My post -90s girlfriend and I earn 1 million by stalls and 63 travels.

“Do you believe in love at first sight, or daily love “” love “” “” unmarried child”

This is the 2047th real story we tell

My other half is met on the road of travel;

The first bucket of gold is made by the jewelry from traveling;

The second child and three babies are unexpectedly harvested during travel;

The inspiration of the career is derived from the world elements during the trip.Traveling to me is a lifestyle and a source of life.

I like the feeling of always on the road. Fortunately, the other half I find is also a crazy traveler.I am two years older than her, the art student of the same school.In my junior year, she gave birth to the first son for me; we earned the first 1 million by stalls, and then did not buy a house or car. On the way to the world, she gave birth to a second son.

This crazy and stubborn girl, I am sure, the angel I want to guard in my life.After giving birth to a third child, we decided to sell Hangzhou’s house and went to Inner Mongolia to buy a small house in Inner Mongolia to live a life of a snow mountain and a horse to feed the horse.

(We are in Türkiye)

I am Aquan@Shisan Aquan, born in 1989, Wenzhou, and the family is not very rich.I like art, and Gao Yiyi decided to take the Hangzhou Chinese Academy of Fine Arts.

Unfortunately, when I was in the second year of high school, I was sick. I suffered from Meinier syndrome and was at home for one year.The people around me said to me, "You can’t do it, only to go to high school for a year, how can you be able to pass it?"

To be honest, as long as I decide what I do, I will do it regardless of the consequences.I started to paint day and night, not only admitted to the US court, but the grades were the top five in the country.

At that time, the Academy of Fine Arts did not have a professional exam. Only design and pure arts. My major was sculpture.In my sophomore year, I wanted to do my personal work exhibition, and then did it.The exhibits are full of controversy. Some people say that it is too advanced. Some people say that it is too garbage, which has caused widespread controversy, and even the dean has shocked.

Before, there were no previous students in the exhibition. The sisters and sisters from all walks of life came to inquire. How did I get the exhibition hall of the college and how could the teacher agree to the exhibition.

(I am preparing for the exam in the first year of high school)

In fact, I don’t know, but there is only one belief. I must do one exhibition and then do it.

In this record, no one has been broken in the school so far.I am also an outstanding graduate. I won the silver award of the national sculpture professional works that year.

In the summer of 2019, I carried everything on my body and walked alone in the Sichuan -Tibet line.It was also that year, and I met my girl thirteen. It turned out that she also finished the Sichuan -Tibet line at the same time.It was just short of luck at the beginning, we did not meet.

However, the fate is still coming.One day, the roommate said that he had asked someone to watch a movie. When I heard it, I always wanted to go to the "Dream of Dreams", and I also bought a ticket.I didn’t want to go to a light bulb, I just missed this movie.

Unexpectedly, the girl of the roommate was a freshman.She was careless and laughed.After returning, the roommate said that she seemed to like me more.Haha, it was just that we talked about the Sichuan -Tibet Line that I had walked together at the time.

(Thirteen and Aquan)

Her name is thirteen, and I came to me soon, and I also like this laughing girl.This is the fate. In the past, we had arranged us in the same space in the future and became like -minded partners.

We all love to play, travel, but we don’t want to reach out to ask for money at home.So thirteen took out the baby she had found in various places and set up a stall at the school gate.

At that time, for convenience, I rented a peasant room near the school.When I couldn’t afford the rent, Thirteen came up with such a wonderful idea of setting up a stall and rescued my urgency.

After class in the afternoon, we started to set up a stall. Don’t underestimate it. At that time, we made a lot of money.On the first day, we made more than 800 yuan and paid the rent for three months.

I made money, I could see that thirteen was excited and distressed.She told the stories behind the jewelry again and again to the students around. Where did they buy it?How to buy it?What is the special meaning?

I am a straight man, I do n’t know how to say gentleness, he smiled at her: "You also help to rent the house, half of this house is yours, move over and live."

(The university stalls earn the first 1 million)

When the business is the best, we can sell for 10,000 yuan, far exceeding the white -collar workers’ 3,000 or four thousand wages.At that time, I happened to be a junior. I considered whether to get the postgraduate or find a job. I thought that the art student was difficult to employ, so I patted my thighs and decided to go to the end with the thirteenth stall.

This is really a girl who dares to want to be.It is not afraid of wind and rain, and people are not embarrassed before and after. In order to earn our travel costs, she touched the black stall early.

At that time, it was really poor. We bought a 50 yuan rice cooker, 5 yuan a bag of rice, a week.In order to make 13 full meals, I always say that she is not hungry. Who knows that she only eats half a bowl every time she is full.Don’t look at her crazy and noisy. In fact, the heart is particularly thin and never says bitterness to me.

(We all love to travel)

Going to the stall in the night in winter, I couldn’t afford thick clothes for her, so I had to put my down jacket on her, and then we took a photo.When I opened the first store, I washed this photo, frame it with a photo, and wrote "the hand of holding the child, growing with the son" behind the back.

After graduating from the senior year, I was busy opening the store. With our first physical store "Wandering Republic" -The faith, facing reality.At the year of the thirteenth and three years, she suddenly told me that she was pregnant.I am nervous, but her helpless eyes are firmly determined to be in the end.

In fact, we were all scared at the time, and we didn’t know how to face it, especially her, not graduating yet.When she asked me, "Do you want to give birth?" I knew that she wanted to leave this life because this was the crystallization of our love.

At that time, I could already be sure that she was my life partner, and we would set up a family in the future to have children.Since they are all things sooner or later, now it may be the best arrangement of God.

(A family of four)

I hope she will give birth to a child. Although we are all young, we can already bear their responsibility.I believe that I can give her a good life for her and her children.

But what I want to give is not the same as what she wants.In order to make milk powder and diapers, I went out early and returned every day, and took care of 11 stores in the university town.

Since the first jewelry shop "Wandering Republic", we have also opened the same type of shops at the entrance of other universities.During that time, the business was very good and busy.I didn’t have time to care about the thirteen and children, so I sent them back to my hometown in Wenzhou to confine.

That month was the oldest one with me and I was the longest.Every time she called, she cried, saying how the child was in trouble and how uncomfortable herself.Because I am a boy, I ca n’t experience the changes in hormones before and after girls have children, as well as various changes in physical and psychological.

(My girl)

The role of mothers is ready during the birth of October.The role of father, in fact, has to gradually become important in the childhood growth of the child.

When the first child was the first child, I ignored her own feelings, causing her postpartum depression.

Later, I accidentally conceived my second child during the trip, and I still couldn’t enter the role of Dad quickly.It wasn’t until the third child, and after my daughter was born, I started to feel how important my father’s role was.It was also from that time that I really learned how to be a good father.

After thirteen students, the eldest son did have postpartum depression. In the next year or two, she often cried.Except for the days when I finished my confinement, at other times, the children were brought by her own, because our parents were very young and had their own jobs.

We travel around the world and have children in universities. Parents do not oppose it, because we all pay for ourselves, and we do not have to reach out to our family.

(Look at the Aurora together)

In fact, I did n’t have too high requirements for material. In the year of walking in the Sichuan Tibet, I spent more than 100 a month and a half.

In a deserted place, a bowl of hot noodles is enough to soothe all impoverished and hungry and cold.At that time, I knew that happiness and happiness were not measured directly with money.

But after opening the store, after inviting employees, I carried the burden of my family and career, and I had to bear it.Looking at the loss of life, I lost my direction.

So we started to set off again.Maybe, during the journey, we can really abandon the vulgarity and do what we really want to do.On the way, she laughed like a fool, and I knew that my girl was back.I am very happy. She is my inner externalization and the madness I declare to the world.

When crossing India, Shisan looked at the blurred color, and bought a bunch of fabrics to go home after death.I know she doesn’t want to waste her professionalism and talents, but I can’t even be busy with the "wandering republic" store, I just hope she will bring a good child.

(Crazy and silly girl)

When she worn the various elements in the trip, she smiled like a flower, just like the fearless girl.Well, let her toss, as long as she feels happy, I will be happy.

The child was a little bigger. We invited the aunt to help look at it. She wanted to learn from the online shop and sell her own clothes.I think she thinks what she wants to do, and she never thinks about it.

However, it proved that her dare to do it and did it, creating a direction one after another.In this woman’s mind, there is always wonderful thoughts.

We often quarrel, but I am a boy, she is a girl, and she should let her, and I feel distressed that she has been giving. Slowly I learn to think from her perspective.

In 2015, when we went to the United States to travel, she was pregnant unexpectedly.I hope she will give birth to her child because I think the more children, the better the child, and the better, and they can take care of each other.But she cried and didn’t want it, saying that she finally got out of depression after giving birth.

(I bring a family on the road)

When the first child was the first child, I ignored her inner feelings. This time, I wanted to do my best to make the role of Dad.At that time, our career was on track, thinking that a child was too lonely, and hoped that the family could be more complete.

Thirteen was finally willing to leave my child, but I fell ill.In 2016, I was recurrence and I couldn’t walk.One day, when thirteen came back, I watched my dad going to go to the hospital.I was weak, and I was very distressed to see her sad eyes.

It was our trough, 11 physical stores, because the demolition around the school closed closed down.During the day, thirteen came to the hospital to accompany me acupuncture. At night, she worked overtime to design women’s clothing.

When the last physical store was closed, the cash in our hand was less than 50,000, no house was bought or carried, and the second child was about to be leaning.And me, one ear still lost hearing.

(Travel is also our job)

At this time, the thirteen, with a big belly, his eyes were extremely firm, as if he saw that Alaska’s cod is jumping out of the water, the golden monkeys of the Merry Snow Mountain just climbed up the tip of the tree, and the mountain eagle in Tibet has been hovering the cloud …

The road we explored in the world again and again became the most shining hope in the darkness.

Thirteen had to borrow 20,000 online, and wanted to let go.

Finally, she designed her favorite skirt.Once the skirt was on the shelves, the sales of our online store exceeded 400,000, and the dawn flashed again.

When I was sick, the second son also came to us.I know that my girl has become strong.She became the core of the team, responsible for designing and model shooting, and I was willing to be the strongest backing behind her.

(We are in Thailand)

Just like she said she wanted to make women’s clothing, in fact, I had thought about what to do, so I guided her step by step.When she was exhausted to the sofa, "Why don’t you tell me the answer directly? You must have thought about it!"

I laughed: "I think it’s useless, you need to think of it yourself, that’s your thing."

"Hey, Aquan," she suddenly sat up. "Since you understand everything, why don’t you be a designer?" "I went to design, what do you do, do you bring children at home?"

I no longer want to see her own halo for her children and her family.I try my best to create and make her better.

I also try to take out more time to accompany my family and children to buy a house for children.

In 2009, the average house price in Hangzhou did not buy it when the average price of house prices was 4,000; in 2016, house prices rose to 30,000 or not bought; in 2017, because children must not buy a 3 million house in school;Still renting a house.

(I accompany the child)

However, I still didn’t learn to be a good dad.When I counsel my child’s homework, a scene of chicken flying dog jumps.The eldest son was afraid of me, because I always blame him. In his heart, learning was scolding.

When the second son went to school, our conditions were slightly better, so he sent him to a private school.He is very confident, and each grade is A.Therefore, we invited tutors for the eldest son before ending the scene where father and son quarreled for his homework.

I try to take them to travel every year as much as possible to increase my knowledge on the road.For the rest of the time, thirteen people and I have been on the road.

In 2017, we held a underwater wedding in Thailand and finally became husband and wife.On the bottom of the sea, there are only two of us except the pastor.

We never think that marriage is the grave of love because we never stop on the road.Because we have been on the road, we are like couples in love, like two children who have no heart or lungs.

(Parent -child time)

On the way home, thirteen said, "Thank you very much these years, I don’t think you, I don’t have you …" I laughed, she said, "Well, shouldn’t you confess at this time?You have never married! "

You see, she is like this, God is her, and ghosts.However, girls are like this, love is because of the person who loves.

I said to her: "Actually you are stupid, do nothing about the consequences." Suddenly, I went on to say, "But, I am too."

"So we are born with a pair." She answered, "Dare to think about everything, and dare to do everything." "Hahahaha …" On the way, there was our laughter.

The farther you go, the more you see, the more you can realize that if you are really concerned about your life, and at the same time, you care about you.These people are all your world.

(The most important family in my life)

So I decided to give her a romantic proposal at the end of the world at the end of the end.We stick together almost 24 hours to prevent her from finding that it is actually very difficult.Over the years, we have almost become one.

Let’s go to Us Huaiya, a small city in South America. When I saw the lighthouse that I was unforgettable, I took out the quietly prepared ring, and before she spoke, she understood.

Then she cried: "You finally proposed to me!" The original words, I couldn’t say it, thinking that the old husband and wife were still so nervous.

Walking and stopping, we returned to Hangzhou to prepare for the studio, which was the peak of career.There are more than a thousand squares in the studio, as many as 40 employees, and only hundreds of thousands of salary expenditures per month.

Yes, we are not bad for money, but we lose some happiness and be trapped by money.In fact, as early as on the Sichuan -Tibet Line, I know that happiness does not require money to measure.

We set off again, plus the place we were before, we walked a total of 63 countries, and hoped that every month to go to one country and continue to go.

(The third child, I learned to be a father)

On the way, thirteen was pregnant unexpectedly.If she was born, she could not be a model, could not design clothing, and could not command the team.

She shook her head and said she didn’t want to give birth.I know that the fetus is not good for women, and encourages her to give birth: "Maybe it is the daughter who has always wanted? Then you can design a parent -child installation?"

She cried and laughed again, agreed.In 2020, we ushered in the cold winter of the entrepreneurial industry. Employees have left one after another, and the orders are constantly lost. Because the isolation is returned, the studio is losing money every month.

Seeing that she was going to be depressed again, after she gave birth to her daughter Ono, I took her to Hulunbuir to relax.It was in October 2022. When I got off the plane, the vast white snow came.

We happily ran and fought on the snow, forgot all sorrows and troubles.During the days in Inner Mongolia, I got more than ten pounds, which was unprecedented.

(Our cabin and horse)

I suddenly remembered that the dream of the two of us was to buy a small wooden house, facing the sea and back to the snowy mountains.Over the years, we are looking for around the world, and finally feel that we still have to buy it in China.

As soon as the thoughts sprouted, it started to grow up immediately.Thirteen music is crazy, like children who get Christmas gifts for the first time.I pulled her hand and danced, and in the future we could live a day of feeding horses.

However, we still have liabilities, so we took a thigh, sold 5 million to Hangzhou’s house, bought the Inner Mongolia Sino -Russian border, and a cabin with the Russian ethnic township.

There is a large space outside the cabin. We are ready to open a pasture to become a "farmer", and the horse is galloping and a poetic life.

When we took our children to see the cabin, they rolled into a deep snow in one meter, regardless of the temperature of minus 30 degrees outside.I know that this is the best gift for them.

(Live in fairy tales since then)

In the future, we will continue the road while in Hangzhou, while in Inner Mongolia.For me and thirteen, travel is to go home, and we have half a year on the road every year.

Doing what you really like is also a great life.

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