Mother -in -law does not turn on the air conditioner and causes 20 weeks to live in the ICU.

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Recently, the temperature in various places has soared and hot.

For this high -temperature weather, for pregnant women and mothers who are afraid of heat, the air conditioner is really a renewal artifact, which is completely inseparable.

But in this case, some people do not let pregnant women turn on air conditioners.

Recently, there is a hot search news: Mother -in -law does not turn on the air conditioner to cause pregnant women to send a heat stroke.

The incident happened in Guangdong. The temperature reached 38 degrees that day, but a mother -in -law did not turn on the air conditioner for the daughter -in -law with her pregnancy in order to save money.

According to the pregnant mother, she suddenly fainted, could not breathe, urinates incontinence, she was sweaty, her body temperature reached 40 degrees, and ICU was sent directly to rescue.

The doctor said: Children almost can’t hold it!

Fortunately, the rescue was timely, and there was no more serious consequences. The pregnant mother said: Now when you think about it, you will be afraid of being discharged.

Many elders’ thoughts are indeed deep -rooted. I feel that turning on air conditioning can cause air conditioning diseases. If the air conditioner is too much money, you can carry it.

However, pregnant women are really hot, and many netizens have made reminders:

"Almost two lives, entering the hospital cost more than opening air conditioning, and fortunately rescued."

"After giving birth to a child 32 degrees, the mother -in -law did not open the air conditioner, but the child was hot."

"Pregnant women are afraid of heat, it is really difficult to open the air conditioner."

"Pregnant women are really afraid of heat, sweat when they don’t move, and they have to wait until the heat stroke is not sober."

Yes, it is very dangerous to not turn on the air conditioner in high temperature weather. It is very dangerous.

Do not let pregnant women and mothers blow air conditioning

It really hurts her

In the summer, you can always hear people thinking:

Pregnant women cannot blow the air conditioner, they can get air -conditioning, have a cold, and have a headache …

The mother can not blow the air conditioner. I will have confinement disease. I regret it when I grow old …

But for pregnant women and mothers, it is really hot, and the baby is even more hot.

There is a friend who was born in the pregnant mother in May. The weather in more than 30 degrees, and there is a steamer in the high -rise room.

In this case, her mother -in -law did not let the air conditioner open. She was so hot that her clothes were soaked, and her baby was so hot that her hair was wet.

Watching the baby hot, she turned on the air conditioner. As a result, her mother -in -law’s face collapsed. The posture was really just a knife, and she said in her mouth: The child just wanted her to get hot.

Female star Madina also encountered this problem during the confinement period. Her mother -in -law was distressed that her baby was injured, so she wanted her to take a good confinement.

I was afraid that she would not let her and her baby blow air conditioner.

As a result, the baby was so uncomfortable, crying, and he was so hot that she had been hot. In this case, her mother -in -law compromised, so that Madina was confinement and take care of the baby in her own way.

Really, don’t let pregnant women and mothers get hot, the hot disease will really be terrible.

When a woman in Shandong was in confinement, she did not open the fan, air conditioner, wearing long -sleeved trousers, and covered the quilt. As a result, severe heat stroke caused armal irritation. The maternal temperature was as high as 40 degrees when she was sent to the hospital, and eventually died.

A mother in Shanghai covered the confinement because of the high temperature sky without turning on the air conditioner. As a result, because of severe heat stroke, the body temperature exceeded 42 ° C when she was sent to the hospital, and the rescue died invalid.

As long as the method is used, pregnant women and mothers can also blow air conditioners.

Pregnant women and mothers are really hot

The hot disease is really life -threatening

Once again, pregnant women and mothers are really hot.

For pregnant women:

Because of the increased physiological load, pregnant mothers have increased metabolism, which increases the heat production of the body.

And the thickening of subcutaneous fat is not conducive to the physiological balance of heat production and heat dissipation.

If the environment is hot and not ventilated, it is prone to heatstroke.

Pregnant women are the "susceptible" crowd of fever.

For the mother:

After giving birth to a child, he is weak and easy to sweat.

If the environment is too hot, it will affect emotions and appetite.

No matter how strict the focus, it will also heat up of heat, causing cycle failure and nerve functional damage.

Don’t underestimate the dangers of heat stroke.

No matter what level of heat stroke is, it is very dangerous for pregnant women.

Symptoms of threatening heat stroke: dizziness, dazzling, tinnitus, nausea, chest tightness, palpitations, weakness, thirst, sweat, inconsistency, numbness of limbs, etc. If pregnant women suddenly faint, it is very dangerous.

Symptoms of light stroke: In addition to the symptoms of threatened heat stroke, there will also be red, large sweats, rapid pulse beating, high fever (above 38.5 ° C), high fever is very dangerous for the fetus.

Severe heat stroke: includes three types: fever, heat spasm and heat failure.

Note: Severe heat stroke cannot be completely cured, just like cooking eggs and then cooling down and cannot be changed back to the eggs. The heat stroke will leave irreversible damage to the brain, or even death.

For example, fever, fever is the most dangerous and serious heat stroke, which will lead to systemic problems such as central nervous system, muscle tissue, coagulation function, liver and kidney function, respiratory function, cardiovascular function, etc., which can easily cause multi -organFailure has a high mortality rate.

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Elderly people, children, maternals, etc., are "susceptible" of thermal ejection disease.

So don’t let the pregnant woman carry it. As long as the method is correct, there is no problem with the air conditioner of the pregnant woman.

The correct posture of pregnant women and mothers blowing air conditioners

Do 4 o’clock, cool down the heat

At that time, the air conditioner was definitely a life -saving benefactor, but a weapon for the summer heat.

As long as the air conditioning is correct, the pregnant mother and the new mother after giving birth are really not a problem.

First: Don’t blow directly on air conditioners

● You can stick a piece of paper or buy an air -conditioned windshield. You can wear lightweight pantyhose. Do not need too thick. The temperature of the air conditioner is generally controlled at about 26 ° C.

● Let the cold air blow up, so that the cold air can circulate from top to bottom, and the cooling effect can also prevent the cold wind from blowing.

● Children, elderly, pregnant women and other people with low immunity should pay attention to this.

Second: The air conditioner should be cleaned regularly

● The maintenance of air conditioners should be carried out twice a year, and professional people are requested to clean it, especially from spring to summer, summer to winter, be sure to clean the air conditioner before turning on.

● It is important to check the air filter at least once a month and replace it as needed.

● Simple filter and the camera are cleaned once a month. Take it down and rinse it with water or air -conditioning washing agent, and then wipe the shell and fan clean.

Third: open air conditioners to ventilate regularly

● With less than 4 hours as the boundary, for 4 hours, you need to open the window to discharge the indoor air for about 20-30 minutes.

● After going home, turn on the air conditioner when opening the window. After waiting for 5-10 minutes, make sure that the dirt on the air conditioner is discharged outdoors and then close the window to reduce the harmful gas residue of the room.

● The humidity is also very important. Blowing the air conditioner for a long time, the indoor air is easy to dry. You can put a humidifier in the air -conditioned room and keep the humidity of the air at about 50%.

● You can open a small seam away from a window away from the air conditioner, which can also ensure that the indoor air flows. It is best to breathe once before going to bed at night.

Fourth: The temperature of the air conditioner should be stable

● Control the temperature of the house at about 24-26 ° C. This temperature is the most comfortable temperature.

● Remember a temperature difference, that is, the temperature difference between the air -conditioning room and the outside world. It must be controlled at 7 ° C. If the outdoor temperature is 35 degrees, the temperature of the air -conditioned room should be 28 degrees.

Fifth: Don’t turn on the air conditioner immediately after sweating a lot

● After you are sweating for 10 minutes, turn on the air conditioner, then wipe the sweat with a dry towel, put on dry clothes, and don’t rush to cool it with air conditioning.

● Before going out, turn off the air conditioner 30 minutes in advance. At the same time, open the door to circulate the air, so that the outdoor temperature difference will not be too large, and the body will be easier to accept.

As long as you pay attention to these, air conditioning is definitely a good partner of summer, and the summer weapon.

In the end, the pregnant mother wants to say: pregnant women and maternals are very afraid of heat, so how comfortable them can come, no one cares more about their bodies and babies than them.

In hot weather, air conditioning and fan can really help!

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“Do not turn on the air conditioner to cause the pregnant woman to heat the heat for the hospital”

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