My mother broke my sister and me and me. It is said that this can make her conceive a boy …

My mother broke my sister’s hands and feet into a thread -lifting doll.Whenever she was in the same room with my dad, my grandmother was holding me and my sister to sing outside the house. It is said that my mother can conceive the boy with a baby.But my sister died on the 48th day. My sister and I were twin daughters. She called the territory. My name was that I had two women.My mother was unwilling to feed us.

Just when he was starving, there was a Taoist priest in the village. The Taoist priest said that my mother had no son, but she had a secret recipe that could have a son., Put on the red line to make a thread puppet.Then when the husband and wife’s piano room, the elders in the family held people, and occasionally sang seventy -forty -nine days to conceive.

My mother was doubtful, but it was still a hundred dollars, and a pound was given a pound.Later, my mother gave birth to four babies one after another, and she was all a girl, and she finally confess.After the birth of the birth, my dad hit my mother halfway, and then, as before, I asked my milk to drow the newly -born sister to the river.

After my sister died, I went to the house to give my mother a brown candy millet porridge.Seeing my mother’s eyes opened, her milk was wet her clothes.I was too hungry and couldn’t hold back. I secretly got up and licked it. The back of my head was suddenly numb. My hair was caught by my dad. I took off a shoe and pumped my face.drink.

I was beaten with Venus, and I just wanted to run back to Chai Fang to find my sister.My mother sat up and shouted what did you want to eat today when you live?I never know that the best thing I have eaten on my birthday is millet porridge.I said I want to drink porridge.My mother had a smile on her face, and pushed my brown sugar porridge to me.I took the porridge back to the Chai Fang and drank it with my sister.

My mother and my dad came with the red rope. My mother held and me and my sister. My dad had broken our hands and feet without any effort, and then broke our hands and feet.But this wave of pain hasn’t passed, my mother raised the hammer again. He penetrated my hand and my sister’s palm with nails, and the blood was not dispersed. My mother’s excited face was twisted.

She picked up the red rope and wore it from the hole cut by the nail.The rope rubbed back and forth between my flesh, and fainted my pain directly.When I woke up, my sister was holding me. My palm of my hand was put on the red rope together with my elbows and knees, and the red rope was hung on the beam of the room for a long rope, giving us enough room for activity.

My sister pushed a bowl in front of me with her arms. Inside was the brown sugar millet porridge that he was not willing to eat.Face was buried in a bowl.My sister was right, I really didn’t hurt after eating.

The next night, my mother gave us porridge and put two poached eggs in it. Then he and my milk took us under the grape rack outside the house, and the rope was hung on the shelf.My milk moved those red ropes, holding our hands and feet, and began to dance weirdly.Just unlocked the Bo family’s wound and cracked again.My sister cried very much.Strangely, I don’t feel how much it hurts.

My mother went to the house to go to my dad.The more my milk started to sing, the louder the sound, and the more and more the rope.My painful face has deformed.The screams were mixed with the sound of my milk singing, and it was particularly infiltrated at night.Fortunately, my mother came out a few minutes later, and took us back to the firewood room with my milk.My sister was paralyzed there, I twisted my body, climbed to my sister, and slept around him.When dawn, there was a large group of people around my house. They turned their heads into the firewood shed and looked over when we saw the red rope on our body. Congratulations to my mother to be pregnant.My mother raised her head proudly for many years, and envy was useless.This withdrawal puppets, not everyone can do it for the eight characters.The widow on the east of the village couldn’t see the appearance of my mother’s high toes, and she leaned her lips.I heard that your mother -in -law only stopped last night and stopped. It was your elder brother doing it too fast.Still she was soft when she saw you.The people around him smiled, my dad’s face flushed, and a bucket of dirty water was splashed towards the yard, and everyone ran away.

That night, my mother entered the house for three minutes and came out for three minutes, but she did not let my milk put us down.My milk continued to sing with our sister, and it took half an hour to finish it.When my mother unlocked us from the shelf, the red on the ground was all the blood of me and my sister.We ca n’t say a word, my mother and my milk want brown sugar to drink glyphosate water.My milk gave him a slap, lost money, and what brown sugar water was drinking. My mother had no expression at a slap.

The master said that the singing of this play was not ready to make up for seven, seven, forty -nine days. In case you die in advance, don’t want to hug your grandson. My milk is crispy.With energy, my milk went back to the house.After hearing the sound of his hand washing, I brought us a bowl of brown sugar water for us. It was not sweet and a little fishy at all. I couldn’t drink it after drinking it.But my sister seemed to be too thirsty and drank the rest.

At night, my sister kept shouting pain. I still had no pain, but I was uncomfortable in my heart. People said that the twin women’s heart was connected. Probably he endured my pain, so I didn’t feel bad.I was holding my sister as if I heard that the courtyard door was opened without a while, and Widow Zhou’s face suddenly appeared in front of me.I almost screamed in scared, he stuffed a piece of sugar in my mouth, and asked, I could hear you cry every night, I nodded, my sister was going to die, but I and I wasIt doesn’t hurt.

He cried and I didn’t cry. Widow Zhou glanced at me, shivering, nonsense.He placed the dried grass beef shed next door with his own hands.After a while, my dad came out of the room and went to the cow shed.Widow Zhou asked my dad, you have to do with your daughter -in -law every day, you want a boy, and if you have the strength to get me, you don’t want to die.If you promise to give me a birth, I still use you to the dead mother -in -law, you are very powerful.

It won’t work unless you give me a jade bracelet with your home.Don’t always mention this bracelet, let my mother know that I told you this, I must kill me.The two hummed for a few minutes.Zhou Wudi patted her buttocks and left.

The next day, my dad got up early to pour water under the grape shelf and pour the blood.I found that my dad’s waist was bending, and he walked without a lot. When he turned around, he suddenly fell in the corner. Half a half -face on the cement wall, he suddenly lost his skin.

My dad yelled in pain, and when he picked up the manuscript, he began to plan the land of the corner, and scolded it.At this time, my milk rushed out and escaped my dad’s manuscript and threw it to the ground.

You are crazy. It is the needle of the Chief of the Taoism. When you have a son, this array can bless him to promote his fortune.My dad murmured, what can the four dead women be a law, I don’t understand, and ask my sister what is talking about, my sister is posted with my face.Our four sisters were not drowned by our milk, and they were buried at the four feet of the house alive, so that they could bless my younger brother and wealth.Longevity.It turned out that in order to want my brother and my sister to suffer, the four sisters were even more bitter. They were buried by my milk without a drink.I shivered and asked my sister. After 49 days, my sister was pregnant, and my mother was pregnant if my brother would kill us.My sister stabbed my hair with her hair like her hair.Sister will not let you die.My sister has been smarter than me since I was a child. She knew many things I didn’t know, and then secretly told me, but my parents and grandma didn’t like my sister.

Although they often scold me, they can at least say something to me.They even didn’t want to look at my sister, if it hadn’t needed my sister to be a man.Occasion, I guess they have already buried my sister.

In the evening, my sister and I were hung on the grape rack again.My sister still hurts, but she didn’t cry.Not only did she not cry, she also sang with my milk with a trembling voice.Suddenly, my mother rushed out of the room. Her breasts rose old, and her milk wet her chest clothes, probably too uncomfortable.My mother wants to feed me and my sister.My sister quietly lay in my ear and said, "Don’t say it is a ghost milk.I was scared, and although I was drooling by the creamy flavor, I still told my mother that I was not hungry.My mother beat me two slaps, you are a low weight.My milk felt unfortunate, so my mother squeezed it back to the house. My milk drank a bowl and made two bowls and put it in the firewood shed.

Tell me to drink when you are hungry.Back to Chai Fang, I watched the two bowls of milk floating, and asked my sister what was ghost milk.My sister said: That’s the milk for my sisters.It will be unlucky to grab milk with my sister.Then she refused to say more. We slept overnight. After dawn, I found that the bowl was empty.Because the two bowls seemed to have been washed, Zeng Mingwa was bright, and even my mother scolded me when I came to pick up the bowl.The dog licks cleanly.

After a while, the people in the village came to my house to play again. They still went to the firewood house first. After watching a few of my sister and my sister, I came in and caught the rope.The mood of the Manchu, one of them touched my lower body. I couldn’t help but want to bite her like a dog, but my dad was kicked into the firewood pile.

People stood up with a smile and stood in the yard to chat with my dad.In the past two days, the first half of your family sang the first half of the day. I did not expect that you are quite stubborn.Speaking, my mother came out to feed the chicken, referring to the night of work, and felt that she had lost a lot.But her breasts were even more bone. Her milk was too much. She dripped down the belly. The waist waist was wet. My mother was annoying. She could only take a towel pad to work.

Those men who chatted with my dad were straight. After touching my one, I asked my dad. Brother, you are so strong, are you drinking milk every day?My dad laughed twice without answering, but everyone already knew the answer.Seeing that my dad was not angry, he boldly said: Brother, my body is not good, I ca n’t do it for a few minutes.

My dad leaned his mouth with black teeth. How can I divide it?The man got into my dad’s ear. If you agree with me, I will go directly to my sister -in -law. If you do n’t let you squeeze the bowl, I can use rice to change the red dates with you.My dad didn’t think about it. Use rice to change a bowl of rice and change a bowl of milk.I touched my sister, and my sister sold her mother’s ghost milk.What will happen?The strange light appeared in my sister’s eyes, and the younger sisters would be angry.Since that day, my dad has started selling milk in the village.Therefore, my dad refused to put milk in the firewood shed and let us drink it, and the family had additional income.

My dad and my milk were crazy, but I found that the more I worked with my sister and I sang, the more my mother’s milk seemed to be, but my mother became thinner and thinner, and I started to shake.My milk is afraid that my mother will not give birth to shareholders, and I am afraid that he will not make milk anymore.I killed a chicken to make up for my mother, and my milk gave me a bowl of soup.Chicken soup is so delicious.For the first time, I ate such delicious things, so I didn’t want to drink it, I wanted to wait until the night before drinking.As a result, when we came back after we sang, the chicken soup in the bowl was gone.

My sister looked nervous, and when the younger sisters were drinking, they came to grab the soup.That night, the widow came to find my dad again. After taking off his clothes in the cow shed, the cow shed began to shake.The milk is so delicious and tonic, you will go into the house for me after a while.My dad promised to smoke a cigarette slowly, and got up and went back to the house to milking.Widow Zhou is still unhappy. After that, I will let you get it every day. You can give me a bowl of milk every day.There were four shadows on the ground on the four corners of the house under the moonlight. The shadow moved for a while. When my dad went to sleep, he stopped.Soon my milk took our sister to sing for a month, and my mother had been unable to make a while for some days.But her breasts are amazing, bigger than her head, and she eats a lot.

My milk scolded her every day as a starving ghost, because my mother did not come to the month, and my milk found Sun Blind to sell it.Sun blindly touched the beard and felt for a long time.My milk quickly asked whether it was a man or a woman, and Sun Blind said that the month could not be touched.My milk took a small bag of rice and sent Sun blind.My mother began to call my milk again when I cooked my mother, and walked in a Taoist priest at the gate, that is, the Taoist priest who asked my mother to make me an adult.I almost hate him. If it wasn’t for his secret recipe, my sister and I wouldn’t have to stay in a wooden shed like a dog every day.Sister doesn’t seem to hate him.

At the same time, he started giggling, but walked into the wood shed silently, stroking our body with both hands.He mentioned the red rope and tried it. Your family really made the thread puppet.Widow Zhou was right: In order to ask for a son, you did nothing for his son. He smiled silently and smiled very loudly, and his eyes were covered with greedy light.I was shivering, and the erythema trembled together.

He suddenly squeezed my fine arm like a firewood stick, lowered his voice and asked me: Brother, can you eat it here or warm?Or do you follow me?Follow me, you can eat the deliciousness in this world.Have you eaten braised pork?Have you eaten spicy chicken?I haven’t eaten it.But I started to swallow the name alone.

But less than forty -nine days, I couldn’t leave, he squatted down to hug me and my sister.Stupid brother, you still want to help your mother want your brother to wait for you to jump for forty -nine days. Do you think you still have a fate?I have no idea and want to ask my sister what to do.

At this time, there was a scream in the house, and my milk rushed out of the house crazy.He saw that the Taoist who was holding us did not respond. He wanted to steal us, but kneeled directly in front of the Taoist priest like catching the life -saving straw. He was all blood on his body.EssenceThe two big tits, the widow Zhou,

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