My girlfriend is pregnant, my husband’s


"Husband, have you been out of get off work? I’m …" Li Qian hadn’t finished talking, and the side of the phone was impatient.

"I’m still working overtime. I will go back later, and I will hang up first!" Zhang Liang’s words were hung up as soon as the phone was dropped!

Li Qian looked at the chicken soup in her hand, and still decided to go up to surprise Zhang Liang!

But who knew that as soon as he walked downstairs, he was stopped by the security guard, saying that there was no one in the company!

Li Qian naturally didn’t believe it. She told the security guard that her husband was still working overtime. She came to send chicken soup.

But the security guard pointed to the upstairs and said, "Look at it yourself, the paint upstairs is dark, anyone who works overtime, hurry up!"

Following the direction of the security finger, Li Qian did not see a little light!

She dialed Zhang Liang’s phone again, but was hung again, and she had closed the machine again!

Reason tells her not to think about it, but I intuitively told her that there are people in Zhang Liang!

Otherwise, why did he lie!

In the past, Zhang Liang did not have no class, but Li Qian never thought about it. He always felt that Zhang Liang was struggling for their little family, but now it seems that there are many cat greasy!

But if she is tired, what should she do?One cry, two troubles?

No, she was not a woman like that. She was also the goddess in the eyes of everyone, and she was caught up by Zhang Liang’s death.

She has her pride.

And now her most important task is to see if Zhang Liang is really derailed, but also to see the degree of derailment to judge whether this marriage can be asked!


It is said that the woman in love is a fool, but once a little bit of smell, she will become Holmes, and Li Qian is certainly no exception!

After returning home, she replaced Zhang Liang down, and the clothes that had not had time to clean up had been turned over and over, but there was no smell of smoke on it, let alone those perfume and femininity!

She calmed down at this time, thinking whether she misunderstood itself!

Did Zhang Liang just go out and play with the brothers, but are afraid of her, so she lied?

Suddenly Li Qian’s thoughts flashed in her mind, letting her find out the flaws!

Zhang Liang has always been cigarettes. Li Qian said before and made him draw less, but instead of listening, he was even more diligent.

In his words, both of them decided to have Dink, and did not want children, and what did the relationship between smoking and drinking.

In a word, Li Qian was dumbly speechless.

It’s just that Zhang Liang is also a little bit somewhat. He never smoked at home. Most of them were drawn downstairs after dinner.

Li Qian couldn’t smell the smell of smoke, so she never went out with Zhang Liang.

I didn’t think there was anything before. Now think about it, where did Zhang Liang go out every night?Another question is, why did he have no smoke smell on his body?


Until 10 in the evening, Zhang Liang was back. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Li Qian sitting on the sofa, and said tiredly: "I’m tired, I take a bath to sleep first!"

When Li Qian glanced at his eyes clear, he did not show signs of drinking at all, so he endured the rolling emotion in his heart and said, "Why is it shut down? How can I work overtime?

Zhang Liang nodded and said: "Eat, the employee given by the boss! The mobile phone is out of power, so it’s shut down!"

Li Qian’s heart seemed to have blocked a cotton. The man in front of her loved her for 7 years, and 7 years was enough to let her understand this person.This man is lying.

Of course, even if Zhang Liang did not have these small actions, the dark office building dismantled his lies.

Today, she worked hard to resolve the anger in the bottom of her heart, and said gently: "Then go to take a bath, I’m tired for a day!"

Zhang Liang nodded and walked towards the bathroom, and Li Qian took the clothes he changed to him, and said, "Give me the dirty clothes that is replaced, wait for you to wash it!"

Zhang Liang had no doubt about him, and gave all his clothes to Li Qian, and naturally took out his mobile phone and put it on the bathroom shelf.

"What do you do if you take your mobile phone and do n’t be afraid to enter the water. Let me charge me to charge you!" Li Qian tried to say with a calm voice.

Looking at Zhang Liang’s hesitant, she said, "What’s wrong, can’t it be in the mobile phone?"

Zhang Liang’s eyes flashed and flickered and pretended to be angry, "What do you say? What secret can I have!"

Li Qian said to tease you, took the mobile phone, turned around and went out of the bathroom!


She returned to the bedroom and filled the phone on the phone. After turning on, she found that there was still 70%of the electricity.

He sneered and pressed the main screen key, but found that Zhang Liang set a password!

I tried Zhang Liang’s birthday, her birthday, and the bank card password, but it was wrong!She didn’t dare to continue trying, for fear that after a while, she couldn’t find a reason to justify her phone, and then turned off the machine and put it back.

Zhang Liang quickly took a bath. As soon as I entered the bedroom, I looked at the mobile phone, and then looked at Li Qian, but Li Qian said to the same person like no one.","

Li Qian’s performance made Zhang Liang breathe deeply. It seems that Li Qian really only helped him insert a charger.He fiddled with his phone a few times and put it on the bedside table!

Soon Li Qian heard Zhang Liang’s snoring sound. After confirming that Zhang Liang was asleep, Li Qian picked up Zhang Liang’s mobile phone and opened the lock with his fingerprint.

Opening his WeChat did not find any problems in the recent contact.

She has entered in the WeChat chat bar again: Baby, dear, miss you, love you and other words, and did not find any problems.

And the communication records are also a certain customer. Just when she felt that she had thought too much, a number without a note of the name made Li Qian a little bit.

A stranger who did not even have a name, Zhang Liang had 5 or 6 times a day to talk to her every day.

So there are only two cases now. One is that Zhang Liang received a harassment call. This person called him three times and five times, so there was no name.

But this is obviously not established, because each call time is as long as ten minutes or even half an hour, which makes Li Qian feel weird!

She doesn’t think Zhang Liang’s patience is so good!Another possibility is that the number of calls in this phone is too frequent, and it has already been memorized. There is no need to pay attention to the name.

She silently wrote down the phone number and put the phone back to her original.


Zhang Liang’s snoring sound continued, but Li Qian had no sleepiness!

Li Qian and Zhang Liang were college classmates. At that time, she could be said to be the focus of the class. Although Zhang Liang was also excellent, it was not very sharp compared to other suitors.

But Zhang Liang was the best among those people, and it can even be said to be the point of saying.

What Li Qian said in Zhang Liang is all the imperial decree. What remember her menstrual period and help her buy a sanitary napkin, Zhang Liang has done it well, and never feels his face.

Therefore, even if the conditions of Zhang Liang’s family were worse, Li Qian chose to marry him naked without hesitation, and even turned up with his parents.

Fortunately, in the end, the parents still distressed her. They went out of the house for them and married a car to make the young couple less embarrassed after marriage.

After Zhang Liang was married, she was still very good to Li Qian, and even her girlfriend Liu Jiaojiao performed more than once!

She often said that although she married a rich second generation, she had no other advantages except for money, unlike Zhang Liang and dedicated!

At that time, Li Qian was also proud of her heart. She always claimed that she had a good vision to see a man.

She once persuaded Jiaojiao that marrying people must not only draw money, and she has persuaded Jiaojiao. Even if her husband is rich, her in -laws have no matter how rich, they must not work. Women are still independent.

Just like her, whether it was when life was in trouble, or later, Li Qian had always been a woman in the workplace.

She feels that a woman can have a family status in the marriage, and this marriage can be longer.But now she thinks it should be face!


The next day Li Qian went to the company with dark circles, and was joked by colleagues.

Li Qian couldn’t laugh. She only felt sad in her heart. You see how good Zhang Liang pretended to pretend, and even colleagues who were not familiar with him felt that he loved her very much!

Finally, it was time for lunch. Li Qian found the phone that was stored last night, tried to add it with WeChat, and found that there was no corresponding WeChat signal.

This caused Li Qian to feel a headache, and the only clue was so broken!

At this time, my mother’s phone call suddenly came: "Qian, your dad said that his mobile phone was arrears, and we did not dare to hand over the Internet, for fear of making mistakes and rushing to others!"

Li Qian was a little irritable: "How can I rush wrong, can’t I remember her mobile phone number?"

Mom said that the online payment is not like the business hall, and the name can be displayed. The two of them are older and their eyes are not good. What if they are staggered?

Li Qian responded, and rushed to her father after hanging up the phone. At this time, she suddenly flashed: Yes, it can be displayed in the business hall to pay the phone fee!


Seeing that the time to work was coming, she first asked the manager to take a leave, and then searched the nearby business hall and hurriedly ran over.

"Hello, I want to pay a call fee!"

After the number was reported, the salesperson lost the number, and Li Qian saw in the display: ** Jiao!

I only listened to the salesperson and said, "You confirm that the name is right, how much is charged?"

Somehow, Li Qian’s mind jumped into the name Liu Jiaojiao.

Li Qian’s heart was like a root thorn at the moment. She pressed her emotions and said, "I’m sorry, I helped others to rush, I seem to be wrong, I will go back and ask!"

After speaking, she ran out of the business hall!

Liu Jiaojiao is a friend of her since childhood. She remembers her number to be familiar with her number, which has nothing to do with this number.

She changed the number or did she have two numbers?Regardless of the situation, Li Qian feels inexplicable. Why does Zhang Liang have her new number, but she knows nothing about her girlfriend?

Li Qian suddenly felt ridiculous!


After thinking about it, Li Qian still decided to ask Liu Jiaojiao to come out. She still hopes that the so -called Jiao is not a girlfriend Liu Jiaojiao, or Liu Jiaojiao has not had time to tell herself the new number.

The phone contacted Liu Jiaojiao, and Li Qian found a cafe waiting for her.

As soon as the two met, Liu Jiaojiao embraced Li Qian naturally, and also shouted: "Qian Qian, I miss you so much, how long have you been applauding me, busy!"

If Li Qianding was going back before, but now she is in a mood.

"Have you changed the number?"

"What, didn’t you just call me just? Stupid!" Liu Jiaojiao replied so naturally, making Li Qian a little bit embarrassed, is it really misunderstood her!

Liu Jiaojiao finally discovered Li Qian’s wrong!

"What happened to your dear?" Liu Jiaojiao asked with concern!

Li Qian looked straight again and said, "Zhang Liang is derailed!"

Although Liu Jiaojiao tried to pretend to be surprised, Li Qian saw more panic in it.

Just listening to Liu Jiaojiao said, "It’s impossible, Zhang Liang is not Xu Ze, how can there be so many flowers! Are you too much pressure to work recently, so you think about it."

Li Qian did not follow Liu Jiaojiao’s words, but asked, "You really have no new mobile phone number?"

"Okay, okay, do I admit it still! I have a new mobile phone number!" As soon as Liu Jiaojiao said, Li Qian poured the coffee in front of him!

Liu Jiaojiao first shouted, and then hysterically shouted: "Li Qian, you are sick, can you listen to me! It’s not like you want!"

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