Must -see men and women!These things you don’t know!Is your baby healthy?

The continuation of life was originally a natural thing, and it was also a pleasing thing.However, for various reasons, the age of pregnancy becomes a stalk that many people can’t live!Today, the polarization occurs in pregnancy. Young is young. At the age of 13, he starts to get pregnant and have children. It is really a child to have children!Some people have to wait until the age of 30 to 40 to start planning children, such as our pregnant mother Lin Xinru!However, what harm will the mother and child be the baby in the unsuitable age?

Best pregnancy age

Generally, women are promoted to have births at the age of 24 to 30, and do not exceed 35 years old.But this does not mean that the husband’s fertility age does not need to be considered.According to statistics, her husband is 55 years old. Even if his wife is under 35 years old, children who are prone to congenital dementia due to increased sperm disturbance.The opportunity for male fertility malformations over 40 years of age can be as high as 6 %., 20 % higher than men under 40.Although late marriage and late childbearing should be advocated, elderly fertility is not conducive to eugenics.Therefore, the majority of couples of childbearing age should conceive in general to benefit future generations.

Avoid premature fertility

Although women develop their bodies to a certain extent when they are about 20 years old, they have not reached a complete maturity.As far as bones are concerned, the calcification of all bones is generally 23 years old.If you get married and give birth prematurely, the maternal body that is under development needs more nutrients, it is difficult to provide a large amount of nutrients required for fetal growth and development in time, such as protein, sugars, vitamins, inorganic salts, etc.This will not only cause osteoporosis and muscle strain of the mother, but also directly affect the physical and intellectual development of the fetus.According to statistics, among young mothers under the age of 20, congenital malformations and low -weight children’s incidence is higher.Early childbirth is likely to be difficult to produce due to insufficient relaxation of the pelvic ligament of the mother, coupled with mental tension and lack of production power, and the mortality rate of newborns will increase.

Young men and women are around 20 years old, and brain development is in the process of gradually complexity.At this time, marriage, on the one hand, because the inhibitory ability of the cerebral cortex is not yet complete, it is not easy to control excessive sexual impulses, which may affect health; on the other hand, excessive sexual life may also affect the activity of the cerebral cortex and the development of the brain, and the development of intellectual development.Disadvantages, affecting learning and work.

For those who get married earlier, the possibility of early fertility is relatively large.Statistics show that the occurrence of some gynecological diseases is related to premature fertility.The incidence of cervical cancer in women who marry, prematurely, and multiple births is several times higher than the incidence of women who are married and have less fertility.

Avoid too late fertility

The malformation rate of children over 35 years of age has increased significantly, such as: the probability of congenital dementia babies increased from 0.07 % before the age of 30 to 0.4 % to 2 %;Increased by 30 % to 50 % before.In addition, it is easy to cause dystocia during childbirth.

The probability of dyeing the dye in the elderly is high. At the same time, the father can also cause fetal chromosomal abnormalities and genetic mutations.Men have more than 40 years old, and the probability of dementia is significantly increased.Moreover, every 5 years old in the age of the father, the probability of the newborn chromosome abnormalities increases by 1 %.

Single -gene mutating diseases related to father’s old age can be divided into three categories:

High -correlation: Including cartilage development, dwarf, osteomyusalitis, Ma Fan’s syndrome, pointed and pointed five types of deformities.

Relatedness: includes 3 types of retinal maternal celloma, neurofibroma, and nodular sclerosis.

Ryreal association: Including type A hemophilia, Lessi Nahan syndrome, and Dukenosus atrophy, these three diseases are related to the high fertility age of foreign grandfather.

Best pregnancy season

Scientific research shows that the appropriate pregnancy time is also an important factor in breeding healthy babies.So, which month is the best pregnancy? Studies have found that sperm is the strongest in autumn.From July to September, the climate is relatively comfortable. The incidence of epidemic virus infection such as rubella, flu, and streaming brain is relatively low. After the springs that are rapidly breed through various viruses, expectant mothers have suffered enough "strong" and are not easy to infectDiseases can provide fetal baby a safer internal environment.For example, when I was pregnant in July, after about 3 months of pregnancy, it was at the time of autumn, vegetables and fruits.At this point: Pregnant mothers can have a planned nutrition and conditioning diet, which is conducive to the development of baby.

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