My pregnancy history

At the beginning of 2022, we were preparing for pregnancy with excitement, but you were reluctant to come. When we relaxed our mentality, let’s let it go, and you can’t even believe it.Testing with a pregnancy test stick every day and seeing the two bars that are looming are really excited and worried. What is excited is that you finally come to me. I am worried that I am afraid that my carelessness will hurt you.God, I went to the hospital to eat a peaceful pill, and now I finally reassured.

In the next 7 months, I cautiously lived every day. I ate a budding, and it was difficult to fall asleep around. I was so relieved that the results of each birth check was normal, and the weight grew well. I want to leave a memorial when we fit our life.Going to take a pregnant woman’s photo, I am too confident. I thought I was strong. I was so tired when I was taken at the end of the shoot. I didn’t expect you to be so fragile. The next day after the shooting, I saw it red. I panicked.Your dad rushed to the hospital with me quickly. At that time, I was all stunned. As a result, the doctor wrote and let me go back to bed to raise the tire.The sky improved, and it was serious at 12 o’clock on the third day of the night. We packed up in the middle of the night and went to the third hospital with your grandfather (at that time our city’s very authoritative hospital), but after the B -ultrasound doctor saw that everything was normal, everything was normal.If you are really uneasy, it is recommended to transfer to a professional maternal and children’s hospital to check in detail. I think it ’s too tossing you. If you do n’t have any big deal, go home and recuperate. After a day, there is still a blood clot.Because the medicines that can be used have been used, so that we go directly to the Maternal and Child Hospital, and then we go directly to the hospital. After losing the fetus for two days, the doctor recommends that the birth is not very meaningful. WeI decided to let you come out to face this world. Because you are only 32 weeks+2 days, the doctor recommends the delivery. It will be contracted every 3 minutes that night. I record it every time.I entered the delivery room together. I do n’t know why there were so many mothers that night. The doctor saw me when I saw the 3 fingers, so I went to see other maternal women, but the contraction continued. I could n’t stand it until 1 am.To be honest, I can do painlessness. I really can’t stand it and feel helpless lying on the icy bed. Your dad feels pain and I agree with painlessness. At that time, I could feel a painless long needle insertion.My waist, but it is not worth mentioning compared to the pain of contractions. I tossed all night and I also narrowed for a while. At 3 or four in the morning, your heartbeat was unstable. At that time, I was very scared.I regret that it is painless that it will affect you. The doctor said that I started preparing to work hard. I came over and broke the amniotic fluid. I tried my best. They said that I saw your hair, but the painless medicine was done.Before, I didn’t have much effort at all. After a while, I vomited because of the force. The doctor asked the family members outside the delivery room to buy a functional drink. Your grandfather used the only five dollars on his body to buy a self -service vending machine and bought a bottle of drink.Send it in, so I have been working hard, at 5.45 am, you finally came out. I feel that my whole body cells are all paralyzed. The doctor showed me your little butt and told me that you were a little boy., I also relax at once, you came out safely, and after more than ten minutes of suture, I was also launched to wait for the registration area. Because you are a premature baby, you will be sent to the insulation box directly when you come out. I see other maternal women.There are babies and husbands with my husband. I waited for your dad to wait two hours before I came over. At that time, I was quite angry. I felt that your dad was so unreliable.When he came over at 8 o’clock, I fell asleep with peace of mind, and later I learned that I went to settle you.

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