My girlfriend is pregnant, the child is not his own, what should I do

There is a sister in the neighbor’s house called Xiaoru.Female daughter.Slims and people grow well. Although the neighbors are not rich and expensive, they are also well -off families.Xiao Ru raised from childhood to big, and entered the university all the way.

When I was a freshman, I made a boyfriend’s new mind. The new family is in the countryside. Although the family conditions are not as good as the family, the height of 185 is height, Swen is polite, and people are very advanced and worked hard.

Xinzhi and Xiaoru have a good relationship. In the next month, Qingqing, I walked in the senior year since her freshman year. When I graduated from college, the two discussed that the university was very familiar with Wuhan for so many years and was very familiar with Wuhan.alright.Parents on both sides are also satisfied.If you discuss it, wait for Xiaoru and Xinzhi to buy a house and apply for a wedding.Both parties on the down payment of the house are half out of each.

After graduating, Xinzhi soon started a salesperson in a company. The salary was very low. Fortunately, Xinzhi worked very hard. After half a year, the salary plus performance was more than 10,000 per month.Xiao Ru graduated from the Department of English and quickly found a job in a company.There are also 6.7,000 yuan per month.

However, the two companies are far apart. In addition, new ideas do business, often traveling, Xiao Ru and Xinzhi are less and less time together. Xiaoru always stays alone.of.Originally, Xiao Ru would not cook. As long as the new will not be there, Xiaoru ordered takeaway.

Xiaoru’s monthly expenditure is increasing, takeaway, clothes, cosmetics … Basically, it is moonlight, and sometimes there is no money and will have new ideas.

Xinzhi has always been frugal. Although the house pays half of the down payment, Xinzhi knows that it is difficult to take this half of his home. My brother is still studying, so he wants to save money to reduce difficulties at home.

Xiao Ru spent a lot of money, and Xinzhi began to make sense to Xiao Ru, saying that the two had to save money to buy a house.If you can buy things without buying … but Xiao Ru thinks that money is made by myself, how to spend is my own business, and now I still care so strict before getting married. What should I do after getting married?

The two began to quarrel. Once the more noisy, the more serious. The two began the Cold War. Xiao Ru moved to his colleague’s house temporarily.

Xiao Ru was also cold in the company, and her sorrow was full of sorrow. Xiaoru didn’t think he was wrong. It was Xiaoru’s birthday in two days.

On the day of Xiaoru’s birthday, the company’s partners sent a representative of Heng Lai Xiaoru to talk about cooperation.Get a meal together with office colleagues.

Xiaoru waited for the new mind for a day, the new mind phone, the information was not … disappointed Xiao Ru attended the dinner. After the dinner, everyone went to the bar together. Xiao Ru, who was in a bad mood, used wine to dispel sorrow…. I unknowingly drink too much …

Zhiheng sent Xiaoru home, Xiaoru hugged Zhi Heng and did not let go, so Xiao Ru fell asleep in the hotel for one night …

Xinzhi called Xiaoru’s phone one night. Xinzhi was originally on a business trip. He was scheduled to return at 6 o’clock that night, but because the plane was late, he returned at 12 o’clock in the evening. After returning, he called Xiaoru.The mobile phone was out of power, and Xiaoru was drunk in the hotel … Waiting for the new ambition at Xiaoru’s door early in the morning, he saw it with Xiao Ru …

Xiao Ru confessed the whereabouts of this night…. Xinzhi is very painful, but Xin Zhi still loves Xiaoru very much. Xiaoru also loves Xinshi. One month later, he thought about going to the two to decide to forget all of this and start again.

Xiao Ru Tian was thin in the uterus wall, and may not have children after being killed …

Zhiheng also knew Xiaoru’s pregnancy, and happily said that he would marry Xiaoru …

Xiao Ru is confused and doesn’t know what to do?I don’t know how to choose myself …

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