My brother -in -law was pregnant with a second child, and for this reason, we made a big divorce, but the words of my mother -in -law made me cry.

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My husband and I have been married for 7 years, and have a 6 -year -old daughter.Recently, my husband and I have a rigid relationship because my brother -in -law has a second child, but he always goes diligently, which makes me very angry, and suspect that he and your brother -in -law are just.To this end, I made a big divorce with him.However, he did not expect that his explanation made me embarrassed.

This is the case.Just after the Spring Festival this year, my daughter -in -law felt unwell, and then my mother -in -law and I took her to the hospital for examination and found that the brother -in -law was pregnant.My daughter -in -law is the second child.She and her brother had a 4 -year -old daughter before.Because my brother and daughter -in -law were born with daughters, my father -in -law had an opinion. Now, my daughter -in -law is pregnant with a second child, and the family members are looking forward to being a boy.

When the whole family knew that her brother -in -law was pregnant, she regarded her as ancestors as ancestors, and directly let her resign at home to raise her fetus at home. My mother -in -law was also delicious and delicious every day.The father -in -law buy it for my brother -in -law.This really made me jealous. When I was pregnant, my mother -in -law was not so careful about me.At that time, I deliberately invited my mother to take care of me.And my mother did not go back until the child was three months.During this period, my mother -in -law rarely came to take care of me and my children.

However, my daughter -in -law’s second child is also happy and worthy of celebration.But to my troubles, my husband always went to his brother -in -law’s family to dedicate diligence, and he was specially picked up when he was not at home.It was because of this that my husband was suspected of being unfaithful to me, and even more doubted that the children in the belly of my brother and daughter -in -law were her and my husband.The more I thought, the more I felt uncomfortable, the more I felt aggrieved, and I couldn’t swallow it.

When my husband stewed his wife and daughter -in -law, I finally couldn’t help the anger of my heart. At that time, I directly overturned my husband’s daughter -in -law to the ground, and then cried with my husband to divorce.At that time, where would I listen to my husband’s explanation when I was anxious. I didn’t wait for him to speak, and I went up to give them a slap, scolded him shameless, and engaged in my brother’s daughter -in -law.After speaking, I returned to my mother’s house without looking back.

I lived in my mother’s house for a week. During this time, my husband had called a dozen phone calls, but I didn’t answer it.I was so angry that I felt wronged.Think about it at the time that I was really confused and cheap.Gu visit myself, but I don’t care about my daughter.Leave the child crying at home.Isn’t it all like this? When you are ignorant, your mind will not turn around at all. I am such a stupid woman.

Later, my mother -in -law knew that my husband and I were in conflict. In addition, the child was not picking up to school for more than a week, and her husband was too busy to work.So I said my divorce to my mother -in -law.After listening, the mother -in -law also sighed, and blamed that her husband should not hide it from me.At that time, my husband was really angry, but I didn’t want to see him.But in his heart, he still hoped that he could apologize.Alas, are women so cheap?

Later, my mother -in -law came to my mother’s house to pick me up, and then explained the original intention of my husband.She said that her husband and brother and daughter -in -law could not happen at all. The daughter -in -law and daughter -in -law were under the eyes of her eyelids every day, and her brother -in -law was not the woman who was not the same. She was loyal to her uncle.The reason why my husband went to dedicate diligence is mainly because he wanted to teach the second child with his brother and daughter -in -law, and then he said that I would have a second child as much as possible.

Although her husband is not the only seedlings at home, the traditional thoughts of the older generation are after all, and they always want a son.Even if the second child was a daughter, he recognized it.But there is no trial.For this, her husband went to the family and daughter -in -law’s house, and asked about the psychology of his brother -in -law’s second child. He also asked her how to talk about me.When my mother -in -law said these words, I kept looking down and sighed. I also felt that I was wronged with my husband and felt ashamed.

My mother -in -law took my hand and said, "Old everyone, don’t blame your mother’s reality, or the mother who is a male and female, the idea of being an old man. Although her daughter is also born, she can marry sooner or later.At the time of old, no one cares about it. Who can not worry? Maybe I am old, you think I am stubborn, but if you think about it in other placesUnderstand my boss. Do you know what unit is it? Everyone is fighting for comparison every day. Today, who daughter -in -law has a son, and the daughter -in -law will have a son tomorrow, and he is not a taste in his heart.I just care about myself, but the days can’t be? "

After my mother -in -law finished these words, my heart was sour and astringent, and tears couldn’t stop flowing.

"Older everyone, how many years do you think about how many years you have been married with our boss? Have he done something that is sorry for you? Isn’t it me who praised my son? Sometimes I think she is too coquettish to you. Only this makes it make me make me.You almost forgot that he is your husband, not your slave, let you bully. The couple, what is there, noisy, but at least learn to give the other person an opportunity to explain. You are angry and run directly to your mother’s houseHere, the boss wipes his granddaughter at home every day, and you don’t know that he is wronged? "

After speaking, my mother -in -law reached out the tears on my face, "Go, pack up and go home with me. I will help you talk about the boss. If you ca n’t boring you in the future, you must say it."

Xiao Bei’s words:

The quarrel between husband and wife is not a taboo for marriage. The biggest taboo is that there are contradictions between husband and wife, and do not give each other an opportunity to explain.Therefore, if you have contradictions with your lover in the future, you can quarrel, but learn to give TA an opportunity to explain!

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