Moxibustion is particularly good for women!But in the case of this situation, you must not do it

Moxibustion is a unique health care method of traditional Chinese medicine. In the summer, moxibustion can be wet and nourished, and the benefits of "winter diseases and summer treatment" can be harvested.Moxibustion in autumn and winter is like "sending charcoal in the snow", which helps the human body to warm the cold and cold, and promote blood circulation.Moxibustion is for women, or "send Zizi Guanyin"!Many elderly women have difficulty in pregnancy because of Gong Han’s pregnancy, even if they are in their arms, they finally insist on moxibustion and moxibustion.

Little moxibustion effect is magical

Moxibustion, with the power of wormwood and thermal energy of moxibustion fire, has a benign stimulus in the corresponding degree of the human body, thereby achieving the purpose of treatment.Deng Cong, deputy director of the TCM family of the Nansha Branch of Guangzhou First People’s Hospital, introduced that moxibustion has at least the following three major effects.

Efficacy 1: Because moxibustion has the effects of warming meridians and dispersing cold, Fuyang and solidarity, so for cold and damp pain, gastric pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysentery, etc. caused by cold and wickedThe enuresis, prolapse, yin, leakage, lowering, phlegm drinks and other diseases caused by yang qi have good effects;

Efficacy 2: Moxibustion has the effect of moving qi and blood circulation, eliminating stasis and dispersion, and is often used to regulate the diseases of qi and blood stagnation, such as the beginning of the dairy, 瘰疬, tumor and other diseases;

Efficacy three: Moxibustion has a good disease prevention and health effect. Without the disease to do moxibustion, it can stimulate the righteousness inside the human body, enhance the ability of resistance to disease, make people energetic, and extend life.The ancients used moxibustion to keep their health.

Frequent moxibustion 6 points for you to be longevity and peaceful

Whether you are suitable for moxibustion

Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation. Although moxibustion is good, it also needs to be distinguished.Are you suitable for moxibustion?

1. Moxibustion suitable crowd

Moxibustion is Wenyang Tongluo, which is mainly suitable for cold constitution, or cold evil causes pain.These people are characterized by insufficient firepower, chills and fear of cold, cold hands and feet, easy fatigue, mental weakness, stiffness of muscles and joint pain, dysmenorrhea, and delay of menstruation.

2. This situation cannot be made of moxibustion

Physical identification suggests that you are yin deficiency and constitution, it is not suitable for moxibustion.Yin deficiency will burn the yin, resulting in deficiency and deficiency, and the moxibustion is equivalent to pouring fuel on the fire.

In contrast, there are no these symptoms, you know if you are yin deficiency: dry mouth, stabilization, short urine, dry stool, hot stool, night sweats, five upset fever, red tongue and moss should not be moxibustion.

In addition, keep moxibustion in mind "three inappropriate", do not make mistakes:

Unsuitable: mental stress, sweating, exhaustion or empty stomach, too full of eating, not moxibustion.

Two inappropriate: Moxibustion can be used under the guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners after pregnancy, but pregnant women should not moxibustion the lumbosacral and abdomen.

Third inappropriate: Moxibustion of facial acupoints, nipples, large blood vessels, etc. Pay attention to the temperature, and it is not advisable to use direct moxibustion to avoid scarred scars.

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