My wife is derailed and pregnant, I should do it!

He has been married to his wife for many years, and has always been loving, and everyone in the eyes of others.However, she discovered the fact that she had an affair and learned from the chat history that she was still pregnant. What should I do if my wife was pregnant?My wife is derailed and pregnant, I should do it!

Fairness is always wrong. This behavior is a betrayal of loyal love. The yellow flowers are piled up and damaged. Now anyone can take the window and how can it be dark!The sycamore is even more drizzle. By dusk, bit by bit.This time, how can a sorrow!What should I do when my wife is pregnant, and smart men do this: First, I set out from the perspective of my wife, and think about why she had an affair.The second is to remember not to go to his wife because of anger.The third is to deal with this matter, be calm and rational, and don’t make trouble unreasonable.Fourth, when things are no longer able to recover, break up with her and give her happiness.

Try to see your wife’s perspective, think about whether you are not good enough for his wife.If only one person pays unconditionally in a relationship, it is inevitable.If you have been giving, and the other party has been getting your dedication, but you will not return to you at all, and you will not care about you. You will be responsible for you. Your heart can only slowly lose his vitality and become cold.Then do you still pay stupidly, and if you want to have a person who asks you to warm and take care of you, of course, you will fall in love with him.Therefore, the love of love must be balanced, considering from the perspective of my wife, and thinking about why there is an affair, I believe you may understand some reasons.

Even if there is any more difficult and unbearable emotions, please remember, do not apply to his wife violently to solve the fact that she has an affair and pregnancy!Because when your domestic violence, you have broken your feelings by yourself!Violence has never been a solution to the problem. If you are violent, it can only indicate that you are not a real man. Your spirit has problems. You will only make mistakes. You are a coward.In addition, playing his wife will only make things more difficult to solve, and only force yourself into a desperate situation.After divorce, the division of property is divided.Smart men will not do this.

Things have been unable to recover, and pregnancy has become a fact.All you can do is handle and calmly handle. If you still love your wife, try to ask her to kill the children she should not have, and end such a wrong love.But take the right way, don’t make trouble unreasonable.If you are a soldier, then you can ask the government court to solve it and deal with that man according to law, because the law stipulates that in the military marriage, if you intervene in the relationship of the couple, you can be convicted.Essence

Her heart has already flew into the man, and her heart belongs to that man. Why not be a clever person, take a step back, let go of the sea, let go of herself, and let her go.Let go of her beloved to find her love, after all, do you let her?At the same time, let yourself embrace your beauty. Life is not only in front of you, as well as poetry and distance, let go to find your own happiness.

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