My husband’s examination is no seizure, but I am pregnant, what is going on?

I often hear a lot of patients complained in the clinic: "I am not pregnant for so long, and my husband said it was my problem. He had no problem. He asked him to come to the hospital for examination.Do you want to check it? "

The answer is certain.There are many reasons for infertility, which may be a man, or a female factors.Among the causes of various infertility, the women’s factors account for 40%to 55%, the man’s factors account for 25%to 40%, the factors of both husband and wife account for 20%, and the cause of immunity and unknown reasons accounts for 10%.Therefore, I hope that they should not taboo diseases and doctors, suggest, clarify the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment.

Lili, 24 years old and married at the age of 22. Because the parents of the man urgently hoped to hold his grandson, the couple were actively prepared after marriage.From the beginning of Thai, I was worried, I took western medicine, I have seen Chinese medicine, I have tried various remedies. I have never moved their stomachs, and their inner hope has been defeated little by little.Two years have passed. After the family discussed, the couple decided to go to the provincial hospital for a systemic examination.As a result, the doctor told them that the woman’s body was normal and the problem was on the man’s side. The examination showed that the man had hidden sperm -free symptoms, so he did not conceive.After listening to the doctor, the couple of Lili knew that it was no spermosis, and her eye circles began to flushed.But the doctor told them that they could achieve the result of conception through IVF, and immediately let them see hope.

The couple opened their test tube road.Provincial hospital reproductive doctors improved related examinations for their couples, formulated individualized treatment plans, and entered the test tube cycle according to the process.On the second day of menstruation, the adjustment was reduced, and ovulation began one month later. On September 15, 2022, there was no pain to take eggs. On the same day, the man was performed by testicular puncture, and the second -generation test tube was fertilized.transplant.In October, the fET (frozen embryo resuscitation transplantation) was transplanted on December 12.Sure enough, 12 days after transplantation, blood testing prompts pregnancy, 28 days after transplantation, B -ultrasound reminder: early pregnancy.

Lili cried: "I did not expect" the god of pregnancy "to come to her so soon. In the first three months, Lili was protected in the reproductive department of the reproductive department of Xuzhou Peace and Gynecology Hospital.I believe that in the near future, a healthy and healthy baby will be born!!!

What’s happening here?Why can you get pregnant?

To explain this problem, we must first understand the ingredients of semen.

Semen is composed of sperm, epididymia, sperm vessels, and prostate solution. The semen we see with the naked eye is only these liquids, and sperm that can really make the woman’s fertilization pregnancy can only be seen under professional microscope.

Sperm -free is that the men’s semen can not see sperm inspection under a microscope.

The so -called clever woman is difficult to cook without rice. Is it possible that the wife will not be pregnant and have children in the semen?I believe that this is the most concerned issue diagnosed with spermatic male friends.

The answer to this question should also be analyzed according to the specific situation.Generally speaking, men with sperm -free men are difficult to get pregnant through natural sexual intercourse, but sperm -free men can use IVF technology to complete fertility.

Because no sperm is not seen in semen, it is not really spermatic.Sperm is generated in the testicles. When ejaculation, the sperm of the vasal pipe enters the seminal vesicles and mixes with the seminal vesicles, and then enters the posterior urethra. Mixing the prostate fluid to form semen, and the semen is discharged through the urethral pressure generated by sexual life.

It is like the factory of a product. It must be generated (sperm) of raw materials, then processed packaging (obtaining), and finally transmitted the factory (ejaculation) from the conveyor belt (vas deferens, etc.).

So male friends did not find sperm during semen examination

No need to be too nervous

Do it according to the doctor’s explanation

Step by step

It will definitely be able to realize the wish of being a father

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