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A friend who hadn’t contacted for a long time suddenly sent a photo to me. I opened it and took a look. A pair of swollen feet appeared in front of me. Then I asked carefully that she had been pregnant for 30 weeks. Recently, she has been pregnant for 30 weeks. Recently, she has been pregnant for 30 weeks. RecentlyFor a month, I always felt that my feet were swollen, and my feet were not worn anymore. I was uncomfortable. This week, I suddenly found that her feet were swollen and scared her, so I hurried to ask me.

Seeing this, I believe that many mothers who have giving birth to baby have suffered the same swollen legs and feet during pregnancy -after the middle of pregnancy, the legs and feet are swollen for no reason. In the late pregnancy, it gradually worsen.Essence

That’s right, the swelling of the legs and feet in the middle and late pregnancy is common.According to statistics, 50%-80%of pregnant women have this problem among healthy pregnant women. Most of them belong to physiological changes and do not need special treatment.However, just like the calm sea surface does not represent the calm and calm, maybe hidden undercurrents, and the swelling of legs and feet in the middle and late pregnancy is not all normal physiological conditions. It may also be a pathology of hypertension during pregnancySexual changes need to learn to identify.

First of all, let’s take a look at the two basic mechanisms involved in the swelling of the human body: capillary blood flow dynamics is conducive to changes that are conducive to body fluids entering the interstitial tissue from the vascular cavity.Sodium and water given by diet or veins in the kidneys.

It looks a bit complicated, and it is not difficult to understand -there is more water flowing to the tissue gap, and naturally it will form local swelling.

The swelling during pregnancy usually occurs in the second trimester. As the weeks increase, the third trimester will gradually increase. The reason is that the following types are related to the change of endocrine hormone in the body.After pregnancy, the placenta secrete estrogen and aldehyde solid ketone, which increases water and sodium in the human body, causing swelling.The uterus of pregnancy continues to increase, compress the pelvic cavity and lower limb veins, cause the vein backflow to be hindered to varying degrees, causing the venous pressure to increase, and then cause swelling.With the increase of the pregnancy weeks, the blood volume in the pregnant mother increased, but compared with the plasma protein did not increase, the blood was relatively sparse, the transparent pressure of the plasma colloid was reduced, and the water infiltration of the moisture was infiltrated into the tissue gap and caused swelling.

Usually after 28 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will check whether the pregnant mother has a swollen leg.Once the legs are swollen, as the gestational week increases, it is usually increasingly obvious and will not disappear automatically.Sometimes pregnant mothers find that the swelling in the afternoon in the day will be more obvious, and the swelling will be reduced after resting at night.The swelling caused by this physiological change can be completely disappeared after the baby is born.

Physiological swelling is mainly manifested by local edema. It is often a depressed edema in the body surface of pregnant mothers -pressing the edema with fingers to the part of the edema, a small pit will appear.This local depression edema has been alleviated the next day after rest, and the body has no other discomfort. Generally, it does not need to be tight and does not require special treatment.But the swelling is terrible and uncomfortable. What should I do?

Pay attention to the following matters in daily life:

1. Diet conditioning controls the daily salt intake, it is advisable to not exceed 6G.Diet is light, low salt, and does not eat pickled foods with more salt.Make sure of protein intake every day, and eat animal foods and bean foods such as poultry, meat, fish, shrimp, eggs, milk.It is also necessary to ensure sufficient fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement a variety of vitamins.

2. Do not stand or sit for a long time for a long time, otherwise you will worsen the edema of the lower limbs.Pay attention to standing for a long time, sit down and rest properly. After a long time, you must change your posture and move your legs.

3. Pay attention to the posture when you rest or sleep, raise your legs slightly slightly, and put a dwarf pillow or quilt to facilitate blood flow.When you sit down, you can also put a small stool under your feet to raise your lower limbs.Sepate the left side when sleeping to reduce the compression of lower limb vascular.

4. Proper massage allows family members to help massage ankles and calves, which can not only promote blood circulation, reduce edema, but also relieve leg muscle discomfort.

5. The elastic socks wearing elastic socks are medical non -vein socks, not tight socks bought outside.Pregnant mothers who need long -standing or sedentary to use this elastic socks can avoid excessive blood accumulated in the lower limbs, which is conducive to blood flow.

6. Proper exercise is also a good way to reduce swelling.

Although swelling during pregnancy is common, not all edema is normal, and there are pathological edema, such as hypertension during pregnancy, heart disease, kidney disease, etc.

Hypertension during pregnancy is mainly manifested in the 20 weeks of pregnancy, increased blood pressure, proteinuria, and edema, different levels of disease, and different edema.Some pregnant mothers have severe legs and feet, and they will spread to thighs, perineum, abdomen, and even the whole body, while some pregnant mothers are relatively mild.However, if the pregnant mother’s face, hands, or feet suddenly edema or edema, it may be signs of signs of eclampsia. This is a critical situation that has a serious impact on themselves and the fetus, and must go to the hospital immediately.

After pregnancy, due to the changes in physiological blood flow dynamics, symptoms that resemble heart disease, such as palpitations, shortness of breath, swelling of the ankle, and proteinuria when there is kidney disease. ThereforePay attention to the checkup, and usually pay attention to observation: If the swelling situation has exceeded the part of the calf, or after a bed rest, the edema will not disappear the next day. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.In addition, there is also a situation. When the weight gain during pregnancy, the expectant mothers with a weekly weight of more than 500 grams of weight increase and feel the swelling and weakness of the limbs. Even if there is no obvious swelling of the naked eye, you should go to the hospital for examination.The situation is a signal issued by the disease.

If there is a pathological situation, it will seriously affect the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses in a timely manner.

The emergence of swelling during pregnancy is very common, and it is unlikely to avoid it completely. You can usually take some measures to have a certain prevention effect:

1. Avoid too much weight gain, and eating less high -fat and high -calorie foods that make you gain weight.Drink plenty of water to ensure that the kidney function is normal, so that excess water can effectively discharge through the urinary system.

2. Do not eat too much salt and fine -processed packaging foods, because these foods contain salt and other additives that cause water sodium retention. Instead, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to the balanced diet.

3. Ensure sufficient rest time and avoid being too nervous and tired. It is best to have a lunch break every day.If there are no conditions at work, you can also raise your legs after lunch and take a semi -lying position.

4. Wear comfortable shoes and socks, do not wear tight clothes, avoid wearing high heels.

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