My daughter -in -law does not want to have a second child when I am 28 years old.

With the liberalization of the second child and three -child policy, many parents of the only family hope that their children can have more children. Regardless of whether boys and girls, two or three are better than one.

However, this is different from the past, we used to have a few more, but we can’t give birth; but now the young children can have a lot of life, but they don’t want to give birth. Many are to complete the task.Essence

For this reason, many parents also tried their best to urge the second child and three babies.Although the departure point of parents is good, it is really not possible to solve the problem if you have a second child., Burning the burden, etc., otherwise it will only be counterproductive.

The 28 -year -old daughter -in -law’s 28 -year -old daughter -in -law of the 62 -year -old Tong’s house did not want to have a second child after giving birth to a granddaughter. No matter how the elderly persuaded, she even knew her husband’s third -generation single biography, and she was not active.In the end, Uncle Tong chose to take back the wedding room bought to his son and daughter -in -law. He wanted to force his daughter -in -law to have a baby. As a result, he did not expect that his daughter -in -law’s approach was harder than him.

After experiencing the regret brought by the only child, everyone wants to have a few more in the next generation.However, the children of some people are very obedient and have several babies in my life, but my daughter -in -law is not so good. After getting married for many years, I do n’t want to have a child.

My wife and I were all units. After giving birth to a son, I couldn’t have a second child. I wanted to steal it. As a result, my wife was found as soon as she was pregnant. In order to keep the work, I could only choose to give up.

The generation of our sons is the three generations, so the whole family has protected his son as a baby, and he has never given him suffering from suffering since he was a child.

Give him the best school, and satisfy him to eat, drink and wear.When we grow up, we work for our help; when we get married, the wedding row is bought by us all; we have a child, and we help bring it.

It was so good to his son, but he and his daughter -in -law disappointed our husband and wife.

In fact, it is not a son’s fault. To blame it is still a strange daughter -in -law.My son fell in love with daughter -in -law at the age of 20. At that time, we all valued this daughter -in -law. They got married after more than 3 years.

In order to give young people a relaxed family, the four of our old people prepared a wedding room for them early.Also say it, the young people are just giving birth to a baby, and the children are given to us after birth. When they were not born at the beginning, they both said that they agreed very well.

When the daughter -in -law was 5 months pregnant, we let her go home directly for her to have a baby to raise a baby.My wife happened to retire, so I took care of my daughter -in -law.Her wife served her as a princess.

In addition, my wife also retired all the retirement splendid on her daughter -in -law, and she raised it every day. The daughter -in -law was 105 pounds before pregnancy.For the smooth production of daughter -in -law, we went to the best maternal and child hospital in the city, and also invited nursing staff. From property to confinement, two people were serving her and children.

The daughter -in -law gave birth to a granddaughter. Although she was a girl, we still rewarded the daughter -in -law of 10,000 yuan, and she did not let her go to work immediately after giving birth. After resting at home for more than half a year, she asked her to go back to work.

At the stage of no work in the middle, we did not treat her at a loss. I also took out 1,000 yuan to Zero for her every month. As long as she wanted to open my mouth, we would take the initiative to buy it.When we take care of daughter -in -law, it can be said that many families cannot be compared.

When the granddaughter was 2 years old, we really wanted to regenerate a grandson in daughter -in -law. After all, our three generations of single transmission, but we can’t just do this.

However, they did n’t move. They lived very chic every day. Except for the regular work, they were crazy after work. They either eat outside or singing and drinking.

In order to raise a second child in their bodies, my wife and I also persuaded and persuaded.But they just didn’t listen. Instead, I said that I was too strict, and we said that we didn’t understand life.In order not to affect family harmony, we are not good at being so tight. We feel that they are still young. In a year or two, we should understand our good intentions.

However, when the granddaughter was 4 years old, she did not have a plan to regenerate her daughter -in -law, and still drinking and singing at night and night.We are not good at talking about daughter -in -law, so my wife and I urged my son to ask for another, but the son said that his daughter -in -law did not want to give birth, and even helped his daughter -in -law to speak, saying that there was a child to raise a child and tiring the child. He didn’t want it anymore.Anyway, a daughter is good.

I cried with my son to complain about the bitterness of many only children, and also said that the dilemma of the single pass at home. The son is still a little filial and said that he can understand us, but he can’t say that his daughter -in -law.

Seeing that my son is so embarrassed, as a man, I also know that this kind of thing to obey my parents without hurting the harmony of the husband and wife is really difficult to do.Therefore, we did not do the work of our son again. After all, the baby was mainly depending on the wishes of the daughter -in -law. The son was willing to have a daughter -in -law but did not want to, and there was no way.

As a result, we threw the center of gravity to the daughter -in -law.In order to do a good job in the work of daughter -in -law, we gave her a lot of sweets first, maybe many of her benefits.

First, I gave her money to travel, and then I borrowed her son’s mouth, bought her some jewelry, and finally told her privately that if we regenerate the grandson, we would buy her a car.

I thought that the daughter -in -law would obey our rebirth under our "temptation".As a result, after the birth of the work several times, the daughter -in -law was very disgusted with us, saying that she didn’t want to give birth, and told us not to urge it anymore.

Every time we said, she was angry for several days, and this gradually made our temper come up.

In the past, we wanted to have life and not be able to give birth. Now they can give birth, they can be born, but they don’t want to give birth.And even if we are a grandparents, we are willing to pay for the money and help them raise their baby to make up for life. I don’t want to give birth. I change to my parents of other families. I think I will have a temper.

Last year, the two husbands and wives had not moved for more than two months at home. No matter how the two husbands and wives were nagging, they still did not want to give birth.And I am 60, my daughter -in -law is not born, when can I hold my grandson and continue the incense for our Tong family?

For this reason, I couldn’t help it anymore and argued with my son and daughter -in -law.I was a first -time and then made a table, told them to come back to eat, and cried from them and told them the situation at home. They begged them to have a grandson to come out. This is also good for us to rest assured.

Who knows the daughter -in -law, but what should I do if the girl is still the girl? "

I said, "Then regenerate one. Anyway, there is no pressure to raise a baby in our family. My mother and I have pensions. It is okay to help you raise three children!"

The daughter -in -law rolled us with a white eyes and said, "Still born? Meaning not to give birth to a grandson, don’t stop? What do you treat me?"

My wife secretly squeezed me, and then told her daughter -in -law: "It is not easy for a woman to have a baby, and I know, but you just regenerate one. We will accept it, no matter the boy and the girl, we will not give birth after giving birth.? "

I thought I made a concession, and I would let my daughter -in -law accept it, but who knows that my daughter -in -law complains with me:

"One I don’t want to give birth. In order to have a daughter, I am pregnant for three years. I do n’t say anything about the whole person., Indeed, you will help me, but how long can you help us? In a few years, you are also old and you must not become us to raise you! "

Daughter -in -law said a bunch, so that my wife and me were angry and nothing to say.Everything is prepared for them. We buy the house car for money, and the children are basically we pay for it. How can I ask her to give birth to one more?

Looking at the children of many colleagues and friends around them, they have a second child and three babies, especially the old neighbors. Their conditions are not as good as our family, but their daughter can continue the incense in order to help their parents.The third child took a grandson with his mother’s surname.Why is my daughter -in -law, but that’s it?

I couldn’t think of it. The more I wanted to get angry, and later, a friend told me that it was useless to urge him. It was better to force it directly and broke their stickers. He also said that his daughter -in -law had a second child.

Although it was a bit bad, it was also for my grandson and my wife.Finding his son and daughter -in -law said that if we do n’t give us a grandson in the past few years, we will take back the wedding room. We will not raise the granddaughter, tell them to take the children back and rent a house ourselves.

Because the wedding room is the name of our two couples and sons, we just have the right.I thought that such a threat, always enjoying the daughter -in -law, would succumb to obediently obedient, who knew her approach was more ruthless than me.

After a few days with her daughter -in -law, her daughter -in -law had a temper, really picking up her granddaughter, and packed her luggage, moved to her mother’s house to live.The son also fired with us, saying that if we were tossed, his wife was separated, and he would not recognize my parents.

Later, the son also packed his luggage and went to the daughter -in -law’s house together. Such a living is more than 4 months, whether it is Qingming, May Day, or the recent Dragon Boat Festival holiday, they did not return.

When they resist, I don’t bow my head. I have always followed them, listening to them, and preparing everything for them. What do you want money to give money? Now I will never yield.If I yield, they will only be more arrogant in the future.

In the past few days, those relatives and friends have said that the practice of our husband and wife is too extreme. The son -in -law and daughter -in -law do not have children, and they cannot be forced like this.I also said that my daughter -in -law was too young and only 28 years old. When she was 30 years old, she would slowly understand it as a parent’s heart.

I also say that we can’t do this to her daughter. It is not important to have grandson. Family harmony is a blessing.But I asked my daughter -in -law to have a more life, not all for their future, just a daughter, and they would marry in the future. The two husbands and wives must not be lonely?

And our three generations single biography, is it going to be like this?I think I am right. The wrong thing is that they follow them too much to raise their son -in -law who has such a selfish and have no family concept.

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