My girlfriend was pregnant, but my mother forced me to break up with her death. What should I do?

Hello everyone, I am still the middle -aged old gold that has nothing to do with chatting.What are you talking about today?

A netizen left a message: I have been with my girlfriend for two years, but my mother has always disagreed, always saying that my girlfriend is not good.I did n’t go to work for a period of time last year because of special reasons. My mother tried my best to let me go on a blind date. Fortunately, my girlfriend did n’t know. The results of the blind date ended with others.I found that I was pregnant, I was particularly happy. I mentioned our marriage to my mother, but my mother said that let me drag me. I can see that the child is gender. See if it is a boy, you will get married.She took me to give birth to me, and how many sin and moral abduction of me for me, and forced to die, what should I do?

Netizens replied: Your mother is too much. From your description, you feel that you love your girlfriend, but love your mother more.Just because you are not firm, you are pinched by your mother.In the text, you told her that it was a boy, and no one dared to give a report. Can she know the true and false?When you come to Wu, your mother dealt with you and you rebound back and defeat magic with magic.Even if she is married, she will not really accept your girlfriend, and it is not easy to get along.

Netizens replied: Your mother is really lacking from morality, and I have no good heart!I want to say to the boy: Your mother is lacking enough!

Netizens replied to three: You have to see you. You still have a little to listen to your mother who wants to marry someone who is not opposed. As the saying goes, her husband cares about her mother -in -law and dare not bully, and her mother -in -law protects outsiders and dare not bully.Don’t be a mom Baonan, you really care about your mother’s feelings. Do n’t go up. Do n’t get your daughter -in -law and your child with you [speechless]!

Netizens reply 4: Your mother is really not a thing. It is recommended that the girl is divided quickly and the child is bigger.Will your mother? Will your mother be killed? Your mother is dragged until the month.Talk to stimulate your object!

Netizens replied to five: If you are not loyal and unwilling to return to Mom Bao, let’s let go of that poor girl!They all say that persuasion and not persuasion, but do you think you will have a good life even if you barely get married?The most important thing is whether girls have a good life?Your mother is a god, do you listen? Even if you marry your girlfriend, your mother will not be good to her. At that time, it is difficult for others to have a child with you.If you leave you, you may find a better one!

Okay, let’s talk about it today!What are the opinions?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

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