mood to become worse, afraid of heat, can’t walk away, take half an hour to rest several times, and the physical function needs to be recovered slowly. I once thought that the second trimester would walk like flying. Now it seems to still see it.It did not reach this stage.

Speaking of fatigue, fatigue may also be related to the lack of nutrition. Iron deficiency ischemia is found to be detected in pregnancy. It is necessary to buy anemia stage. You can have been replenishing blood recently.Recently, because of cramps, I found that I was a bit lacking in calcium, so even calcium was eaten together.

5. Other embarrassing changes

For example, the belly becomes larger, bigger, melanin precipitation, more secretions, leakage, odor, etc., which are less impact, but it is very annoying.

2. What have you experienced psychologically?

Even in the face of the same thing, the psychological conditions of different people will be different.Coupled with different reactions during pregnancy, everyone’s psychology is naturally different.

For me, it is very difficult in the early pregnancy. There are mainly psychological feelings from three aspects. First, unexpected pregnancy brings more psychological anxiety, and the impact on work and personal plans is relatively large.The outflow of funds also brings pressure and concerns about the economy. Third, the pregnancy is severe, the sense of loss caused by physical disability, and the despair of when the pregnancy can end.

During the pregnancy, the whole person is disabled, the person needs to take care of, the social operation is also out of control, and nothing can be done.But when this time has passed, slowly as the body improves, you can do something, and your mood will begin to change.

After taking the road to pregnancy, people became more vulnerable, but they also had more tolerance and more toughness. They looked at many things that were troubled.

Many things, I ca n’t take care of it. I used to feel that I was strong and felt that I had enough ability to protect my family, but the disability during pregnancy brought me a great blow.I didn’t care much about the building, grandma, and didn’t care much.When I went home a few days ago, my physical condition was better. I took a bath for my grandma, washed her clothes, and felt sorry for her.Finding ups and downs, walking all the way, the person who paid the most for you will always be rewarded, and the return is not enough.Those who owe you are often waiting for you to pay more.Therefore, I found that human feelings cannot be careless, and pay all to look at my heart.

Sometimes it is inevitable that I do n’t want to do well, but I really do n’t want to blame myself anymore. Now, for me, just go through, and when the child is born, work hard to welcome a new wave of challenges.

With the improvement of the body, the mood is also getting better. No matter when, we must adjust our mood well, and live every day, enjoy the time that will no longer come back in the past.

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