Most people do not know: induction of labor and abortion is not the same thing

"Doctor, I’m pregnant! I want to have a miscarriage, please help me arrange it!

"Have you checked? Are you sure you are pregnant?" Dr. Liu Jianhong replied.

"I haven’t done any medical examination, but it’s definitely pregnant. The symptoms are exactly the same as when I am pregnant with the first child."

"When is the last time the holiday is?" Dr. Liu Jianhong continued.

"It should be December this year, and it happened at that time."

"For this calculation, your child is afraid of more than 14 weeks, it is best to stay. If you do n’t need it, you need to induce labor, and you can get a certificate of the community before you can do it!! "This scene happened in the family planning clinic of Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The female patient in the above case knew that she was pregnant, but did not come to the hospital for the first time.After determining that you do not want a child, you do not come to the hospital early, and you must choose to induce labor.Today we talk about the difference between people and induction of labor.

1. Differences at surgery time: It is called early pregnancy within 12 weeks of pregnancy. The surgery of termination of pregnancy in artificial methods is the abortion surgery we all know. This is also the first choice for accidental pregnancy women.However, the subsequent fetal continues to develop. By 14 weeks to 27+6 weeks, this time period is called mid -term pregnancy. At this time, the placenta has been formed, and the fetal development is also large.Many mothers can only choose to induce labor in advanced stages due to their condition that they cannot produce in the third trimester of pregnancy.

2. The difference between surgical methods: abortion surgery has basically popularized painless methods. Based on intravenous injection of systemic anesthesia, it is taken out of the body through artificial surgery.The patient went to bed in 30 seconds, and completed the operation for five minutes without consciousness.The induction of production surgery is to artificially intervene in advance to end the fetal life in the palace, and then use the shrinkage drug to promote the shrinkage of the uterus and discharge the fetus from the in vitro.Compared with painless abortion surgery technology, it is necessary to choose a regular gynecological hospital to induce labor, so that women’s health is more guaranteed.

3. The difference between the cost of surgery: The abortion surgery is generally small in the early 12 weeks of pregnancy, and the pregnancy sac can be easily removed without expanding the cervix.Low.

Due to the formation of placenta, the fetus is large, and it is higher during surgery. The technologies involved are more than the flow of people, and the natural corresponding costs begin to rise.

4. Differences on the influence on women: The surgery to be induced by labor is very complicated, the risk is also very large, and the damage to the uterus is even more serious.Even if the labor is successful, pregnant mothers must rest for 1 month to recover.Compared with induction of labor, abortion has less damage to women, fast surgery, and short recovery time.

Therefore, if you are an unexpected female friend, you must terminate your pregnancy in time to avoid missing the best time.Causes more serious damage to the body.

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Correspondent: Wang Zhen

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