My mother -in -law learned that her daughter -in -law was difficult to get pregnant, and said to her son, "No," but then red eyes

A British research institution observed 100 couples who prepared for pregnancy and found that there were only 20 couples, and one month of pregnancy was successful. Most couples need to wait for 3 months to 1 year.

Now many husbands and wives are not in a hurry to get babies after they get married, and even decide to be Dink.Most young people are acceptable, but it is very sad that the parents of both sides are.

If one of the husbands and wives, if the baby is difficult or unable to have a physical problem, it is unknown whether marriage can continue.

If a mother -in -law who especially wants to hug her grandson, knows that the probability of her daughter -in -law is very low, what will it react?The mother -in -law’s attitude became popular.

A man and wife in Jilin went to check and found that his wife had aden muscle disease, which may have an impact on pregnancy, and told the truth to his mother.

The old man asked a little surprise that there was still a possibility of pregnancy, and the man said that the probability was particularly low.

The daughter -in -law had entered the door, but the old man was calm.The man asked, "What if you can’t get pregnant?"The old man bluntly said, "Then don’t."

The man didn’t know if he didn’t understand it, or deliberately teased the old man, but asked, no need?Don’t Xiaoxue (wife)?The old man was in a hurry at the time, and quickly explained that "don’t children".

The old man then gave the man a lesson, but a few words on the surface were very touching and praised the three views.

It is said that when I have been watching my wife for ten years and watching my daughter -in -law, my mother -in -law can stand on this stand and speak, which is a treatment that many women have not experienced.

In the TV series, the daughter -in -law was forced to divorce the plot of divorce, and it also happened in real life.

The old man had no dissatisfaction with his daughter -in -law at all, but taught his son fiercely, which was very useful.

Men’s parents have always wanted a child. Now this is the case of the wife’s body. The old man frankly expressed his naturalness, regardless of their old couple.

It is also educating men. What time is this? If you ca n’t conceive, you do n’t have the idea of your daughter -in -law.

Not only must you live well, you must also ensure that you cannot stimulate your daughter -in -law in the future, but you must continue to be good for your daughter -in -law.

When the old man said these words, his eyes were red, and the tears kept rotating in his eyes, and he could see that this was true.She not only gave her son a lesson, but also gave many people outside the screen.

When you encounter a problem, the elders in the family can advice like this, and the feelings of the young couple will inevitably get better and better.

As the saying goes, there are three after filial piety.Especially when the old couple had only one son, she even hoped that her daughter -in -law could add Ding at home.

Marriage and having children are the choice of most people, but when the body is not allowed, how to choose, the attitude of each family is very different.

The mother -in -law who had a careless mother -in -law in front, even if she liked her children very much, she knew that it was not easy for marriage and thought in other ways.

If the young couple did not care about the child, they still chose to be together. The intervention of the old man from it is likely to make the child’s marriage unhappy, so what does it mean to have a child.

The young couple is a problem with the woman’s body. The old man taught the man. If you think about the man’s body, the woman directly "don’t" him. What will it feel?

Nowadays, people’s lives are getting better and better, but the difficulty of young husbands to ask for babies has increased, which is related to their diet and living habits, as well as work pressure and other reasons.

Whether it is to take the initiative to plan Dink’s husband and wife or have no way to ask for a child because of physical reasons, it can be very happy.

If you want your baby, you will temporarily encounter a difficult couple, and don’t give up easily. The elderly in the family should not "pour oil on the fire".

Do n’t give up easily if you have a low probability of pregnancy. Nowadays, medical development can be solved in many cases.

Marriage is a big event for men and women. If you attach great importance to your baby, you must do inspection before marriage to avoid more conflicts after marriage, and even divorce.

It is also necessary for examination before pregnancy. After confirming that the two sides have no problem, the factors of interference are also eliminated to ensure the success rate.

Regulate your body, change bad diet and living habits, and wait for the baby to come naturally under the premise of preparation.

No one wants to have a problem with their bodies. Many people who are similar to the daughter -in -law in front of them are actually very anxious. The husband, mother -in -law and mother family must give her time and the right to choose.

Mother Candy Mom said in my heart:

Entering a family is a family. The old man is forgiven for young couples, and young people must also know how to be grateful and reward.When you encounter a problem, calm down and solve it, and the days will become happier.

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