My lover is pregnant. I want to divorce, my wife gave me a headache

In August, her lover Ziyu suddenly became pregnant.I caught off guard. Xiaoyun and I had been married for five years and had no children.I really want this child.

With the child’s Ziyu, her face was glory. During this time, I was her healing medicine and became a dependent tree.In our hut, she boiled the soup busy, ironed the shirt, like a little daughter -in -law.I no longer want to go back to my own home. Xiaoyun suddenly had magic here. I was like a person who played and suddenly became a big career.More time, I snuggled on Ziyu’s small bed. The two hugged each other, watched TV, and watched the sunset.

I asked Ziyu why I always like to snuggle in his arms.She laughed, saying that a woman likes such a solidity.Holded up in his arms by his man.

When I moved in my heart, I suddenly floated in my head so many busy day and night. The company has not been on track. I eat and live in the company and never go home, especially when I went to the south to sign a contract., Delayed for a month.Many of these days, beautiful Xiaoyun, a single figure in a humanoid, facing many temptations and loneliness, in her heart, it must be very bitter.That’s why she was derailed, and next, I was retaliated by me. Now she withered a autumn flower. Seeing it, she was unhappy.

When I thought of it, I suddenly felt a little annoying and stood up to the balcony to smoke.Money, desire, when the material is so rich, the human spirit rises, and the fission of marriage is inevitable.So, weird Xiaoyun?Still blame yourself?Or is it the bastard man who seduce others’ wives?When the moral scale is getting wider, the bottom line of betrayal is getting lower and lower!

A peaceful life must have a calm heart to feel and operate.

Ziyu didn’t ask anything, but just took a piece of clothes and put it on me.Looking at the distance, if you suspect that the child’s origin or difficulty, I will do it …

No, I hurriedly turned my head and grabbed Ziyu’s hand. She was such a gentle and kind woman. I suddenly found out that now I need her to help me revenge Xiaoyun.A strong life of fireworks.

That day, I said to Ziyu: You are waiting for me, we are married, I want to marry you!

The human heart is so big. With love, hate is right away, and I suddenly don’t hate it.

In the past, it was just a cloud.I even asked Xiaoyun to talk about divorce immediately.

I called Xiaoyun, she didn’t answer it, and I had to rush home again.

Xiao Yun wore an old cotton robe, exposed her thighs, and her hair was piled up on her head.She was squatting on the ground, holding a hammer in her hand, down, smashing things -is the peanuts in a round glass bottle. Those love witnesses. Once, every time we loved, she would jump up and put it in the bottle.A grain of peanuts.Today, under the strong crushing of Xiaoyun, they gradually became a pool of red and white flesh, and I endured it for a long time before spitting out.

She smashed it like that, as if she had to smash the past a little bit, and she never looked up.

I handed the divorce agreement in front of her, and I said: Let’s let go of each other.

The divorce agreement is like a butterfly, and it falls.Xiaoyun glanced and said coldly: That woman, the bed is good, but a man, what she wants is the thing in the crotch, did she understand?

I looked at her like this and touched it. I circled her in this house, so as not to let her go, not divorced, and put her lover in the situation.So I said: Xiaoyun, I love you, and now I hope you can find a better life.

She suddenly stood up and said: ah!The voice was too huge and surprised me. Xiaoyun stood in front of him and yelled: Do you love me, isn’t it on the basis of I love you to satisfy you, do you talk about love?Having said that, she waved her hands and rushed the divorce agreement to rush to the balcony. The white piece of paper was like a broken heart, flying in the sky, and there was no possibility of restoration!

Don’t want to marry that woman to live a stable day, I want to drag you to death!Drag you to you, drag you to death … If Xiaoyun at this moment, if the devil is the devil, I am frightened and fled, but Xiaoyun’s sharp voice continues to rush into the eardrum!

I think of the Spring Festival trip. At a turning point in Tibet, I saw a few big characters: walk slowly, wait, etc.!We all walked too fast, and stumbled all the way, pulling the soul far away from behind.

The injury and hatred are repeated. Where can I still have a foothold of love?What should I do next?A blank.

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