My wife is pregnant, I really have the depression certificate

I hope that for more than a year, I finally welcomes the good news. My wife is pregnant. I smirk a happy day and call to tell my family that I am happy like a child.

Then I started to silence, facing my wife’s pregnancy. 1. How to take care of life, clean up, wash clothes, cook, and be stupid. 2. How can children have a good education?How to do it?3. There are not many economic income, two people are working hard, and one more person in the future, what should I do, then have time to accompany the child to childhood 4. I become the pillar of the family, I must work overtime to make money, I hope to let my family live through my own efforts.Happiness 5. My wife’s temperament is irritable and I can only endure.No matter how noisy is for no reason.

Seven months of pregnancy, her emotions are getting worse and worse. She hasn’t done a little life at all, noisy, and she feels like a trivial matter.Think of myself depressed.It is normal to check the emotional irritability of the pregnant woman, so we can’t care about it anyway, so modesty and coax.

Every day, as long as my wife says a few words to me, she is very annoying. Seeing you 5,000 yuan now, you have to deduct social security, rent housing money, mortgage, and you can’t save money on the month. What should you do when I have children?I was ashamed to hear this.

How much is the appropriate monthly income as a child to work in a rural country?Every day I want to make money and insomnia every day, but I can’t earn any money.

At present, I do n’t buy my wife’s cosmetics, do n’t buy clothes, do n’t buy them, and live too simple.And I am working in Guangzhou now. She is surrogated at home. My wife often says that every time I go to check is a person. The doctor asked your husband and said he was busy making money.

Men do not take care of the pregnant woman’s wife, do you know how uncomfortable she is?Without her husband around, my wife suffered even more (not to mention everyone knows), but I really can’t help it. I want to pay a mortgage loan, earn milk powder to raise money, and dare not stay at home for half a month., I’m afraid I can’t continue [Poor] At this moment, I hope that I will earn some money to go back to my wife for 1-2 months in advance.

For yourself, the unit must earn some money after get off work, so as to increase a little income.2 yuan for breakfast every day, buy 2 steamed buns, and boil water for boiling bottle.At noon, the unit controlled meals, and I didn’t eat at night. I was hungry.In this way, it is enough to spend 100 yuan in life.Even so, there is still no income. The reason is less, and now inflation is inflation. As a gritter, I hope to move forward. I hope that a kind person can see a praise and give us the vitality of these bottom people.Thank you [Crying]

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